Mangalore : City Centre - The Destination Mall of the coastal Belt

April 13, 2010

It will be a 5 day gala affair in Mangalore starting from April 25th 2010, as Mangalore will awaken to an altogether new experience of lifestyle change heralded by the new landmark in the city - “City Centre”. Mangaloreans are all set to embrace the new mall culture and with that life is going to move in a faster pace in the city.   The biggest mall of Mangalore, the second biggest mall of Karnataka and India’s 10th largest mall “City Centre” will be inaugurated on April 25, 2010, to add another feather in the cap of Mangalore’s glistening landscape.  However some leading brands like Lifestyle will open their store on April 15 itself, which will set the ball rolling for its formal inauguration on 25th April.

With nearly 5,40,000 sq ft sale space,  800 plus car parking provision at 5 levels, this second largest mall in a Tier II city in the country  (next only to Alfa Mall in Amritsar)  will certainly open up new horizons for the people of the entire belt from Kasaragod to Bhatkal,  emerging as a  single-destination shopping haven for all their shopping needs.  Food courts with multi-cuisine restaurants, fast food joints, gaming, entertainment, shopping, bowling alley, banquet facilities, high-end saloon and spa facility,  having a peep into an art gallery or just loitering in the vast expanse of the spacious lobby of the mall – there is everything for everyone and for every age groups all throughout the year.   

It has taken 4 years including the crucial testing time of recession period for the project to get completed and to stand tall in all its majesty  amid  the heart of the city of Mangalore  on K S Rao Road and is aptly title “City Centre” keeping its central location in mind.   Mired in controversy in the initial stages which was a great set back, this project promoted by reputed developers of Mangalore Mohtisham Group, has withstood the gale and its ramifications and is now all set to open new vistas of life to Mangaloreans.  “With the new mall opening no one can no more complain that Mangalore comes to a standstill with the night fall.  It is going to be much more fun with people having a new destination to chill out and shop to their heart’s content”, says Deepika Kapoor, General Manager, Marketing and Sales of Mohtisham Estates.       

“The City Centre will have 170 plus retail stores including national and international brands which will make shopping in Mangalore a delightful experience”, say S M Arshad, Managing Director, Mohtisham Complexes Private Limited.  With tourism promotion high on the agenda of the District Administration under the present regime the opening of this mall will also offer plenty of shopping opportunities for tourists who visit the city on weekends or on work related tour and will have something to take back home.

This 7 plus 4-storey floor mall with its touchstone features is unique in its own way and is sure to give Mangaloreans a new high in shopping akin to the one experienced in metro cities of the country.  For the first time Mangaloreans will experience the joy of Hyper Market concept (much larger version of super market) where everything under the sun is available under one roof.  SPAR Hyper Market will cater to the all time needs of Mangaloreans at the City Centre. With the inauguration of this mall global and national brands such as Mark & Spencer, KFC, The Body Shop, Gili, Blackberry, Pepe, Soch, Storex, Coffee Day, Westside, several brands of Reliance namely reliance Footprints, Reliance Jewels, Reliance Trends and other brands, hitherto not available will now be accessible in the city. Reliance Time Out in the 4th floor will cater to music and books and they are introducing a new trend of providing college text books to attract college students.  “Mangalore being an educational hub this outlet is coming out with this novel idea to attract the younger crowd and facilitate their convenience”, Arshad stated.   Reliance alone has bought 20,000 sq ft space in the City Centre and one can imagine the grandeur of shopping in such spacious stores. 

Well planned parking facility at City Centre Mall is one of the highlights of this new shopping destination.  Top notch priority is given for traffic convenience so that at every level traffic is monitored.  Traffic movements after the shopping to each level of parking is also monitored to ensure customer convenience.  A special Car Spa facility will be introduced to service the cars coming to the parking lot using latest technology. Apart from the main connectivity through K S Rao Road there will be connectivity through Light House Hill road which is linked to the parking levels of 6 to 8th floors, which will ease traffic congestion.     

The mall has as many as 25 escalators 8 elevators and travelator connected to each level of parking at the mall.  Mexico based “Cinepolis”, the 4th largest multiplex in the world has put in 5 screens in the 4th floor of the mall with an exclusive VIP theatre being introduced for the first time in the country.   The 4th floor will also house a very large food court with as many as 15 express counters offering mouthwatering local, fast food and multi-cuisine food stuff to cater to the gastronomic needs of the people of this cosmopolitan city.  

For those who are in the look out for excitement and thrill to go hand in hand with shopping and eating out experience the entertainment section will provide ample scope for getting that extra zing.   Amoeba Bowling Alley will satisfy the thirst and the urge of the young and the energetic and those who seek fun and amusement unlimited.  Negotiations are underway to introduce Scarry House Mirror Maze concept at the mall to add to the fun element. 

