C L (Lawrence) Mascarenhas

Manoj Farms, Chennigar, Puttur
Jan 09, 1946

You have indeed seen life, inside out,
And really know what it is all about!
You strived hard, with love, and grace,
And cared for others, with bright-lit face!

Every responsibility, you've fulfilled,
Every value, in us, you've instilled.
You have done everything expected of you,
Without any expectation, out of the blue!

Your worries or dreams are seldom spoken
Yet your spirit, never once was broken.
Never did you seek praise, nor did you boast,
But quietly toiled for the ones you loved the most.

Also to us all, you have been a dear friend,
For care and comfort, we always know whom to depend.
For the man, with such heart of gold, we pray
And wish a happy and blessed 75th birthday!

On your 75th birthday, we thank you for everything you have done for us.
And pray that may God bless you with all the joy, love, peace and good health
all days of your life. God made you a wonderful person,
and we are blessed to have you in our lives !

Happy Birthday!

Heartfelt wishes from

Your loving wife, Jessy Rodrigues, Children and Grandchildren,
Extended family members and Friends

Email:   sushmacm@gmail.com