Mangalore: City Plagued by Lack of Traffic Sense, Concern for Others?

Mangalore: City Plagued by Lack of Traffic Sense, Concern for Others?

Brijesh Garodi
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore

Mangalore, Jul 4: I was on my way to Ladyhill from Lalbagh, on Tuesday July 3 at around 10.30 am. Just as I reached the road divider exactly opposite to the Mangala Stadium gate, a lady driving a Ritz in the middle of the road suddenly took a right turn, without noticing a bike on her right.

She hit the bike, damaging it badly and injuring the rider, a man. Seeing him fallen on the road, I stopped my vehicle and rushed to his help, and so did many auto drivers who were around. We helped him to his feet, and checked to see if he was alright, as the only visible wounds on him were on his toes and the knee which was bleeding. Luckily, he did not suffer any major injury.

But the accident itself is not the point of this narration. What shocked and surprised us was the devil-may-care attitude of the lady driver who was the cause for it all. She sat inside the car looking at the drama outside, seemingly unaffected by the whole scene. When she realized her car was also damaged, she got down to inspect the dent, still not bothered about the man she had injured.

When confronted, she argued that it was not her fault as her right indicators were on. However, two things are to be noted here - she switched on the indicator at the last moment giving no time for the rider behind her to slow down, and that the brake lights, indicators and reverse lights of her car were all covered with dark mesh-like films, hindering the visibility of the lights. In daylight, it becomes even more difficult to notice the lights because of such 'fashionable' decorations.

She then came towards the injured man, took his phone number and walked off from the scene, without even asking his condition, let alone apologizing. The man went after her asking for help, but she just chose to ignore him completely.

She drove off in her car, escaping from all and sundry. However, the traffic police who had arrived by then chased her down and managed to bring her back to the accident spot. Her car was seized and taken to police station, and later released when her husband appeared on her behalf. It is said that the two parties later compromised.

The object of the narration is not to malign the lady, but to highlight the deteriorating traffic sense and perhaps sense of humanity too in general. If educated people act this way, then what culture and what modernity can we boast of? Road is a public property and every individual as well as traffic rule needs to be respected. No matter to which rung of the social heirarchy one may belong, no matter the size of the vehicle one may possess, one cannot disregard the law and treat others as lesser beings.

In this particular incident, the people to be really appreciated are the auto drivers who came to the help of the injured man. They arranged for first aid and helped the police to catch the lady by giving them exact information about her and her car. The least she could have done was to apologize for causing harm, irrespective of whose fault it was, but alas, even that was not to be.


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  • Joe D'Souza, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 05 2012

    We live in lawless city. If that lady had come out of the car,people gathered around would have smacked her. This is the culture we live here as all the readers know it. Rowdy mentality a plenty in Mangalore. Bikers are big problem on road as they pass a vehicle in left side which is illegal. Only mistake of Her that to leave the place of accident.

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  • paul d`souza, balakunje

    Thu, Jul 05 2012

    Driving awareness in india is zero. Specially most of the slow drivers they drive in fast lane blocking the whole road & without option left, fast driver happens to go in slow track. One more funny thing in mangalore is, if you switch on right indicator to turn right...but the right side driver FROM BACK, either auto or two wheelers raise more accelerators to over take before the vehicle should take right turn & creating confuesions.There are several cases in mangalore hit & run. It is a very big offense. (Their attempt may be to kill you...any thing possible)But in such cases you must have always pen & paper in the vehicle to note down the hitter number to complain police station. Once at panambooru junction one pick up guy rongly came & hit my car & runaway. But good i had pen & paper to note down the vehicle number. After lodging the complaint, i made that vehicle driver to come all the way from udipi at 9pm at night & recovered repair charges. If wrong party refueses to pay, you may ask him to repair your vehicle & still he refueses, you are bound to register the complaint. After that let him run the police station & court.

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  • Eulalia D'Souza, Bijai / Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 05 2012

    Many such accidents happen and go un noticed. Issual of driving Licences need to be provoked bcoz many a times people who hardly know driving possess a driving licence.
    Secondly our RTO rules are so easy to manipulate and go scot free even if you commit a crime, so drivers dont care about their careless driving. If only our systems become more strict and say suspend a licence for 03 months andlater 06months, am sure drivers will be careful.
    With due respect to ladies, at times ladies can be snobbish while driving coz of their social status and they know they can get away with what they do b'coz of influencial back ground they have..!!
    People will develop civic sense if only they know the value of it, levied by the concerned authorities.

