From Gaddafi’s Unknown Grave Hidden Volcanoes may Erupt

Prof. Bhim Singh

Nov 3: NATO march off Libya immediately after barbaric assassination of Libyan ‘dictator’ Col. Gaddafi has given rise to several bitter ‘qs’ on the future of an oil-rich Libya surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the North, Egypt in the East, Tunisia and Algeria in the West and Chad, Niger and Sudan in the South comprising 1,759,540 sq. kms. with only 6.5 (65 lacs) millions of population. Coming events shall answer them alone. Demonized by the West as ‘tyrant dictator’ Col. Gaddafi was killed in custody of the rebel forces who were working under the strict command of US-led NATO. His barbaric murder in ‘custody’ in the dawn of the 21st century has left a black scar on the face of NATO that the waters of all the Arabian Seas shall not be able to wash. The international community and the historians may do justice to themselves and to the history by analyzing the sequence of events that shook the people of Iraq, Yugoslavia and now Libya in the name of democratization of the system. President Saddam Hussein was hanged in the full view of the world that amounted to a judicial murder. Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic was poisoned to death in UN Criminal Prison in the Hague when US failed to prove any case against him. Prof. Bhim Singh (this author) and Ramsey Clarke were not permitted to argue his case before the UN Criminal Court.

Col. Gaddafi was on their hit list. They struck a missile on his house in Tripoli. Gaddafi escaped but his daughter was killed. Western leaders and media accused leadership in Afro-Asian World who did not follow US command.  Kissinger called Mrs. Indira Gandhi (one of the greatest leaders of the world) a ‘bitch’ when she refused US intervention during liberation movement of Bangladesh. Saddam Hussein who resisted ‘US’ invasion was abducted, put on false trial and finally hanged. Milosevic who defended the right of Yugoslavia to exist was abducted, jailed and poisoned. Yasir Arafat, the greatest Arab hero who signed Peace Agreement with Israeli Prime Minister for securing a Sovereign Statehood of Palestine was finally disgraced at the instance of the ‘Zionist’ block, squeezed him in second storey of his official residence in Ram Allah for two years till he chose to die in a French hospital. The ‘US’ subordination to ‘Zionist’ axis got exposed last week when US successfully opposed Palestine entry to UNESCO.  

Patris Lumamba, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Martin Luther King and even Kennedy and many other rising stars in the third world fell to the international conspiracies backed by CIA.

Gaddafi, might be a dictator. Yet was not greater a tyrant than some of the kings and sheikhs in other countries who have been enjoying full confidence of the White House. Gadaffi’s ‘Green Book’ earned him wrath of some of the Arab rulers. His ‘no’ to NATO and ‘no’ to accept dictates of the Anglo-American Bloc brought him on their hit-list. The US supreme interest has been to swallow Arab oil.  Libya is the 9th country in oil reserves with 40 billion barrels in its store. Secondly, Libya is a ‘gateway’ to earth wealth-rich Africa that US has been eyeing for over half a century. The US interest was take control of the Mediterranean. Gaddafi was a ‘Cobra’ for them on the ‘oil & waters’ of Libya as they saw Saddam in Iraq. While demonizing the Libyan leaders, the Zionist controlled media of the world tried to put a lid on the revolutionary progress that Libya made in Gaddafi rule. In 40 years, literacy touched 93% highest in the third world. GDP had gone over 14000 US$ higher than 120 UN member.

Libya till 2011 did not owe a single ‘dollar’ to any outside agency. Land was distributed free to anyone who opted for agriculture. Legal aid and medical care were free and education was funded by the State. In case the students went outside to pursue their studies they were financed by the ‘dictator’. A brief look of Libya in Gaddafi rule shows that Libya was only country in the world where its citizens have to pay no electricity bill, no interest on loans of any kind and a home for every parent. Though his parents still lived in a tent. 50,000 US$ for every newly wedded couple to settle down. Each car purchase was subsidized by 50% and petrol costs 14 cents about Rs.8/- per liter. Parents of newly born child would get 5,000 US$ for their rehabilitation. Gaddafi left 150 billions US$ in its foreign accounts to the credit of the country being claimed by NATO on account of the expenses US incurred on seven months war against Libya. Libya suffered a loss of 50 billions US$ during NATO/drones bombing.

