For God's Sake! Men in Holy Robes Robbing the Innocent?

For God's Sake! Men in Holy Robes Robbing the Innocent?

Special Correspondent
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Jun 17: Are we all gullible people who can be easily deceived and tricked by ordinary uneducated fraudsters in the name of religion? Though scandals of all sorts are common to all religions all over the world the recent ones involving an assortment of our self-styled swamis or godmen with questionable credentials have come to astound us Indians for the simple reason that we hardly learn from our past mistakes.

Are our people so naïve and ignoromous that they fall to the feet of these canny godmen and give up all their reasoning ability to differentiate between the tawdry motives of these swamis and true spiritualism? What is it that draws people, both men and women educated and illiterate, rich and not the so rich, in hordes to these spiritual leaders? What might be the motivation for these peace seekers in the feet of these swamis to disown their own family, give up jobs and donate huge amount of money to the ashrams just to be in the ‘service’ of these self-appointed godmen?

We have numerous examples of vacuous celebrities both from India and abroad falling prey to the machinations of these spiritual leaders. We had and still have many politicians who patronize these swamis trying to find solace in their arms for all their wrongdoings. Don’t we have enough examples of such godmen who rake money in millions only to stash them in their ashrams spread throughout the country or in some unknown destinations? It is therefore, not easy to find a ready answer to such questions because people continue to seek relief and spiritual contentment in mendacious Swamis who thrive with impunity. Some people realize their blunder and try to expose the sleaze once they know but others fail to see the light and continue to be under their benign magnanimity.

Mystic turned Misery

From time immemorial India was viewed as the land of ‘mystic east’ and its very name evoked spirituality among Westerners who used to flock here seeking peace and contentment. We used to find saints and sadhus who used to preach the message of love and spiritual bliss. The situation is not the same anymore. Today there is no dearth of these self-appointed godmen with saffron robes, and sage-like beard and long hair known by different names like ‘baba’, ‘guru’ ‘swami’ ‘sant’ ‘yogi’ ‘fakir’ ‘godmen’ or known simply as spiritual leaders. (There are swamis in other religions also only the colour of their robes differ) They run various ashrams and centres where they indulge in money laundering activities and sexual exploitation. Yet our people fall into their feet and do everything to secure divine bliss without realizing the façade of deception going on behind the scenes.

Not long ago tantrik Chandraswami was a major spiritual force in this country in his capacity as the spiritual advisor of former Prime Minister late P V Narasimha Rao.

However, he was charged with various financial irregularities and was even arrested for fraud. News channel CNN-IBN had exposed the criminal and money laundering racket of former Wing Commander Kapil Advait who has become Pilot Baba. The exposure has betrayed the trust his devotees had on him though many swear by him. Who can forget the sex racket run by another self-styled godman of Allahabad Shiv Murat Dwivedi alias Swami Bhimanandji Maharaj alias swami Ichchadhari Sant? He was later arrested and it was revealed that the criminal-turned-godman used to run a prostitute racket and had many politicians and parliamentarians as his disciples.

There is a Nirmal Baba who advises people to eat samosas with green chutney, rasagolla, golgoppa and what not as a panacea for all their troubles. His devotees claim they feel cheated and betrayed as he seeks money in the name of SAMAGAM entry to solve all sorts of problems as he claims he has the divine power of a ‘third eye’. Baba Jai Gurudev who passed away last month, though was not mired in controversy has a trust having assets of 12,000 crores. His fleet of cars boasted Mercedeses, BMWs and Benzs. He had more than 100 crores deposited in various banks. It is not difficult to say from where he accumulated such huge assets.

Nithyananda’s Escapades

Most of these self-proclaimed godmen have a criminal background, are known hypocrites and fakes. Ironically many of them boast of a huge fan following, build huge ashrams and own acres of expensive lands and properties. They own fleet of luxury cars and also have lavishly built multiple homes, courtesy the generosity of their devotees who blindly support them and donate their hard earned money for their luxurious living.

The latest scandal involving self-styled godman Paramahamsa Nithyananda has revealed shocking tales of sexual exploitation of both men and women. Many of his former ‘devotees’ have come out in the open exposing his felonious acts which resulted in chaos and violence at the ashram forcing the government to issue a warrant to arrest him. It is another matter that he was arrested and has been released on bail subsequently.