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  • Jason Dsouza, Kaikamba

    Thu, Jul 05 2012

    Generally the private cars drive carefully in the city as far as i see.They do not want to have any damage to their car and also the issues related to the accidents. But there are many exceptions as you narated above.

    But the reckless driving of the buses are a worry.When i was negotiating a traffic 3 days back near the jyothi circle, a bus from light house hill road was turning left towards bunts hostel and rubbed my car hitting the mirror and leaving a scratch. I was unable to move as there were vehicles close to my left.

    Need to have 200% concentration when the buses come near you.

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  • Naveen, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 05 2012

    There should be atleast some kind test for all drivers be it renewal or new licenses to let them know about what lane driving is and how, where, when to change lanes, use signals etc... This will enlighten them about the potential dangers to ourselves and our fellow road users of not following the traffic rules..

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  • rajesh, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 05 2012

    one way or the other we all are the victims of these senseless people.even i had an experience like the same way.i was riding my bike on airport road which is a double lane.i was on the left lane.suddenly the rickshaw which was just 5 meters ahead without any signal took complete left turn..i had no choice other than applying my full brakes.i coudnt direct my bike to the footpath coz one maruthi omni was parked half on the road n half on the footpath.i felled on the road n i had some minor injuries.the most disaasterous thing was the rickshaw driver dint even came out of the rickshaw to help me to get up..and upon that he was argueing with me that it was my fault.the people arround came running to me to help me and started scolding the rickshaw driver as they knew and noticed that it was his fault.then he got scared and started appologising to me and to the people..the passenger has suddenly directed him to go left.the rickshaw was fitted with two big side veiw miirors which is used in the the grace of god i escaped by minor injuries..but some time these small accidents cause major damages.we need to develop basic traffic sense from the guy who riding a bysicle to the guy who drives a heavy motor vehicle.the disrict administration the traffic police and the print and visual media can take this responsibility.of course we cant adopt all the rules due to the condition of our roads which are not upto the standards but we shoud take atleast care not to harm or trouble other by follow the traffic rules and drive safe.your senseless driving not only could cause you a damage but others also will suffer.the bottomline is untill unless we and the administration is prepared for this we cannot bring the changes.

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  • Robert, Bendore, managlore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Road sens in India is very Bad. In Mangalore 99% people don't have road sens as well as 99% vehical driver don't follow traffic rule. when they sit behind wheels, they think road is purchased by them and Pedestrian, they treat like beggers. Don't have human life value.

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  • praveen, mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    i have noticed that many times even after putting right indicator, some two wheelers want to oertake and cross you even before u turn, most probably this two wheeler belongs to that category.nobody wants to wait or take a longer cut, two wheelers are also responsible for riding on wrong side of four lane roads.anyway how can one conclude the lady was running away she wud ve taken her husband and anyway gone to the police station.yes she cud ve apologised i agree. anyway for any accident better to file fir and let insurance to fight case. if u setlle amicably some lawyers will educate and then come up with bigger claims.

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  • maria, mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    What sense do drivers have ?
    At Ladyhill road towards Kottara, the drivers are driving 2/4 wheeler vehicles on wrong side and regular offences by these 2/4 wheelers. It is almost a brush with death as I would have been hit by these wrong side driver vehicle.

    Police can stop there but in Plain Clothes and they can catch big number of drivers going wrong way. It will be field day for police as good number of fines in one single spot. driving licences are only pieces of paper. no use for our drivers. they will do anything and everything to break rules and safe driving.

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  • Joslynn Rooswelt, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Nagesh Nayak..
    This incident is totally different from ANJANA's incident.... That saved a life, but this lady was responsible for her negligence...
    ANJANA is a real human with lots of humanity.....

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  • K.Raghava Mayya, Padil, Mangalore-7

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    In Mangalore, no restiction for U-turn of vehicles in any place, or the riders ignore if there is signboard of no u-turn. I experienced travelling in a car for 6 kms. for a necessitated U-turn in a city of foreign country.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/Mumbai

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Most of our drivers don't even have common sense.................

