Reality 'Cheque': Sports Foundation Throws 'Bouncer' at Mangalorean Achievers!

Reality 'Cheque': Sports Foundation Throws 'Bouncer' at Mangalorean Achievers!

Naveen Menezes
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore

Mangalore, Jun 28: It is a known fact that our country's sportspersons, except cricketers, have a harrowing time despite bringing laurels to the country at international levels. They are hardly given the recognition they deserve, and sometimes, even when they do get recognized, (as in this particular case) they are made to go through a tough time to claim what is rightfully theirs.

Bodybuilders Vincent Prakash Carlo and Roshan Ferrao and swimmer Vinod Kharvi are no strangers to Mangaloreans. They are sportsmen who have time and again made their hometown swell with pride. But the sad and sorry state of our sports has now ensured that they are not only made to run from pillar to post for the reward they were promised, but also feel humiliated and helpless.

Vincent Carlo and Roshan Ferrao

Fifteen sportspersons, including the three were honoured with 'Yuvakreedarathna' sports award in March this year. They were given trophies along with cheques of Rs 25,000 each at a ceremony in Bangalore. The awards were jointly instituted by Bangalore Sports Foundation and 'Vishwa Kreedangana' sports magazine.

But it's more than three months now, and they have still not recieved the prize money.

Strangely enough, on March 3 when they were awarded the cheques, they were post-dated, April 7, 2012 to be exact. And rather amazingly, they were told by the organizers to encash the cheque after April 7, as they did not have enough money in the bank!

The awardees willingly waited. And waited and waited. When Vincent went to encash his cheque after the stipulated date, he had to come back disappointed. So also Ferrao and Kharvi, and many others. They were told by the bank that the cheque had bounced and they couldn't get their prize money.

Initially, when Vincent contacted the organizers, they requested him to wait for a few more days, which he did, but to no avail. The same scene was repeated at the bank, where he was told that he couldn't get the money. Since then, the organizers' cell phones have been switched off, and all efforts to contact them have gone in vain. Daijiworld too tried to contact them repeatedly, ending up with the same result.

Speaking to Daijiworld, Vincent said, "We feel ashamed to go to the bank again and again. We are sportspersons, they shouldn't insult us like this."

He further added, "I went to Bangalore for the ceremony spending a lot of money, but I got nothing in return except insult. They organized the programme well, but what was the use?"

He had hopes of using the prize money to prepare for the Asian power lifting. "I have to go to Mount Abu in Rajasthan for the qualifying round of the Asian power lifting championship, for which I need to spend from my pocket. I had planned to use the prize money for that, but now I am deeply disappointed that the cheque got bounced."

Asked how he plans to proceed in the matter, he said that he is contemplating legal action against the organizers and will take appropriate steps soon.

"They should not disappoint sportspersons. We work so hard and put in great efforts to bring name to our country, and this is how we are treated," said Vincent, his face forlorn and full of dejection.


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  • Mark, Udyavara

    Sun, Jul 08 2012

    Joke of the day Jaimini. If we had such good law & enforcement, we could have a separate state of people for bounced cheques.

    Check with RBI the number bounce cheques in a day & multiply that by 365 days you will know the population for that state!

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  • A. D'souza, Kodialbai

    Sun, Jul 01 2012

    "Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters all Indian leaders will be of low calibre & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues & silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power & India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air & water would be taxed in India." This is what Winston Churchill had prdicted.

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  • alban lewis, Kallianpur/bangalore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Mr. Dinesh Poojary,

    Your earlier quip, "Karnataka Govt. is the first one to announce prize money to sports persons"
    Here some organisations from Karnataka were also the first to announce Prize money to the sports persons. What is the use of being the FIRST when the Karnataka Govt. or these Organisations issue cheques and they are not honoured.
    Really shameful of BJP Govt. and these organisations to play with these sports persons. Although they are contemplating legal action, they may have to spend double that amount in expenses. Do you approve of these things that are happening for some years now in Karnataka?
    I think you and few others will be only the once endorsing this "DAGALBAJ" from govt. and these organisaions.
    I feel sorry for these sportpersons that they had to win during BJP govt. and not JD(U) government.