Shopping for kids will be an altogether new experience and would be more fun with brands like Baby Care, Mom and Me, Lilliput, Catmoss, Giny & Jony and other brands well known for children’s’ clothing setting up their outlets at City Centre.  With ample space available the mall gives an opportunity for the stores to conduct promotional activities throughout the year by providing a platform for the stores to display their products and people will be able to keep abreast of the latest offerings, latest fashion trends and new gadgets available in the market. 

The mall also offers banquet facilities for conducting get-togethers, parties and meetings to coalesce celebrations with shopping.   For art aficionados there will be an art gallery to give vent to their art indulgences.  Mangaloreans have been in search of an organized or decent one-stop-shop destination for all their needs and City Centre is going to fulfill this long standing urge of the people of this coastal belt.  

Safety aspect is given top priority at the city centre with provision of latest fire fighting technology at the mall. The entire mall will have CCTV facility with public announcement facility to ensure hassle free and safe shopping experience.    

As Arshad puts it “Earlier people were forced to go to metros for their shopping needs. Mangalore has that cream group and they will now be exposed to a new shopping experience with their families and friends.  Now City Centre will be able to cater to all their needs for all occasions and seasons.  With City Centre we are not just offering it as a shopping destination.  It is going to be a destination mall as the shopping needs of the entire coastal belt will be taken care under one roof”.  

The coastal city is undergoing a metamorphosis with infrastructural development activities under progress.  “City Centre” will be the new shining star that will add luster to this gleaming port city to take it to newer heights of glory.

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Comment on this article

  • Prabhu, India/Canada

    Sun, Oct 04 2020

    I have some issues with many people’s obsession with “bigness” , especially ,cities, malls et. Soon these are followed by undesirable spin-offs. Big malls generate- tasteless gaudy shops , too much noise, and paper waste and loss of quiet shopping and atmosphere with shop owners etc.
    Unless these unpleasant things are controlled mega-malls are nuisance. Call me a cynic or a pessimist, I will state this fact loud and clear!

  • Dennis, India

    Tue, Mar 07 2017

    Hey guys, I really like Mangalore. It's where my voip server is located.

  • mansoor hasainar, Manngalore natekal

    Tue, Nov 08 2016

    very fantastic fantastic fantastic mall in our mangalore because there many more enjoying places and very feeling to entertainment to compare karnatakas other malls

  • shakeel, Mangalore/ Trinidad/ Jamaica.

    Mon, May 21 2012

    wondefull mall, it feels a different atmosphere when u have entered the mall. It feels good to see in Mlore..

  • jayaprasad, kasaragod

    Thu, Jun 30 2011

    now villagers and daily job hunters can buy daily needs fron big malls all best for your futur plans


    Thu, Apr 14 2011

    I went to there yesterday.Oh i can't
    belive it!It is wonderful.but the lulu hyper market is coming in is lrgest mall in India.It is really challenge for city centre.because now it is the 11th largest mall in india.i promiss it will fall down to 12th.

  • yani, manipal

    Tue, Nov 16 2010

    i went there last week, sadly it is not what im expected to be...nothing much there yet, hopefully next year there will be more outlet is opening.

  • thanveer, mangalore/bahrain

    Fri, Jun 04 2010

    congrats to mohtisham all the best for ur future plans

  • Avinash, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Thu, Jun 03 2010

    My sis told me abt this centre.and I din believe it. Actually when i saw it i had to beleive. It is so huge.3 cheers for mangalore

  • suhan, mangalore

    Wed, Jun 02 2010

    worst behavior of maintanace fellow guys & were to raise complaint against them in the mall, please replay

  • Nasir, Bajpe(mlr)/Dubai

    Sun, May 02 2010

    i juzz gt two words thank uuuuuuuuuu

  • Abdul Kabeer, Mangalore

    Sat, Apr 24 2010

    I must say Thanks to Harshad & Sahood (Mohtisham Group)its a great gift to Mangaloreans. Wish you all the best.

  • Pratham, Labaugh

    Sat, Apr 24 2010

    It's gr8 news 4 all mangaloreans that they will soon b able 2 experience world class shopping ...

  • prashanth kumar shetty, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 23 2010

    Its great experience to the mangaloresan. realy Mohithsham group launching the infrastructure and real estate growth in Mangalore . Now come to shopping Mall. It is the Landmark to Mangalore. Great contribution from the mohithsham for structureing New Mangalore.

  • Dr.No, Mangalore

    Sun, Apr 18 2010

    Great Job ARSHAD!!!
    Proud of You!!


    Sat, Apr 17 2010

    Oh my God its just awesome....I Wow...just can't believe that City centre mall has got so many good features...Thanks to Mohtisham people have done a wonderful work in Mangalore...its just awesome....CC Mall rockz...