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  • Pasha, Karnataka

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Has anyone checked the credentials of the driving schools and the instructers? That is the crux of the problem. If they do not know the proper way to drive then how can they teach. 2nd - what sort of instruction is given, does one have a time log which is signed by the instructer when they appear for the driving test, how many hours of driving has been completed and any comment - let us start at the basics. Present driving schools do not let the learner take control of the car, so finally once they get the license they have no idea how to drive.
    Finally, putting on the indicator does not give a driver the right to turn immediately. It is only an indication of intention. The vehicle has to stop, ensure that the road is clear and only then turn. This business of flashing headlights to give me the right of way is illegal and must be banned IMMEDIATELY.

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  • Sunil., Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Most of the rich lady Drivers dont know the trafic rules. even i met 1 lady doctor yestarday Near AJ hospital, driving her red ford car while talking over the phone. she took overtake from left side. even she dont bother about other people. very rude attitude. who said manglorians are educated???? all are same no different between auto rikshaw driver or EDUCATED DOCTOR.

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  • Denis Britto, Urwa,Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    I have often seen Police Vehicles stopping at pressure points like Jothi junction , Balmatta junction or kankanady junction.The police must understand that they should park their vehicles in a good place and obstruct other vehicles from smooth movement.

    Recently at Balmatta Junction I witnessed the police jeep in front of the old Canara Bank collectors gate branch had stopped the vehicle in such a precarious place and obstructing other traffic movement.This jeep had stopped for collecting fine for having tinted glass on cars.But the KSRTC 'suvarna karnataka' bus was moving with tinted glass too.The driver of the police jeep was also stopping vehicles.Now,is it his job or just throwing his weight ? The Commissioner of Police should look into this matter .But no action was taken on the bus Company.Cannot terrorists travel by KSRTC buses or is it a must that they always travel in cars ?

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  • c ferrer, mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Firstly I agree that the two wheeler driver with flipflops is wrong as rubber slippers on a rainy day is liable to slip. Secondly I read that the 2 wheeler is on the right side of the car and see the rear bumper of the car was prised open- so the 2 wheeler has touched the car on its rear right side so was he was trying to overtake the car near the road median(correct me if I am wrong).
    The number plate of the 2 wheeler too has broken so it is the left hand side of the bike that made contact with the right rear corner of the car.
    The left foot of the bike rider is hurt so this part of his body made contact at the time of the accident.
    Please readers lets be realistic & analyise things before passing judgement.
    Years ago my car was hit by a bus, on the rear left hand side of my car but when I stopped to ascertain the damage I was mobbed by auto riksha drivers and even the bus passengers in a threatening manner and told to go complain to the police with the bus number.I spent 9000 in repairs to my car.

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  • CA Nitin J Shetty, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    I have noticed that the the driving sense in Mangalore is very poor.Be it well educated people or otherwise.We do not give way to others,do not allow people to cross the roads,drive at high speed in busy areas,ignore no entry signs,honk unnecessarily.Infact we are all like the bus drivers but in smaller vehicles.This kind of attitude is not seen in other parts of India.Maybe we should first educate ourselves in driving etiquette.
    Well written Brijesh.We all see such things happening but are not in a position to bring it into writing.Your posts will be a kind of guide to all...Keep up the good work.

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  • nagesh nayak, bangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012



    Joslynn Rooswelt, Mangalore,


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  • MAR, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Police are very strong in mangalore after Ashok become HM

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  • Domenic, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    If the bike man has hit the car clearly in behind as per the traffic law he is in fault. The driver should maintain the safe distence and take care of his life and property. That is why it is called as accident and not murder. (Mukhalifa) please brous your comptur and see about the traffic accident law what says ?. Simply dont blam the girl. Of course after all she is a lady and not so brave to face the injured person (scared)

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  • Eric,, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Nobody follows the traffic rules, all are eager to go first in a junction or at cross roads . I wonder they know the rules or not. If all abide by the rules and follow them we wont have these problems . Better let us learn and follow the regulations, we can bring some sense in driving in mangalore.

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  • Ivan, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    First of all its very sad incident.We blame this lady driver or bike rider not following the traffic rules or not wearing proper cloths. when time comes or situation arrives,we also do same thing what lady driver did. Secondly for this mess I blame district administration or road contractors or engineers who design & construct the roads. We can see on the newly built highways or roads,lot of right turn openings approx for every 100 MTR distance in between the road divider to enter opposite side traffic. This is absolutely wrong. They have to close all the openings in between the divider and whoever drives the vehicle, if he or she wants to take turn or to enter opposite side traffic, they have to go till the near by junction or circle and take U turn and join the traffic.

