Alma Ursula Pinto (Lulu)

Born: 21-10-1986     Passed Away: 25-09-1998


25 years ago, a cloud came over that covered you from our sight
We could not imagine that you would be gone forever
Day and night we thought of you, prayed that you never left us
Longed to see you among us and wished that it was a bad dream

A light from our household is gone leaving us in dark
Beautiful memories you’ve left behind which we cherish
The void you left is just impossible to fill in
Without you we still feel we are incomplete

Lonely is the home without you
Life to us is not the same
All the world would be like heaven
If we could have you back again

Words can’t express how much we miss you day by day
We haven’t come to reality till now
We keep our faith in the Almighty God
We’ll meet again in the everlasting life

You left us precious memories
Our love is still the same, even after 25 years
And though we cannot see you
You are always by our side



Loving Tribute From:

Dad: Alwyn Pinto
Mom: Precilla Pinto

Sister: Magna Pinto
Family Members

Dear & Near Ones