Freda Josephs (87),  wife of the late Peter Josephs, mother of Brian / Shibani, grandmother of Keith, daughter of the late Albern Colaco & the late Annie Colaco, sister of the late Edgar / the late Sylvie, the late Archie / Doris, the late Enid / the late William D'Cruz, the late Douglas / the late Flora, the late Melba / the late Arthur Mascarenhas, the late Edna Colaco and the late Mina / Mukesh Kapadia, passed away on Tuesday, January 31, 2023. 

Funeral Mass in St Gonsalo Garcia Church, near Bishop's House, Vasai (W), Mumbai on Thursday, February 2 at 4pm, followed by burial at St Michael's Church, Manickpur, Vasai (W).

Contact:   +91 9967797559 (Brian Josephs)