Today marks the third year of losing you.
You are missed more than words can express
and your loss is felt in our ever step, every single day.

This year though, we chose to celebrate you.
Your beautiful smile that was so welcoming and kind.
Your generous heart that brought comfort to so many.
Your big, bold laughter that created waves and waves of laughing episodes.
Your delicious food that brought so many people together.
Your willingness to help anyone who needed any kind of support.
Your incredible memory for family and connections
that kept relationships going.
Your ability to always find a way to make things happen.
Your unwavering dedication to your family and those you loved.
Your commitment to work and tasks.
Your happiness in music and a good sing-song session.
Your unconditional love for your children and grandchildren.
Your strength, loyalty and kindness.
Your joy, calm and passion.

We love you.
Rest in peace, till we meet again.


Tribute of love from:
Husband, Children, Grandchildren