Dr Norbert Lobo - A Guiding Light

15.04.1966  to  20.10.2022


On this day, we remember a year now past,
But the absence of your presence, forever it will last.
Time has not healed the pain that dwells within,
We hope to see you return with that ever-glowing grin.

Norbert, not just a friend, but a guiding light so true,
In career choices, life's meaning, he knew what to do.
Economic insights and wisdom he'd generously share,
For the youth, his counsel was beyond compare.

Unwavering honesty in a world that often sways,
His values, principles, convictions, he held in unwavering praise.
His bold words, spoken without hesitation or guise,
Still echo in our hearts, a priceless, cherished prize.

Though his years were too few, each day was a gift,
A testament to a life lived fully, spirits uplifted.
He left behind a legacy of selfless, dedicated grace,
In our hearts, his memory finds an enduring place.

Friendship, it transcends the limits of time and space,
The memories we share with Norbert, a warm embrace.
A remarkable person, in our hearts, he'll always be,
An enduring testament to a friendship that's forever free.



Tribute of love from: Friends