Fr. Charles Vas

From the Editor's desk :
Dear Do..Re..Me..Fa..browser,

It gives me an immense pleasure to wish you and your family a very happy Easter! May the peace and joy of the risen Christ reign in your hearts and minds today and throughout your life.

After listening to my earlier melodious musical chords, on this great occasion of the celebration of Easter, I wish to present to you one of the most beautiful divine chords of our catholic church in India who is none other than Dr.Fr.Charles Vas S.V.D.

Science and technology have made miracles. Arts and literature reached new heights. Human creativity reached new possibilities. However, hatred and religious fanaticism, in the name of race, religion and political creed rule the large areas of this globe. We need a prophet to read the signs of the times and to be more authentic in his proclamation. And I'm sure I am not wrong if I call Charles Vas is one such a prophet.

In our home country India, where we the Christians are called as foreigners and our love for foreign culture is questioned, here is Fr.Charles who is a proud son of Konkanni accepting a challenge and proving the critics through Indian music and dance, that we Christians are truly patriotic!

Once again I thank you for your great support and I am sure you will really enjoy listening to one of my best Do..Re..Me..Fa.. musical chords.

Yours in risen Christ,
 Gerry D'Mello

A singing visionary and a dancing missionary

An evangelist through dance! A bhajan chanting Christian priest! That is what Dr.Fr.Charles Vas is who preaches "God experience through song and dance." For him life is a "melody of love" (Prem Ragini), a love song. Song and dance is natural and universal in character. They know no language, religion, race, culture or gender! In them East meets West, and God meets man! The life and works of Fr.Charles are a ballet of these noble expressions!

Childhood and Training :-

Charles Vas was born to devout parents Late Jacob and Late Seraphine Vas on 12th February, 1944 in Omzoor parish in Mangalore Diocese and grew up in an idyllic and silvanic environment. He has one brother who is a High Court lawyer in Mumbai and three sisters and Fr.Charles is fourth in the row. Two of his sisters are religious nuns. As a young boy Charles Vas took to music by instinct like a fish takes to water. He played side drums for the village music band, sang in the Church Choir and developed a penchant for music.

Generously responding to the divine call for religious and priestly life, he joined the Society of the Divine Word (S.V.D.). While pursuing his priestly studies, he engaged himself in a systematic study of guitar and piano during his philosophical studies at the seminary. Soon after his studies of Philosophy, he commenced his formal training under the renowned maestro Ramakrishna Joshi, a disciple of Pandit Vishnu Digamber, a great exponent of Hindustani music.

Charles Vas was ordained a priest in the year 1976, after which he continued his studies and presented his "doctoral" thesis "East meets West" to the Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Miraj, which awarded him a doctorate in music in 1983.

Currently Dr.Fr.Charles Vas is the director of Sangeet Abhinay Academy - a religious institution of song and dance in Mumbai.

Academic Excellence :-

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  • Raghu, Bangalore

    Wed, Nov 09 2022

    It was in 1996 I started attending Hindi Naveena Prayers.With Rajesh Johri and a small group assisting him in conducting the naveena in Hindi,It became an unforgettable spiritual experience for me for the next 20 years after which I moved to Bangalore. I still play at home his recorded songs regularly. I really miss him.

    Agree [2]

  • Wilfred, Mangalore / Nerul Navi Mumbai

    Tue, Sep 14 2021

    Dear Fr, I used to have all cassette of Konkani Madhur geetam of Vol 1 2 3 I loved to enjoy hearing all bhajan hymns since after the cassette I could not find the CD of that particular madhur geetam in Konkani please help to get that madhur getam in Konkani thank you waiting for your reply Thanks

    Agree [1]

  • Joseph Thambi, Hyderabad

    Wed, Nov 21 2018

    Hi I used hear madhur geet during my childhood, i am looking for those songs, from volume I, II, & Iii but i am unable to get it. Pls help me to get these songs, in Cassettes or Cds I would like to buy. pls reply to my mail i would be very glad.
    Thanks you

    Agree [14]

  • Sumer Prasad, Delhi

    Wed, Aug 22 2018

    Dear Fr.
    I love to listen to your voice praising God through your beautiful hymns. When I hear your Bhajans sung by you, feel praying. There is much devotion in them. Please guide us where to get the volumes of Madhur Geet-your songs. Send me the link, even if it payable, from where I can download.
    Pray for good health.
    Sumer Prasad

    Agree [6]

  • Arun Sharma, Savusavu, Fiji Islands.