They might call him by any name, there is no occasion to deny yet the history shall not forgive the offenders of crimes against humanity, the decency, morality and for infringement of the mandate of the United Nations Charter. There is no dispute on the facts that Col. Gaddafi was a chieftain of his people, right or wrong. He was invaded from the skies by Junta of 40 countries (NATO) led by the US. The US conceived Nationalist Transition Council of Benghazi backed them with arms, finances, western media and US drones with only one target to liquidate the Libyan leader. That was the hidden agenda of the US and its allies to take control of oils and wealth of Libya. The facts have been established that Col.

Gaddafi was taken to custody by the so-called revolutionaries aided and abetted from the skies and on the ground by NATO. Col. Gaddafi was killed in custody and brutally showered bullets on his feet, hands and legs to demonstrate US arrogance of power. The second offence committed by the NATO backed NTC was also unforgivable. Dead Gaddafi was disgraced and insulted by dragging his body by hair on the streets of Sirte. The third offence committed at the pleasure of NATO was religiously grave and otherwise when they dumped his dead body inside a meat shop in Sirte. The Prophet once stood up when a Jewish dead body was being taken for burial. He told his followers that ‘dead body’ belonged to a human being and deserved all respects. No where in the world I have come across such a shameful incident where a dead body of a human being has been put to such a disgrace. How shall Obama, the patron of ‘Revolution’ shall justify the mysterious burial of a Muslim dead body by strangers in unknown grave, as claimed by the NTC. Was he burned at all?

The political philosophy of Col. Gaddafi was digested neither by the Western power nor by his own Arab rulers. Gaddafi refused to designate himself under any rank or style. Impressed by the philosophy of Buddha and Mao Tse-Tung, Col. Gaddafi demonstrated his philosophy in the Green Book in 1984 which brought him lot of curses from his own Arab kings and sultans who saw a great threat in Green Book philosophy that did not suit their interest. A few lines on the readjustment of a society Col. Gaddafi wrote thus in his Green Book,

“If an instrument of governing is dictatorial, as in political systems in the world today, the society’s vigilance towards deviation from law will have only one way to gain readjustment. That is violence, which means revolution against the instrument of governing. This violence or revolution, even if it is an expression of the feeling of the society against deviation, is not carried out by the whole society. It is undertaken only by those who have the initiative and boldness to proclaim the will of the society. However, this approach is the way to dictatorship, for this revolutionary initiative increases the opportunity for an instrument of governing, representative of the people, to arise. This means that the instrument of governing is still dictatorial. Moreover, violence and change by force are themselves undemocratic, although they take place as a result of the existence of a previous undemocratic situation. The society that is still entangled around this resultant is a backward society. What, then, is the solution?”  

The Green Book was taught in the schools in its original script in Arabic. Translation was available in French and English also. Col. Gaddafi himself has focused on the issue of deviation from the rule which ‘gives rise to violence in support of the revolution’. Col. Gaddafi, however, did not support violence to achieve political gains. In 1969, when he ousted King Idris of Libya without any blood-shed and sans violence. History stands a witness that Col. Gaddafi failed to realize the consequential effects of his own thesis in 2011 when 92% of the Libyan people could read and write.

No Arab government under the kings or sheikhs would dare teach the ideas that the Green Book conveyed to the people of Libya. Besides, Col. Gaddafi also failed to realize the new mode in the culture of the modern world; materialism combined both with money and power. The Libyan leader gave everything to his people, name, fame, education and prosperity yet he failed to share power and money with the so-called neo-intelligentsia. He, himself felt insecure in the country where he and his people were forced to remain cut off vis-à-vis the political and cultural life of his neighbourers. He wanted to extend his political borders and spread his wings beyond Libya but failed on many reasons and compulsions. I had an opportunity in May, 2006 to share thoughts with him when he was chairing an NGO meet in Tripoli. He asked for a written text and the text was handed over to him with translation in Arabic. I had emphasized on the point of his doctrine of involvement of the people which deserved guarantee of fundamental and civil rights as are enshrined in Chapter-III of Indian Constitution. Had he given his thought, he might not have seen this day?

