One year since we lost you DAD


Valerian Henry Pinto

Born:  23/04/1933
Married:  16/04/1964
Died:  24/10/2022


One year ago God called your name
And it was time to fly
It broke our hearts to watch you go
And left us wondering Why?

As months passed we felt you close
Like you never really left
We see your smiling face
Many a time on your quiet chair.

See, you never really left us Dad,
In our heart you'll always be
We can't look back with sadness now
why cry for a soul set free?

This year was just the first on many
That you'll be missed each passing day
But now we know we'll reunite in heaven
And then forever we shall stay



Tribute from your loving Wife, Children and Family

'Cosy Crest'  Kudupu, Mangalore