    Wed, Jul 18 2018

    I am looking for the name of a Christian music album from 1980s, sung by Bhupinder Singh, and music composed by Fr. Charles Vas. One of the songs of that album was ''Pahele To Ye Duniya Rachi''. God bless

    Agree [8]


    Sun, Jun 24 2018

    I am great Listener of Madhur Geet and I was Inspired by Fr Charles Vas voice and personally i have seen him when i was a kid in Varanasi duirng a Ordination. Right now i am not able to see his old albums of Madhur geet in Konkani neither in Hindi. Please help me out to fetch some CDs.

    Agree [5]

  • Valerian Furtado, Mulki/Canada

    Tue, May 08 2018

    How to buy Bajans and instrumental hymns.please give us more information.

    Thank you

    Agree [1]

  • Joseph masih, Lucknow

    Fri, Apr 27 2018

    Dear father.
    I am from Lucknow..since my childhood I m listening to your hymes and bhajans.during our personal prayers we sing songs from Madhur I along with my children sings your compositions during our family I would like to meet you in person ones with my family...I know it will be not easy because of our busy schedules but then also fr if you can spare just 10 minutes of your life for us it will be a blessing.
    Regards Joseph


  • Josep D souza, Mangalore

    Fri, Jun 16 2017

    Dear Fr i want the Hindi Hymn saajan mere gar aavo in komkani Kindly help me. I want to teach to our students.
    Thank you
    By Josep

    Agree [4]

  • Joseph, Chennai

    Thu, Jan 05 2017

    Where can I get Fr.Charles Vas instrumental music of his geet and bhajans ? Please let me know. Thanks.

    Agree [3]

  • Eldon Murray, New Zealand

    Sat, Mar 28 2015

    I know Fr Charles Vaz Personally
    Played with Fr Chsarles Vaz play Prem Ragni
    I would like the audio tracks of PREM RAGNI (Melody Of Love).
    Would appreciate this request to be fulfilled.
    Give my regards to Fr Charles.
    God Bless
    Kind regards

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  • Charles, Balaghat

    Tue, Nov 18 2014

    Great Songs

    Agree [4]

  • David, New Zealand

    Sun, Aug 10 2014

    how can I obtain Fr Charles hyms and music. Does he have a hym book with music. Our prayer group needs it

    Agree [10]

  • Apolinaris E. D'Souza, Mermajal, Omzoor

    Sun, May 11 2014

    Dear n Rev. Fr.,
    I would like to meet you in person in Mumbai or contact you per phone. Request your parish location, as I will be in Mumbai on 2oth. May from Goa. I am your neighbour Pascal Masster's brother and classmate of your sister Sr. Cecilia. Shall appreciate if you could e-mail your contact no. or contact me on Cell No. 91-750762. Thanks
    Your's in Christ

    Agree [4]

  • Ronnie, Mangalore/Mira road

    Tue, Feb 18 2014

    I was a great listener of Madhur geet cassettes during my childhood. Since I am not able to get the old Madhur geet Hymns neither in Konkani nor in Hindi. Can you anyone guide me where can I get the old madhur geet volumes cd's Please let me know.

    Agree [6]

  • Alwyn, mumbai

    Sun, Nov 17 2013

    I want to download SWADEEK RAAT...can you please help me.

    Agree [6]

  • anand s, Chennai

    Fri, Oct 11 2013

    How can I get the CD containing the hymn "ashish dena he prabhu, tere charan mein aaye"? Pl let me know.I thank the Lord for the greatness of Fr.Vas.

    Agree [3]

  • new and old hindi song, new delhi

    Tue, Aug 27 2013


    Agree [2]

  • debasis raza, balasore , odisha ,india

    Mon, Apr 01 2013

    i have listened a devotional song in bangalore , the name of the cassete was MADHUR GEET - I -II -III. i want to get that cassets .how do i get it . let me know . my number is 09556124206 . i am waiting for reply. i am ready to pay the amount if any body could give me that cassets . the first song is like that - Dur se chal ke me aa geya teri dwar pe , jo meri awazzz sun kar ..........