Anyhow, Col. Gaddafi is buried in unknown grave in the deserts of Libya. The USA to protest her interest would be interested in bifurcation or trifurcation of present Libya to consolidate its control over its oil and land. 140 tribes in Libya with distinct and different social, cultural and ethnic identity shall not easy to bundle up. The ‘Berber’ tribe as Arabized with which Col. Gaddafi was affiliated is most strong and influential. ‘Saif’ (Gaddafi’s son is thereto provide a strong leadership at all levels). Other Libyan tribes shall not accept NTC leadership for being a toy in the hands of NATO. The US and NATO can not enjoy confidence of the hostile mighty tribes with different modes of life and living. The US-led NATO interest is likely to clash with Libyan pride particularly in regard to sharing of oil and earth-wealth. The European countries may not receive ‘peanut benefit’ from the Libyan loot as it happened vis-à-vis Iraq. The newly elected Prime Minister, a US tool, shall not be able to win confidence of the sharply divided 140 tribes. His son ‘Saif’, his successor in ‘spirit and law’ may emerge from the western or southern corner with courage and strength of his father and support of his tribes anytime. NATO has left the seen. The ‘US’ and NATO may try to finance Eastern Arabized Tribes having little back up or support from the Western and Southern Tribes of Libya. Libya may have to undergo a bloody ‘civil war’ before the ‘US; and NATO would meet the Vietnam fate in Libya. Obama’s surrender to ‘Zionist’ lobby vis-à-vis Israel would cost the ‘US’ heavy. Obama may find difficult to cultivate Jewish support in the next Presidential election in USA as the Zionist would not trust Muslim born Obama any more.              

The US-led NATO Aggression against Libya violated the Charter of the UNO as it directly infringed Article 2(7) of the United Nations. The world failed to act to the satisfaction of rule of law.

The ‘New World Order’ commands to take over the entire route of the Mediterranean Sea to the North Africa region. The New strategy of the US is to take over the control of the entire North African region, Mauritania, Western Sahara (which this author crossed in 1971 on Motorcycle), Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. A resolution to this effect was adopted in a secret Zionist session in Zuriq in 1894 long before the World War-I started when the entire Arab Peninsula including Palestine was sulking under the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire.

With disappearance of the last strong Arab leader Col. Gaddafi, the lost to resist US aggression. The US shall try to establish its supremacy in the African region by exploiting the Mediterranean route where the Italians, the Greeks, the French and the British had not been able to succeed to put their foothold during the past four centuries. NATO has dared today. The Arab resistance movement for the time being appears to have crumbled after the liquidation of the last Arab resistance leader, Col. Gaddafi. The peace prospects in the Arab world as well as in the North and Central African continent are not very encouraging. That suits the neo-colonial masters, the US and the NATO. The only hope that one may dream of is India which has potential, capability, capacity and acceptability to revitalize the NAM countries. NAM have not been able to play their role because of the fast changing combinations and permutations in the international politics and its weak leadership.

Those are the strong tides and the tempests against the dictatorial and authoritarian rulers and supporting jurisprudence of democracy and peaceful co-existence in the conflict torn world. Right to live in dignity and grow in equality cannot be ignored in the changing world, may they be kingdoms, sultanates or sheikhdoms. Arms race by the big powers with their colonial temptations shall no longer be an acceptable proposition. With the fall of Libyan system, the Arab world might have realized, too, the importance of being a part of the NAM countries in the present international mechanism. In the ongoing transformation of new global order, India has a lead role to perform with its centuries’ old moral and spiritual strength and its modern political will to lead the world towards complete disarmament, peaceful co-existence and progress.

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party, a Sr. Advocate, Member, National Integration Council and is Chairman, Indo-Arab Solidarity Council. He is the only person who crossed Sahara Desert on Motorcycle in 1972. He has been traveling through the Arab World for 30 years. He was very closely associated with Yasir Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic and other leaders in the Arab World and in the Balkans.


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  • Harold D'cunha, Mangalore, India

    Sat, Nov 05 2011

    Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party, u wrote the very right things.

    I still remember in 1971 the War between India n Pakistan, Indira Gandhi did not allow USA to enter Arabian Sea and Indian Ocaen. USA had send 7 fleet in Pak's favour and immediately USSR sent one submarine in India's favour.
    India won the war and Bagladesh was born. USA got humiliated.

    USA only cares to its interests. For them the name democracy is to cover their own guilt and they are the monsters of the world.

    I fully agree of your write up, The death of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi is because of international conspiracies backed by CIA. We are glad that you have exposed the real truth.

    Gaddafi was a hero to his Country people and USA will grab all the Libyan saving USD 150 bn.

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