In fact controversy surrounding Nithyananda Ashram located in Karnataka’s Bidadi has been going on since 2010 when some tapes of Nithyananda in compromising position with actress Ranjitha had made headlines. It has now reached its nadir following explicit details given to some TV channels by his former devotee Aarati Rao and others like her who accused Nithyananda of exploiting them over a period of time. Slowly but surely people are coming out exposing the true colours of Nithyananda despite some of his hardcore ‘devotees’ trying hard to protect their spiritual leader. Information given by these former devotees reveal that Nithyananda used to lure young women to his ashram under the pretext of spiritualism and his ashram was in fact was a den of many illegal and immoral activities.

Unholy Nexus

Despite such revealing and incriminating information revealing his nefarious activities, sexual escapades and other heinous crimes like rape, murder, fraud and violence millions still believe Nithyananda as a godman and go to him for spiritual enlightenment. What more, with the support of some of his die hard devotees he returned shamelessly even after the Ranjitha scandal defying all opposition. It smacks of our ignorance to the fraudulence of these sadhus or just our vulnerability or weakness to anything that comes in the guise of god. It cannot be denied that most of the followers of godmen are fortune seekers and politicians who are frauds trying to hide behind the robes of swamis. The nexus between fake swamis- swaminis, politicians, drug peddlers, criminals, goondas and money launderers has been proved time and again.

It took an Aarti Rao and others like her once again to expose this Nithyananda Swami’s overactive libido and the fracas that is now going on. Even after the latest developments some of his devotees swear by his name and his powers. What a shame and tragedy that people hardly learn from their own mistakes or learn from the happenings around them. No doubt it is fear of god and their faith in god that must be driving people to the feet of such frauds who milk them copiously to fill their own coffers.

Even the controversy of the ungodly acts of godman Nithyananda rages on in Nehrunagar in Puttur another self-styled godman has been arrested three days back for cheating people in the name of god. It has now come to know that he was a painter by profession who became a ‘swami’ over a period of time providing solutions to the never-ending problems of people.

Vulnerability Exploited

People fail to come to terms with the fact that problems are part of our lives and try to find succor in these fake swamis who exploit their weakness and vulnerability to the tilt.

Anything that goes wrong often or over a period of time is attributed to incurring the wrath of god or to some lacunae in his worship. Fear of god, belief in superstitions and black magic and other supernatural tantric powers drive people in search of spiritual bliss only to land in the arms of criminals who operate in the garb of spiritual leaders.

It is a pity that many women find themselves at crossroads having become objects of exploitation in the hands of these frauds. Most of the women devotees seek shelter in these ashrams run by the swamis to escape from other problems like harassment from husband, dowry, poverty etc., only to end up in the laps of these self-styled godmen.

Another surprising aspect is that it is the educated people, politicians and celebrities and not the poor and illiterate people who seek the help of such spiritual leaders. It clearly demonstrates that mere education is not enough to enlighten people on these aspects. The only way out is to learn from our own experience or from that of the others.


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  • selvamani n, Mumbai

    Thu, Jun 21 2012

    I want to share one thing..Any one who is turning to spirituality is faced a situation where you money power, relationship helps, intellectual power, or your political power nothing helps one to come out of the issue. when such kind of situation is faced by someone then surely he has to turn towards Spirituality. All the advice to the problem will be inactive at that time. So it is matter of time. Who is going to help someone at that time of stuck up in the life. Naturally Spirituality does. Makes understand about life. First thing..people from different field approach their expert in their field for solution. But Spirituality is the field where everyone find solution within themselves. But any individual will not become so much enough to grow but if it is a combined group it is served well, same way Ashram is sacred place where seekers gathers lives and shares their experience with like minded people. All seekers are guided by the seniors in that field in a organized way in the ashram. respect/disrespect to the teachings based on the disciples strength to follow. Controversy about guru around guru is not new, from the time memorial guru's are crucified, tortured. Same way in the name of guru some people are running their life. Surely without any power people will not hang around anyone..may be initially but soon will be shown to the world. After this much scandal where 95% media reported on Nithyananda, if he is still standing then his base is from real SPIRITUALITY. So any amount controversy will going to add more strength in the later periods when the truth is realized. All I ask everyone is just spare some time around a person and then make a comment, just because media is relayed, photo is posted dont post comments. I can say sure..people are intelligent enough to decide their path of life, belief.