    Agree [6]

  • john paul, Rourkela ,odisha

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    I need the address of Fr.Charles and want some more cds or chior song for x-mas and bhajans. please help me to get intouch with father charles

    Agree [5]

  • vincent w miranda, bangalore

    Wed, Nov 14 2012

    kindly let me know where/how i can ge t konkani cd/mp3 of Fr Charles Vas,
    How to contact?

    Agree [6]

  • Naeem Sardar, Ontario, Canada

    Tue, Oct 09 2012

    I need the address of Fr.Charles and want some more cds or chior song for x-mas and bhajans. please help me to get intouch with father charles

    Agree [4]

  • Lucy Rodrigues, Moodubelle/Mahakali Rd, Mumbai

    Fri, Sep 28 2012

    I am a fan of Fr. Charles Vaz. On e has to listen to his beatiful voice during 4 o`clock Hindi novena at St. Michael`s church, Mahim. It is amazing. I wish him all the best. Thank you Fr. Charles.

    Agree [4]

  • manisha, mulund

    Sun, Sep 23 2012

    hi, i used hear madhur geet during my childhood, i am looking for those song but i am unable to get it, pls help me with these songs "main hun prabhu ki charan dasi" "hey prabhu bol abh tu, sun raha hain das tera" "bhajo re prabhu naam, prabhu ka naam" "meri aatma meri khushi hain, meri khushi main tum bhi gaaon, mera prabhu abh mujmain rehta, mere saathbtum bhi sukh paao" pls help me to get these songs, pls reply to my mail i would be very glad.

    Agree [8]

  • Gina, NZ

    Tue, Sep 18 2012

    Hi there. I grew up around Fr Charles songs.Where can I purchase a CD/Cassette of his in NZ?

    Agree [4]

  • Lidya, Nagpur

    Mon, Feb 06 2012

    Fr.Charles in our parish we all are your great fans..the music you composed is so touching that it feel that we are in direct contact with GOD.As you say a person who sings praises true indeed..Love and tomorrow and always..Prays the LORD.

    Agree [5]

  • Stephen Coelho, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Thu, Jan 12 2012

    Fr Vas,

    I love the madhur Geet songs very much.My mother is from Badoor born to Peter & Benny Vas
    I Thank Lord for the gift of Fr charles vas.

    Agree [4]

  • Donna, Mangalore/New Jersey

    Mon, Jan 09 2012

    We love to hear Fr. Charles Vaz devotional songs.

    Agree [3]

  • Fatima Menezes, Valsad

    Fri, Feb 25 2011

    Listening to your music creates a yearning and nostalgia for the Lord. May you always praise the Creator through your song and dance and bring more souls closer to Him. May the Lord be praised. There is something special in your music that attracts one to listen. May you always use this God-given talent for His glory.

    Agree [5]

  • Fatima Menezes, Valsad

    Fri, Feb 25 2011

    Listening to your music creates yearning and nostalgia for the supernatural. You are really blessed with this God-given talent May you always praise the Almighty through your song and music and draw people closer to the Lord. May the Lord be praised

    Agree [4]

  • deep, patna/bihar

    Wed, Jan 05 2011


    Agree [4]

  • stephen khokhar, london UK

    Sun, Jan 02 2011

    Dear Fr,Charles
    Hi i love your songs i am from Krachi Pakistan,and living in London past 16 years.I am Deacon in traing for pakistani community in Southall london.Can you plz let me knw how do i get your CD in london, i am after the song (Prabhu hum aaye terry duvar)if you send me the CD i will pay the cost.keep me in your prays.
    Stephen khokhar.

    Agree [5]

  • Elizabeth Krishna, Fiji Islands

    Wed, Jul 14 2010

    I love your bhajans Fr Charles, very devotional and life giving.

    Agree [4]


    Sat, May 01 2010

    i love u r voice, where can i get complite package of CD"s Fr.Charles vaz.

    Agree [4]

  • Devendra, Savli, Louis Park, Dist: Vadodara, Gujarat

    Mon, Oct 12 2009

    I liked very much your all songs like Madhur Geet and etc. Thanks

    Agree [6]

  • Keith,

    Mon, Jul 13 2009

    I hav listened to one of father Charles songs...We sing it in Germany though we dont understand the languaga. Great. Please, can you giv me the contact of Fr. Charles Vas if possible?

    Agree [9]

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