  • abu n ibi, mangalore/saudi

    Fri, Apr 16 2010

    great job done by mohtisham group,,all d best to mr.arshad n sawood,,

  • antony santis, mangalore

    Fri, Apr 16 2010

    good to see city centre finally up.  hearing some comments would like to point out vertical development is much better then horizontal development.locating all infrastructure within a smaller floor plate leaves more land for greenry.  urbaniztion is process no one can stop and these projects reduce the pressure of converting forest and agricultural for development.nice to see that mothisham has highlighted mangalore on map even after facing all sorts of problems hats off to them and great job.

  • dinesh, mangalore

    Fri, Apr 16 2010

    Very good shopping mall in mangalore once again. complete mall air conditioned and very good atmospere is here congratulation for motisham

  • Uday Kulal, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 16 2010

    We should be happy that mangalore is getting recognized as one of the commercial center. At the same time we should realize that we are slowly loosing our original Mangalore. So I will have a mixed expression, neither happy nor sad.

  • ruchir agarwal, mangalore

    Fri, Apr 16 2010

    As there going to be a KFC counter which is finger licking good i am sure its going to be a roaring success

  • Arun, Egypt

    Thu, Apr 15 2010

    Hey Realy Gud piece of Work But Make It Heart of Mangalore shoping centre Not Just doing window shoping But by real Shoping . Yeahhhh

  • Rafeeq Ch Dubai, Parappa

    Thu, Apr 15 2010

    Congratulations to Arshad / Saud and all owners of the premise, atlast after waiting for so long to complete the project. I hope City Center will be a landmark n destination mall in Mangalore.


    Thu, Apr 15 2010

    I must say Thanks to Harshad & Sahood (Mohtisham Group)its a great gift to Mangaloreans. Wish you all the best.

  • Jawar D'Souza, M'lore/Doha

    Thu, Apr 15 2010

    Mr. adshenoy, mangloor, we need such kind of mall's we dont need many but a few are required. It will create employment, attract tourist's which is a very big industry, don't worry after it's opening go there once you will like it. Mangalore should be on the world map we must be proud to be Mangalorean's. Let's wish them full sucess.

  • Manvit, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    Well said Rajesh, Everyone should congratulate Mr.SAWOOD for his courage to such a wonderfull mall even after so much objection from fire department. If you see the building there is no way for firefighting engine to behind the building. Woh what an beautiful CITY CENTRE.

  • rajesh kumar, mangalore/tanzania

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    fanatastic,super congragulations MR. SAWOOD -

  • Praveen Quadras, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    Its really amazing to see and hear...keep up all the good works.

  • Prasad, Dubai

    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    Good.Wish all sucess


    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    congratulation,really great and happiness. wish you best for the all the staff members


    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    Congratulation,really great and happyness. wish you best for the all the staff members


    Wed, Apr 14 2010

    congratalation, and so happy to see citycentre building inMANGALORE. SO PROUD TO see MANGALORE AS INTERNATIONAL CITY.

  • Saritha, Permude

    Wed, Apr 14 2010



    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Congratulations to Arshad Bhai and others after waiting for so long to complete the project.Keep up your promise/words at the time of booking shop in this mall. Please compensate and stict to your committment. Jazakallah. I wish you and your associate a very best of luck .
    Badr uddin Panambur

  • murali, udupi

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    thanks to the promoters for bringing this to the coastal karnataka belt

  • Alwyn, Canada

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Very good news. Finally we have a great shoping centre. Next trip of ours is completely reserved to shop at City center of Mangalore. We really need to support our place of Mangalore. DO your best to shop at city center.

  • Gautam, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Another place for unemployed youth to kill their time and spend their black money!!

  • Taj M Irfan, Karkala

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Naturally "Good thing happen to good people", and Mohtisham are the best, very fair in their dealing and straight forward.
    They have put in a lot of effort in all the buildings they have constructed and it shows in all the beautiful buildings they have put up across Mangalore.
    It makes us happy to see their success and wish them the best in all their future endeavor.

  • adshenoy, mangloor

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Why are we hailing this shopping centre? Do we need large shopping centres in India/mangalore? Certainly not, because we have fantastic weather here unlike the western countries. So we dont need coccooned unhealthy places like these.
    Structures like these is a menace to the eco system.
    Are we realising it Or we are on a shopping spree for pleasure and waste while gradually destroyng our greenery and trees and all in between for the sake of pleasure and fun.
    What has happenned to our educated minds?

  • Robert castelino, padeel/u.a.e

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    It's good news for all manglorean,all the shoping can get under one roof

  • Robert castelino, padeel/u.a.e

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    It's good news for all mangloreans,all the shoping can get under one roof

  • abdul salam MH , DUBAI, GANGOLLI/MANALRE

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Congratualtions Arshad bhai,we are all proud of your achievments. I pray to Allah to give you all the success in your future projects also. At the same time one more request, pls try to build some low cost flats so that middle class people can get benifit out of this

  • vinay, mlore

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Mr,JOy Monis Congrats for your new mall opening


    Tue, Apr 13 2010


  • say_adiq, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Mr.Arshad Bhai and all oweners of mall and retailler of city centre congralation. i pray for allah ur success in future

  • Peter, Bejai / Mumbai

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    At this rate, the otherwise sleepy town will take over Mumbai not probably until the Gen-nxt grows up to it!!!