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  • R.Bhandarkar., M

    Tue, Jun 19 2012

    Really went through all comments
    by the pro and against faction. However without any bias and holding a candle for anybody would like a few questions to be answered by anybody...
    1)Who is Arati Rao? Do all followers know her?
    2) Have definitely seen Nithyananda in almost all channels
    saying that she was a woman known to him and suffering from some STD...If he had any realtionship with her-He would have had it by now... My simple question is ==Does any 'enlightened soul' talk like that? Doesn't he have compassion towards all? What's the meaning of 'Nithyanandam'?
    3)What is the meaning of 'Paramahansa'?....
    4)There is no 'let go' from any factionsBe it the Govt.or Nithyananda a 'deemed Paramahansa'Who is correct ?The King or his Subject?
    5) What is the State Government upto? Looks like it is on 'shaky' grounds -already 'unlocking' the Ashram before the case is coming up for hearing. Was the Government 'hurried' into any action which it is now regretting?
    6) Do the ones who 'renounce' engage in trivials like holding 'press conferences' to clarify? Why was it held in the first place?
    7) Why are some 'swamiji's' taking sides in the matter? Swamijis are those who are above everything aren't they?
    8) Swamijis we were taught were men of 'vision'. What's happening now? Some can't even see beyond a few yards...What may be the reason?
    The space might just no be enough
    though for questions but'convincing answers' definitely are the need of the hour. Otherwise for sure the 'muddle' is likely to get more muddier and the rains are not going to help either....

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  • stn, mangalore

    Tue, Jun 19 2012

    This article is an eye opener. God men are in all religions. They make devotees to believe them blindly invoking god. Take a recent example where rain was delayed. Before a month or so mass prayer was offered but it was a failure. This trick did not work. But again devotees were made to pray when it was certain to rain and the clouds are on, is a instant hit! The damage and loss to some because of heavy rain does not make these God men to come to the rescue. It would have better the devotees are educated to harvest, conserve and not to waste water. These God men should try these tactics during summer for rain! Its only to make money, control, fame .... by faith. Some educated also blinly follow them!

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    Tue, Jun 19 2012

    Some one from USA who propagating culture and humanity to others is in fact disciple of Nityananda the great KALLA who is disgrace to the community.These kind of Langudo fake Swamys opened their offices in USA also to make black money to white.FAKE SWAMY should interrogated under FERA also.

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  • Uday Shetty, Shirva/Doha

    Tue, Jun 19 2012

    As rightly said by Jossy Saldhana it is very sad to see educated are getting fooled by these Dongi babas. To answer some of the Nithya devotees question on what the commentators of "Daiji" forum done to the mankind, they can very well refer to the charitable activity carried out by this "Forum" without any publicity. Spirituality does not mean levitation, magic etc, it should be to wipe out the tears of needy and bring smile in the faces of fellow being.

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  • Jimmy Noronha, Bellore, Lucknow

    Tue, Jun 19 2012

    Saras, USA,

    It appears from your letter that you are a semiliterate sympathizer of the so called swami, somewhere from the backwaters of India. You can’t be from USA by the way you write as Americans do not write the way you write, as your style of writing is very much akin to some self styled “babu” right in here. Just look at what you write: “women was” and then you go on to say, “…who has nothing but doing good”, that means he is doing bad. How, as an American, you can write this way about the swami in your zeal to praise the so called good deeds of the swami? Please come out of your shell and tell us your story in your true guise.

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  • Langoolacharya., Belman/USA.

    Tue, Jun 19 2012


    My personal opinion if Nityananda is not available to serve disciples....Man from Yanbu could be appointed for the same.....

