“What you have done to the least of my brethren”   
He wanted to translate theology into action

We look back twenty-five years at the devoted life of Fr. Valerian D'Souza SJ.  He not only in his religious life trained seminarians as well as others, but also involved himself in social work. 

When the devastating floods of the Nethravathi river in 1974 made people homeless,  he built houses for these people as well as others who were in need.   He continued his noble work of taking care of the downtrodden irrespective of caste and creed.  His goal was not just to build houses, but to build people and communities.  He not only built houses but schools, wells and also helped the labourers in their work.  The houses and schools were built in places like Pavoor, Jeppu, Ekkooru, Bajjodi, Veeranagara, Faisalnagara, Bajaalpadpu, Bajaal, Nanthoor, Jalligudda, Jyothinagara, Shakthinagara, Preethi Nagara etc.  He worked towards educating women, women empowerment through tailoring and home science, improvement of health, and encouraged sports etc.  He wanted everyone to be independent self-sufficient in their life.  He has been a beacon to us to walk in his path. 

He continues to live on in the hearts of everyone he has encountered. He has been an inspiration to all.