    This will help to reduce this kind of situation. District admin has to block all small opening in between the road dividers. Just we need to keep opening for the pedestrian to cross the roads with proper zebra crossing markings and steel fixed type bollards ( bollards for not to enter 2 wheeler in between the dividers).Also need to increase the height of the road dividers, so people should not cross the roads wherever they feel.people has to use designated pedestrian crossing only. If we implement these kind of steps, then only people will follow the rules and make habit of it. Other wise these kind of incident will happen every now and then, and we have to just remove our frustration blaming each other.

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  • Eric Coelho, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    It is rightly said 'Once we are at the driving seat we think that we are the King/Queen of the Road'. This is happening in Mangalore and in India - No Traffic sense. The roads are narrow, the road are few, no footpaths and the vehicles are too too many. I care too hoots to the law is ultimate motto of such irresponsible and careless human beings.

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  • G M Ullal, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Dear Mr. Brijesh, it was a very good article. But I wish to ask you that you concentrate on the Local Buses and Express Buses that ply from Mangalore to Udupi. They just break almost all the traffic rules and just wade through the traffic as if they own the roads. Absolutely no botheration about the fellow travelers and just barge in without any care. We have to be very careful and just stop and give space to these buses fearing for our safety. Many express buses put head lights on and drive in highway at more speed
    than an ambulance in medical emergency. The Traffic police, RTO or any other agency does not look into this problem. They just ignore the buses and stop the poor two wheeler for not wearing helmets. At Ambedkar Junction buses coming from Light House Hill road just block at the signal light for the vehicles going towards Bunts Hostel, even if they want to go towards Kankanady. The traffic police is just a mute spectator to this problem. Unless The traffic police and RTO does not interfere and give proper guidance on the traffic rules from time to time to these bus drivers things will not change. We have to travel in these roads holding our lives in one hand driving with the other.

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  • Rajesh Kumar, Brahmavara

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Dear Brijesh, who is educated in Mangalore? Most of them are half educated. I am not Blaming the Mangloreans, look at our auto drivers even they know how to give first aid.Most of the migrants in Mangalore don't have civic sense.We have to teach them our Mangalore culture and how to be a human being.

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  • Glenn, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Last Time when i went to mangalore the first thing i noticed while driving home was the beautiful 4 laned roads being contructed. While I was glad that we wil have beautiful roads in the years to come I was saddened with the way the people drove. In most cities in the world there are designated lanes for fast driving.First comes the footpath,slow lane,faster lane, faster lane and at last the fastest in that order.Which helps the drivers to over take the slower vehicles from the right side which is the right way. What i noticed was most of them were driving in the fastest lanes. One lady was driving slowly on the fastest lane and was unpertubed with the faster vehicles honking from behind to give way. Her logic must have been since its a one way now anyone can drive anywhere and she has the full right to drive slowly on the fastest lane.

    This is just one example. This just goes to show there is absolutely no awareness among the drivers as to how to drive on the road. Traffic department has to address two issues.
    1. When issuing learners license make them aware of how to drive on the road and test them in that way . Only those who pass this test should be issued learners license.
    2. People who have already have license should be made to attend a test similar to the one for learners test just to make them aware about the new rules of driving and issued a certificate of pass or a card.just like a Licence card. People without this card wil be fined so that all adhere to this.

    Atlast everyone should realise one attitude we Indians carry wherever we go across the world that is to "Only I should get, not others". Its in the job front where people pull each other down so that they take the credit and the same is followed while driving. "I should get the best, I should reach home early. I should reach office early. I am getting late". Remember all who are driving on the roads hav to reach somwhere. SO BE SAFE AND LET OTHERS BE SAFE.
    Its better to be late than never

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    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    If we are keeping traffic sense it is good for all of us and the drive, journey will become a pleasure. May God give us the right vision and maturity.