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  • Bhairava roopini, Bangalore

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    All the anger you guys carry towards Nithyananda is baseless and it wont stand your own guys are not interested in knowing the truth,if so you would have enquired and looked in to both sides and would have found it by have lot of time in your hand to abuse all the swami's and do nothing to actually help mankind...Failures in life join to gether out of jealousy and abuse swami's.......My pity towards everyone who is abusing Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

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  • juliet mascarenhas, Bejai/Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    This is the best way to survive in this modern world where there is no proper recognition for hard and sincere work

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/Mumbai

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    I feel sad when educated people living overseas fall for such uneducated DONGI BABA'S...........

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  • Srinithya Sripriyan, Bangalore/Oman

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    Who ever has scripted this article lacks the very understanding of spirituality and has bid himself to the moral police of spirituality.Spirituality is neither mysticism nor magic,it is the very nature of humanity.Those who slipped away from it try to define the way they perceive it.Neither robe nor the shaven head nor powerty is spirituality. Spirituality is understanding your self, true nature , living a conflict free life, living a life sincerely,physically not in fantasy .Spirituality is experienced and not learnt by books or discourses ,they are only inspiration.Unless you have experienced ,you have no right to talk on spirituality, only one who has the clear idea of who you are, what the world is and who is God has no right to infer the meaning of Spirituality.All the robes, shaven heads, rudraksha malas all added as identifications by society have nothing to do with an Enlightened master or an Incarnation.Only a person who has truely experienced Spirituality can recognize a True Master. Only True Master who has experienced and realized SELF can transmit that experience to the Deserving Disciple. Only such Masters are True Masters ,not every one who can speak at length or wear saffron robe or shave their heads.A True Master in whom the KUnalini is awakened and who is immersed in Kundalini Shakthi only can awaken kundalini in His disciples. The ecstasy of Kundalini Awakening can be experienced only and any amount of description is mere waste of time.Awakening Kundalini on ones own effort is like ant climbing Mount Everest.When one's Kundalini is awakened they are in the totally different Spiritual dimension with hundreds and thousands of possibilities including ,Levitation, Teleportaion,Materialization , knowing the future -Intution etc.Master - a realized soul- Enlightened Being - Incarnations are beyond sexuality , they are above man and woman-described as the principal of Ardhanareshvara.

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  • harini, mangalore

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    The main reason why people go these Godmen is to get comfort in their distress, but what happens is these godmen have psychic powers by which they control the mind of the devotees. Once a person's mind is under another's control, he is a victim forever.

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  • R.Bhandarkar., M

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    Men considered 'Holy'
    Are nowadys real'Poly'
    Live Life Mast n 'Jolly'
    Secrets all beneath 'Belly'!!

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  • Rakesh, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    Just simple words for him are KAM CHOR…

    Spiritual who living Royal life having donations from his followers

    DisAgree [2] Agree [37] Reply Report Abuse

  • Deepak Kumar, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    Kanadante Mayavadanu...

    Kalla Swamy..Bidadi Bittu Odi Hodhanu...!!!!!

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    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    Some foreign objects invaded DAIJIWORLD justifying KAAMISWAMI's action!The fact is certainly based on media reports plus eye witness's graphical narration in front of media.Apart from that there are enough materials/Circumstantial evidences which endorses Nitya's Alaways AANANDA!!!!

    DisAgree [8] Agree [33] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jude, Mangalore Dubai

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    Different people need different things to go on a high. Some find it in alcohol, some in smoking, drugs, women, gambling and there is a vast majority who fall prey to these scavengers like Nithyananda a perfect scoundrel. Human psychology is such that the most intelligent of men fall prey to these predators. In politics people like Hitler hypnotised an advanced nation like Germany and forced them into doing evil. Another conman called Hubbard has succeeded in conning people like Travolta and the super rich Hollywood actors in something stupid called Scientology. As long as cannon fodder is available dongis like Nithyandnda and Ramdev will succeed. Nothing will happen to him as he has powerful politicians in his pocket as they get a regular supply of gullible women supplied from his porn factory called ashram to satiate their lust and maybe bags full of money donated by fools all over the world.

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  • R Gopalakrishnan, Plakakkd

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    It is high time, government take a close look at the selfstyled godmen.