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  • Sameer, Mlore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Rightly said Mr.ANP,Blore.Here most of the people who comment are pseudos and illetarate people.It shows thier level.They hate for everything even for gud work done by this govt.I am not supporting any political party here.Feel sad sometimes to see all these kind of comments in DW.Jai Hind

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  • R D'Mello, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    This episode is painful, because people who are devoted to their sport have to face such troubles. This should not be surprising because our country does not take care of sports-persons unless they are cricketers. The sportsmen must file a chargesheet for check-bounce and make sure they are adequately compensated.

    As a side note, it is also sad to see mature individuals who comment on such forums fight with one another. What is the the use of pointing fingers at govt. etc when we don't respect each other first.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/Mumbai

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    BJP Government is also BOUNCING.......

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  • anp, blore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    @all nuisance mongers.

    why blame karnataka bjp govt for this ? what has the govt got to do with this.

    Looks like it has become your habit/birthright to blame BJP for anything . DW is sadly becoming a breeding ground for such activities

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  • VDK, Mangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Achievers an advice list for you all…change your attitude
    1) Know your potentials stop being inferior
    2) Demand according to your strength
    3) Be with common man but stop treating you among them.
    4) Learn all are greedy ,take your greed one step ahead to common man’s greed
    5) When you achieve some special grade that’s ittt YOU are superior!!
    6) Don’t care for them who don’t take care of you.
    7) Treat them ill who treat you ill..
    8) Do not be desperate, and cry for help…common bug up you have guts!!That’s Y you are special.
    9) If someone needs you for their growth, take from them first then go to them …Hard CASSSSSH!!
    10) Start selling your potential..after all you are the fittest !!! Lead us the way to survive…
    No point blaming any, you got to live. You are a SPORT …be sporty…..defeat all!!!

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  • Mahendro Putro, Sharjah

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Come on readers. Shouldn't we all feel ashamed. Daiji always wants to do some good to society and as such they have published this article to do good to the victims but what's going on here. Each one pin pointing. This is what happens in centre as well as in state also. Each keep pin pointing at others and the matter keeps prolonging. Final losers are we. We dont know nay personally. We dont know who is good who is bad, but still tell good or bad about others. We tell this party is good, that party is bad. We presume this with what we heard or what we saw over media. Reality no one really knows. Might behind us all are one in political field. Most are selfish. We are really blind. We only want to prove the group we belong to is great...

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  • conrad franks, Mangalore/Arizona

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Congratulations to both of u Roshan and Vincent. Good to see u with awards. Keep up the good work and we will keep u in our prayers.

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  • Vinayak, Mangalore / Dubai

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    What a shame. Feel sorry for these sports person. They put up all their efforts to bring laurels to our country and in turn they get insulted for no reason. This is like "come i want to insult you in front of all" Hope they get justice soon.

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  • satya, mangalore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    THESE SPORTS ASSOCIATION'S DO GET PUBLICITY....AND FOR THIS STUNT THEY ALL UPON SPORTSMAN'S JUST2CLICK PHOTOGRAPGH'S &FREE PUBLICITY IN TV CHANNEL'S.These assn do hav money com frm donation but they do not give them to sportsman's.They wil show the video & photographs to the sponsor's & donor' that nextime they will get more money.If they cant giv Rs 25k why they want2show off.If it would have een a fimstar or cricter these organiser's will make the payment n book them in high rates n get them to the stage show's.All are corrupt now.

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  • Sneha H, Udupi

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Let me know one thing your UPA as much as all state govt too support cricket as much !! Also every single player get more than crore !! Then why not that rules for hockey players if they play luminously ?? Then what your people going comment on this especially ?? Make some sense before get in to your mind !!
    Everywhere in India corruption is laughing !! People or any Gandhi supporters not able to cure this sickness !!

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  • Kudlada Kumaranne, Kudla

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    vincy, bangkok

    Dont take tention for silly matters it will rais your blood plessure take care

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  • vinay, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Very sad...
    dear Mr. Vincy, i didnt see any comments from betty so far. Then how can you justify that, its christian name?
    I know christian community has name - " Betty". But he never commented in this forum till now. Dont make the fun of others.