  • aravind, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    what about mc donalds,shoppers stop and joy alukkas?


    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Ok. Good news. Why cant you start one branch in Udupi. Then we people from Udupi can comment: Wow!!! good news.

  • Jean Correa, Mangalore/Dubai

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Wow!this is wonderful news , I always dreamt that there should be a City Centre in Mangalore, after seeing the city Centres here in the Gulf.Thanks to all the people who have made this project a success . May the Almighty GOD Bless each and everyone who made this dream of all the Mangaloreans come true. Developments like this will make Mangalore the next Metropolitan city very soon .

  • K.A.Rahim, Healengady/Dammam

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Dear Arshad,
    you made a Good job, wish u you all the best to your future project, This is good news for Mangalorean High class people, keep it up

  • MJV Lobo, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Good job , now villagers and daily job hunters can buy daily needs fron big malls

  • nasif, bhatkal

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Dear arshad, you made us really proud.its a wonderful project that soon will open..
    congratulation .mr.arshad..


  • Joseph Fernandes, Mangalore/Doha,Qatar

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Good news to the Mangaloreans. Best wishes to the promoters.

  • Patrick, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Mathias , Mangalore - Don't wish the un-wishable. No, not any metro in the wildest of dreams. Let Mangalore be Mangalore and allow it to grow flat and not vertical so that development touches every life in the district.

  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Ms Arshad, Saud & Dharmaraj, good going and you made it in style. A Big Congrats to all you wonderful guys! Keep it up & God bless!!
    I wish that you put a Solar/Wind Energy device to generate exclusive captive electricity for emergency & general use and lighten MESCOM burden.
    I also wish that you Treat the waste water & Recycle it for watering plants & flushing toilets and
    Introduce ‘NO PLASTIC PACKETS’ inside City Centre instead encourage the shop owners to use paper & thin jute material for carry-bags.

  • shammi, Karnataka

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Congrats to Mohtisham group for adding nother feather on the manglore cap.Im so excited to see the lifestyle in mangalore.They do really have awesome n longlasting products.We should make mangalore gr8 tourism spot now.Mangalore CITY CENTRE ROXXXX....


    Tue, Apr 13 2010


  • M.Mathias, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    This is a good news.Around 2020 Mangalore will takeover Bombay.

  • Jawar D'Souza, M'Lore/Doha

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Great news many jobs will be created. All the shopping will be under one roof no need to go all over the city.

  • Lancy Moras, Bendur - Jeddah, KSA

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Bravo to all those who were behing this. Nice to hear and wonderful and happy to read City Center in Kannada words. Thrilled over the body ! hats off to my loving born mother city Mangalore

  • McQueen, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Kudos to the entire team, for getting this landmark project on track. Congratulations to Arshad bhai, And to Mr. Sawood for seeing this project through. A lot of rumors were circulating that the project was stalled etc etc.
    But i'm really happy that the prestigious project is through. Hope that the project is a tremendous success. wishing arshad and sawood well, in the days and years to come.

  • aadil, mangalore/kuwait

    Tue, Apr 13 2010

    dear arshad,

    gud job buddy u made us and mangalore proud, u r doing fantastic constructions since decade, welldone keep it up and all the best.

  • Abdul Jabbar Mulky, Abudhabi / Mulky

    Mon, Apr 12 2010

    Congratulations to Arshad / Saud and all owners of the premise, atlast after waiting for so long to complete the project. I hope City Center will be a landmark n destination mall in Mangalore.

  • Antony Crasta, Mangalore/Sydney Australia

    Mon, Apr 12 2010

    Great news! Sounds fantastic! This was exactly what the affluent (and not so much, as well) people of Mangalore and surrounding districts have been missing for a while! Will be a great one-spot to shop around and chill out! Can`t wait till I get the next opportunity to visit and experience shopping at this Mall, first hand. My concern and heart goes out, though, to all those small shopkeepers and retail outlets in the vicinity, for, their business will drastically be affected, thanks to this Mega-mart. By the way, well compiled and nicely narrated news article, Florine Roche.

  • prithvi, dubai

    Mon, Apr 12 2010

    Its really wonderfull & iam happy that Mothisham group has setup yet another landmark in our city .Wishing all the best for all the staff members of Mohtisham group for thier upcoming projects.And Iam eagerly looking forward to come back to Mangalore and expirience a new level of shopping in city centre..."Mangalore Rocks"

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