    Definitely, the Intellingence Dept must be having a fair idea of the nefarious activities of some of them atleast. They keep quite because of the political bosses attitude. There are good and bad things happening every where and in every religion. It should be identified and stringent action should be initiated which should be a lessen to rest of all.

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  • Alicia, New York, NY USA

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a beautiful being here on planet Earth to lift humanity to a higher consciousness. Why don't you experience him yourself before jumping to conclusions? YOU are the gullible one here believing false news relayed to the public by mafia media.

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  • SYOnger, Singapore

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    I read this article with disappointment becos the writer apparently had not done justice to his readers. His view is strictly biased based on what he read and heard, and not based on his personal experiences. He is caught in the MAHA Maya, illusionary illusion. He should not comment until he had experienced the master himself. Stop this highly corrupted writing. In spirituality, you write with responsibility and integrity based on your experience.

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  • Calvin, Surathkal/USA

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    Wow Nithyananda's cronies are posting in Daiji too. Looks like this fraud has his useless followers sit 24/7 in front of computers and scan the net for negative news reports and then comment there to support him..his antics and behavior itself show what a cheap 3rd rate guy he is...Top Hindus leaders and genuine swamijis have condemned this fraud...wonder what kind of fools fall for his hollow and fake teachings!!!

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  • Prema, India

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    Your article seems to be extremely biased and poisonous based on false allegations which are not even proved in court. How can such journalism thrive.. and minds which are waiting for negativity feed each other.
    At least investigate, rather than basing such fake allegations. Paramahamsa Nithyananda is an Enlightened Master - in a state of superconscious - a glimpse of which has been transmitted to thousands of his followers. Only those can vouch that the state and the being is far beyond these negative minds filled with delusion and fantasies. They are projecting their own fantasies, fears, greeds and poisons on someone who is helping millions to heal and get out of the conditionings of the mind to experience the pure divinity as stated in our Vedic Sciences. These negative minds have not experienced The Truths of our Vedic Sciences and so they feel they can rightfully deny that others have experienced or established in such a pure state.
    It is sad that our country Bharat has so much negativity and poisonous minds running the violence, mafia, corrupt red-tapism, politics, law and order - yet people don't want to get out of this low mental zone and atleast have a open mind to experience what is higher consciousness. Only after they experience - they will repent to see this GROSS INJUSTICE.
    Almost all our enlightened Masters in our History have faced these kinds of opposition (not talking about everyone in saffron as enlightened being). Only the True enlightened Beings face opposition. the rest of the ones in saffron are playing along with the corruption and even opposing the real Master. This is the true difference - who is authentic in saffron. His innate nature is Pure Truth - nothing can be done!!

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  • N. Frank, India/Ksa

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    Since Men in holy Robes Robbing the innocent, God sent Jesus, to destroy all the idols, intermidiaries and direct the people to God, directly, without any intermediaries.

    Unfortuntely the leaders of the christian community, as well in order to fool people, gain importance and make money have created so many intermediaries, taking God away from the people, for personal gains.

    So, please dont blame just the God men, there are God men in every religion fooling the people.

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  • Yashwanth, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    The first rascal/scoundrel to walk on this earth is the first priest of this earth who preached the first fool of this earth.

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  • Saras, USA

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    Without knowing anything People coming to conclusion is not an educated people supposed to do. Do you know that The scandal tape was morphed . If you have to be upset you have to be upset when women was used just to get to Swamiji. What about the life of that women. she is a devotee and by using her celebrity status they morphed the video and released. based on a fake video you all are judging and hating a Person who has nothing but doing good to society. Is this education? Chek all the facts before coming to conclusion and attacking an Innocent pure Being, if you are really educated.

    DisAgree [106] Agree [18] Reply Report Abuse

  • Saras, USA

    Mon, Jun 18 2012

    Without knowing anything People coming to conclusion is not an educated people supposed to do. Do you know that The scandal tape was morphed . If you have to be upset you have to be upset when women was used just to get to Swamiji. What about the life of that women. she is a devotee and by using her celebrity status they morphed the video and released. based on a fake video you all are judging and hating a Person who has nothing but doing good to society. Is this education? Chek all the facts before coming to conclusion and attacking an Innocent pure Being, if you are really educated.

