Stanley Thomas Hilary Fernandes

(Milagres Church – Mangalore)


‘Star of Milagres’ – your parishioners call you
‘Patriarch of MCCP’ – as we respect you
‘Joy of friendship’ – regarded by friends near
‘Konkani Ratn’ title made you world’s dear

Beautiful Memories, Glorious Moments
You have always created forus !
With Lovely Smile; Enchanting talks
You have always thrilled all of us !!

Like a soldier you have fought in your life
Passion of Service showered without strife
You have shared multitude of joy and dignity
You are a blessing to our MCCP’s unity

Your expedition of life may have been tough
Dreams appeared always are rough
But, you accepted everyone as special
Sharing the bonds with humans very real

You were the Almighty’s gift to us all
A gentleman handsome and tall
An inspiration to the young and old
A leader of integrity, wise and bold

To age with grace is success by itself
Legendary life lived truly by thyself
Thirty at seventy five – is your appearance
Smile of a rose is world’s emergence

We want to express our gratitude to you
For your extraordinary support and love
Your service towards humanity is truly marvelous
And dedication to MCCP is glorious

Wish you a lovely Seventy Fifth birthday…
May the Almighty bless you in every way…
We pray for blessings with Peace and Happiness
And Prosperity may overflow your treasury always…


Happy 75th birthday, beloved Dattu! Wishing you the Lord's light and love today and always!


Best wishes from

Nirmala Goveas
and Executive Committee Members : 2023-2024
Mangalorean Catholic Center of the Parish (MCCP)
(Sts. Peter & Paul Church – Ruwi)