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  • Blaan Mendonca, USA

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    The Lady driver must follow the rules, before taking a turn, she must indicate the direction through light communication before 4-6 seconds or 100 feet depending on the speed of the car. The driver must check the blind spot, by using a blind spot mirror or by shoulder check and when clear she can take the indicated turn. Here the Lady must have indicated the light without giving enough time to the other road user, and did not bother to check the blind spot or the shoulder check. She thinks as soon as the light indicator is switched on to indicate or communicate with other road users she can take the turn without checking the mirror or shoulder check. This is a real problem with the drivers. The training provided to the Lady driver is not sufficient. She needs additional classes and little community service to improve the performance and be a good driver. Mistakes can happen and cause accident, We need to take care, be responsible and accountable in driving. At present the cars in India are imported with all amenities and features but the roads are not developed to the International standard. Therefore we cannot blame the drivers, There are not separate bicycle lanes for the cyclist or proper footpath for the pedestrian to walk in the city. We need to blame the corporation for not updating the roads to the international standard cars.

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  • Lancelot N Tauro, Manglore - Doha Qatar

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Yes Sagar Bantwal,, Bike rider was wearing slippers.. must be banned while riding 2 wheelers.
    But in Gulf Countries if accidents happens motorist first greet each other then call police.

    But in our place its just opposite first comes bad words ends with filthy words no compramise.

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  • AJ, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    This place is beoynd salvage...

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  • irshad, baikampady

    Wed, Jul 04 2012


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  • Jimmy Noronha, Bellore, Lucknow

    Wed, Jul 04 2012


    Before the car is turned to the right, the driver aught to see both by the rear and the side mirror. There is bound to be an accident if you do not give enough time before you turn to the right as with the sudden turn after the indicator is bound to end up with an accident and the fault is with the car driver, as he/she cannot play with the lives of others coming from the right.

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  • RJ Vishwas, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    People in Mangalore are ever ready to help. Negligent driving has been a serious issue irrespective of Gender discrimination. kudos to police not letting the noose loose. good work brij

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  • Shane, mng/dxb

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Very serious issue concerning safety of other road users !!
    Govt had upgraded single lane roads to multi lane roads in the city but problem is that people who use the road to drive were still living/driving on single lane roads mentality, they are not following the upgraded lane crossing rules yet. May be they are not educated how to use this new multi lane roads yet. Proper instructions must be provided by RTO for public safety. Even after that drivers fail to adhere to regulations RTO can start issuing penalty tickets to errant drivers.

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  • Edward Pinto, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    There are traffic rules and regulation in India but no one follows.The owner of the vehicle thinks he/she owns the road. If every one follow rules, it is sense, otherwise nonsense.There is no value for human being in our country and therefore no one cares. If hefty fines are levied for overrulings, then it will improve but cann't avoid loop holes...

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  • shiv, mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Its power of money why the hell compromise? Cancel her driving license & make her feel her guilty

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  • KRPrabhu, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Compared to Bangalore in Mangalore people do not strictly follow lane rules and while taking diversion do not put indicative light instead use hand signals which is very dangerous.Two wheelers and autos have become menace.City buses always crossing their speed limit in city limits.

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  • juliet mascarenhas, Bejai/Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Excellent article Garodi. If every vehicle rider and the Pedestrian follow the traffic rules, It would be a added beauty to the konkan city.
    The lady would not have lost anything with the sweet word "Sorry" which many ignore because of their egoism.

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  • Prasad, Mangalore/W.Africa

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    This is the common behavior of so called intelligent, educated people of Mangalore.

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  • Bhavna, Manglore-Dubai

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    kaas iddare doddanna... :)

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  • Violet, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    What a heartless lady!! Just imagine if she would have been in his place what she should have done!! Shame on her and her attitude!! Now a days educated people are more corrupt and heartless!! Well done Auto Drivers good job. God bless you for your good deed!!

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  • Roland Michael, Mangalore/World Citizen

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    A very thoughtful article Brijesh.This type of civic sense is what the world lacks.I will in future be more considerate to my fellow road users. thank you.

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  • Ramesh, mabgalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    This turning without bothering with where the next in line is common and here to stay. We Indians in general do not have civic sense at all, no safety measures at all. indicators are switched on at turning not before, any traffic block some of us wait in line but most go ahead and block the road, not bthering the opposite side traffic is also blocked, this is also here to stay.
    God knows when we will improve and live like HUMANS.

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  • Sagar, Bantwal

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    Did anyone notice that injured Bike rider is wearing flip flops. It's is illegal to wear flip flops while riding. Also, rear ending is a clear mistake of vehicle driven in the rear. He has to keep sufficient distance.

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  • Rj Errol,92.7BIG fm, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 04 2012

    I saw this incident. I was in Bus. A hearty wishes to all those who came forward to help. Jai

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