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  • Karthikeyan P, Atlanta, USA

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    Just because that there are some cheats, not all godmen are bad. This Swami is a real spiritual teacher I have read his books, attended his programs and got benefited by practicing meditation and yoga. There seems to be a big conspiracy behind this whole drama some politicians with vested interest in money and land are trying to defame him. All the scandals and accusations are false.

    DisAgree [107] Agree [23] Reply Report Abuse

  • Viroopa, USA

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    Speak for yourself - if you are gullible!!! All of us devotees have personally experienced and live a much happier and blissful life today.Agreed not everyone in saffron robes can be trusted but in the same way not everyone in saffron robes is a crook.
    The question arises if someone calls you a crook or a criminal - do you automatically become that? Based on negative statements given by few individuals and getting coverage from irresponsible media like yourself totally ignoring to include our, the devotees viewpoints in this matter in your article or do we allow the judiciary to give the defendant a chance to prove his innocence before labelling him with filth and hate? India is the spiritual haven of the world and will continue to be so. God has, is and will continue to incarnate here for the upliftment of the human consciousness. Based on your past actions and authenticity with which you live your life and sincerity to understand the truth you WILL be led to genuine expressions of this creative energy. My sincere prayer to you and all those filling the columns with negative comments - step back, reflect, rethink, revisit your true self - connect with your inner voice - YOU WILL FIND THE TRUTH! NITHYANANDAM!

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  • Rosario Fernandes, Kallianpur/Goa/usa

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    Please do not exclusively blame these froud godmen. The people have to educate themselves & ignore,avoid such elements. These days everybody is a froud & try to make a quick buck. Be csreful & preach the same to others.

    DisAgree [6] Agree [35] Reply Report Abuse

  • Lavin Noronha, Paladka/Bahrain

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    @Dinesh Poojary, Kundapura/Bengaluru, Its not only these fake gurus, babas, priests or mullahs but we all in unison should kick out all corrupt politicians. Corruption is the source of all these evils in the society. Unless and until we unite everyone to root out corruption these types of babas, preists and mullahs will milk poor common man.

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  • Avinash Ganiga, Udupi

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    Hats off... ... But one thing its very rare people who can understand these kinds of happenings...Gr8 keep writing...

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  • P.A.SHANU, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 17 2012





    DisAgree [40] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • Prashanth Acharya, Kunjalu, Udupi/Dubai

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    Khaadi,Kakhi and Khavi.. dress code of Inidan politicians,Police men and God Men. It is interrelated and most of the time miss used.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [37] Reply Report Abuse

  • BondalaJagannath shetty, Puttur

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    Excellent newsstand

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  • A. S. Mathew, U.S.A.

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    Excellent article exposing the  religious business undertaken by some of professional criminals of the society. These criminals and rapists must be punished in the public. A very high pecentage of the people are GOD fearing, and that devotion has been systematically exploited by the crooked criminals.

    DisAgree [13] Agree [40] Reply Report Abuse

  • Manohar Veigas, UDUPI

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    In this 21st Century, Religion has become the most profitable industry with no recession at any point of time and that too particularly in India. In our Society, we see the living standard has elevated but without peace of mind and security in life. These self-styled God-men have exploited the situation with their illusive powers. Unfortunately,this profession will continue to prosper till we strongly believe in ourselves and say to the Almighty - I Trust in You.

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  • Prashanth, India

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    The so called fake guru's, babas, priests are not limited to one religion/cast. Such kind of people exist all over the world, people who follow them are fools.

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    Nagesh & Rakesh...Congratulations(pity?) for supporting such Godmen....people are struggling to buy one small home life time with hard earned money...these fake are enjoying women, men and what 20 plus acre you still support such Fake God's agents and distributors for big returns?

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  • Ian, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    This is what happens when you lose trust in god.

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  • murthy, mangalore/duabi

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    The so called womens rights activists should educate women to avoid these tyope of swamijis, they shoud be taught that only getting the degrees and wearing western type of cloths are not the face of modernisation, they should understand indian culture along with educating themself.
    Instead of that these so call ed activits play lot of politics and first they should be taught to behave. These activits cannot blame nityananda coz.most of the women who were there are well educated. And this is rediculous to blame only nithyananda.

