Alice Pinto

Our Lady of Pompei Church
Gurpur – Kaikamba


Our happiness has no bounds,
As you were getting closer to this day.
The centenarian birthday is a reality now,
Enjoyed by an elite class of senior citizens.

A milestone to cherish for a lifetime,
A milestone that is seldom reached,
First of its kind in our Kaikamba family.

Yes, Mumma,
You are 100 today!!!
We are elated,
Best wishes and Congratulations to you.

Your birthday coincides with Valentine’s day,
The day of love and affection.
So was your life, a resemblance of love,
Witnesses are – your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren

You are our living gem, of unimaginable worth
Hard work and toil were a part of you
Sincerity, devoutness, dedication, sacrifice and determination
A life full of inspiration which we all emulate

From being a child, a good sister, an adorable wife,
An affectionate mother, caring grandma, lovely great granny,
And helpful ‘Alli bai’ in the neighborhood
You performed them all to perfection.

The age has refrained you from moving around,
You are with wrinkles and wispy white hair,
Yet, you are a woman who touched us all,
For both young and old, a true role model.

We, your children are proud of you,
The values you nurtured in us, will last a lifetime,
It is a celebration of life, well-lived,
Your reminiscences will be etched in our lives forever!!!

How fortunate are we, to celebrate your centenarian birthday,
God has bestowed his choicest blessings on you,
Euphoric 100th birthday Mumma,
We all love you.

-  A poem by Jason and Lorraine D'Souza


Wishes from Family Members, Relatives and Friends