    DisAgree [15] Agree [25] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rakesh, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    One of the best articles of all time….from Daiji and the best and 100% accurate comments from ISMAIL.K.PERINJE

    DisAgree [10] Agree [57] Reply Report Abuse

  • Common man, Mangalore.

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    Whaaaat to do....? In India we are...Like this only.... !

    DisAgree [5] Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • G M Hegde, udupi

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    The religious business of K A Paul and nithyananda, nirmal baba and many others we see on TV daily

    DisAgree [4] Agree [17] Reply Report Abuse

  • Dans, kaup

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    Our Weakness is Nithyanand,s Strength,Opportunity & gratification. Guys be positive in psyche.

    DisAgree [6] Agree [24] Reply Report Abuse

  • Dev, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    Nothing more to add to this article.
    These Old Sayings Sum it up-
    "Beleyuva Siri Molakeyalley"
    Nadhi Moola, Rishi Moola Hudakabeda"!?
    "Veda Sullaga-bahudu, Adarey Gadhey Sullagadu"
    The above sayings from our ancestors sum Nithya's Wheelings & Dealings!
    From the beginning he cheated, now nobody can dare him stop- unless his staunch disciples desert him.
    People from Happy Families never fall prey to these Self appointed Gods or Godmen.

    DisAgree [8] Agree [29] Reply Report Abuse


    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    Religion is a business,industry,tool of terror,blackmail and opium..All religions has bad elements.Weak minded,those who have weakness and guilty feelers are resorting to these kinds of fake religious healers.Unfortunate to know is educated people are also prey of these kind of fake BABAs.Informative article but we can't change some of the folk's mind even if they read this article 1000 times.

    DisAgree [14] Agree [160] Reply Report Abuse

  • Peter Pereira, Pune

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    Not only common men, but, even our political leaders are superstitious. They claim sacrifices by enemies for their destruction & sleep naked on floor to get protection from it. It is not the sacrifice of enemy but our own misdeeds ruins us. This Nithya had met very prominent leaders & Miniters who touched his feet and received his blessings from him. How easy to fool a superstitious person, because of his lack of self confidence & true faith in Almighty God.

    DisAgree [6] Agree [35] Reply Report Abuse

  • Dinesh Poojary, Kundapura/Bengaluru

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    Kick out this dirty man from Karnataka.

    DisAgree [13] Agree [128] Reply Report Abuse


    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    There are many such fake Godmen, conmen and tanthriks in India. Check their bank balance, they roll themselves in crores of rupees!!

    DisAgree [7] Agree [50] Reply Report Abuse

  • Vicky, Dubai

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    It's all the mind game. The game between strong & weak mind!
    Meet & submit your self to a person who can c-heat & permit the illusion of happiness...

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  • tauro, mangalore/malad/nigeria

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    People living in dark looking for light.Unforunatly the light is dim and torch(torchure)light.
    Only God can help them to open their eyes to see the bright light.

    DisAgree [6] Agree [24] Reply Report Abuse

  • Eric Coelho, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    When are the people in India going to get up from their sleep. Inspite of murders, rape and what not sins beings committed by these self proclaimed godmen, it gives me fear where this country heading to. When our voters have the habit of electing back the corrupted people then what is wrong in believing these fake godmen. When our elected leaders visit all these fake godmen then the people of this country will follow in their footstep. People think that these fake godmen are promoting religion or hinduism but do the followers realise that there is much more nonsense than promoting religion like sex racket,acquiring properties for real estates and so on. If our legal system is made strong mark my words many of the politicians and all these fake godmen will be behind bars. That is why our Parliament and Assembly do not want a strong legal system. We should make these fake godmen go into oblivion and this is possible only through the people of this country.

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  • R.fernandes, Dubai

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    This is true irrespective of religions. These kind of people thrive in our society till fools exists on this earth.

    DisAgree [8] Agree [60] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Sun, Jun 17 2012

    An eye opening article for many blind believers including those desperately support in the name of religion political party. If politicians and celebs keep a distance from such fraud charectors growth of such fake sadhu will be shunted. Now a days it is an easy profession to get rich overnight! With such informative areticles takers will be reduced.

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