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  • Indian, Udupi/Dubai

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Alas...!! The organisors of this event are to be blamed for blindly trusting their sponsor. The sponsor not only gave his assurance to support the event but also promised to pay a hefty amount at the event as contribution for athletes and future endeavors of the organisors. People who attended the functions are well aware of the person am talking about. The Athletes might have hoped to get their money just by the presence of this gentleman.
    We fail to understand, if he couldn’t keep his words then why he made the false promises as he is not a politician. He has a good name in the society as he is a well known business man in UAE.
    I Hope that the organisors once again get in touch with him and explain him the situation and negotiate. If not, then the budding athletes will be cheated for no fault of theirs.

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  • Kudlada Kumaranne, Kudla

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Mulu tinre food ejji dekkere ner ejji nigalna yenchinaye battinath patondu enjoy malpule

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  • Avani, mlore/uae

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Dear JDA, u r right. But the funny thing is they never get a bad name as their name is no where disclosed in this report or the link report where the felicitation news was published. I am surprised that nowhere individual names of those assicitaed with the foundation or the sports magazine is mentioned! I initially thought it is a Govt cheque. Fishy isnt it? any clues?

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  • Don, Dubai/Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Dear Sachidananda, Don't worry about your surname be a human kind to fight against curruption rather than fighting for religion, cast, and specialy as you said we too start.... thats surname.. it doesnt matter and bother anyone cause these all things were made by man accoriding to their region/religion where they stay. so be happy with wat you have and fight against curruption .. same situation may come to me or you at any time. be prepared.

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  • Rakesh shetty, mangalore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    @ S. D souza, Mlore , vincy, bangkok, sudarshan, mangalore/bangalore.





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  • R.Bhandarkar., M

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    JAI HIND !

    DisAgree [5] Agree [40] Reply Report Abuse

  • Kshama Shetty, Abu Dhabi

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Thanks daijiworld. hope now these athlests will get the justice

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  • Austin D Cunha, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Dear Jaimini, you are right. But unfortunately these athletes can't waste their energy for this. They have to focus on their goals.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [27] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ram Shetty, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Rakesh Shetty here is proof what happens in Karnataka in the rule of BJP... so please don't praise any government no matter what party it is, they all sails in one boat.

    DisAgree [3] Agree [64] Reply Report Abuse

  • Vinay Shetty, Uppor

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Hi Sachidanand,

    Whats there to be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [33] Reply Report Abuse

  • M.B.Anchan, kallianapura,Udupi

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    This is very sad news.It is insulting these achievers.karnataka sport Authority or govt. must take Action.

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  • vinod shetty, udupi/dubai

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    HELLO MR.vincy, come to my house i will show u were are thees shetty buttys,and we proud to our sports persons and never looked at thier srnames and your coment shows how much cultured you are.

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  • vincy, bangkok

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Dear Sachidand,I really appreciate your comments,and It's not a mockery of surnames,and I meant it as christian names Betty.

    DisAgree [7] Agree [30] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    FILE A CHEQUE BOUNCE CASE...RS.25,000/- will be on your door step along with Milk packet and morning news paper..!

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  • Dr S kamath , Mumbai

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Very Sad to see that Young sports persons are being made to wait so long in despair for prize money .Legally no case can be made out against the sports Foundation as Prize money is excluded from the Negotiable instrument act and section 138 doesnt apply to it .The best solution is they should meet the Nehru Yuvak Kendra and /or Sports Ministry .Corporates should sponsor these SPORTS -STARS

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  • S. D souza, Mlore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012


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  • Sachidanand Shetty, Mundkur/Dubai

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Vincy, pls be careful when you pronounce the Surname, else we too start pronouncing most wanted Surnames in different way. Here in this case we have to blame State Government Sport Authority and same time we have to see how much funds received by Bangalore Sports Foundation and 'Vishwa Kreedangana' sports magazine. All Indian Sport Person should accept the Prize money in Demand Draft or Cash or in Gold only else they should tell the organizer sorry to accept the cheque since we know almost all Sports Authorities having nil balance in their bank account even though they received enough funds from State or Central Government

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  • JDA, Udupi

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    I do not know the credibility of bangalore sports foundation, it must have created just to get fame and without having constructive objective. "Vishwa kreedaangana" says that a sports magazine never heared about..
    The event must have organized with the support of numerous sponsors. i think the sponsors must have not paid and may be the reason the cheque got bounced.
    But the intention was right to felicitate the sports persons but when their own(organizers)pocket is empty why the need to felicitate and get bad name. It is better they come out and lend a open apology to all those sportsperson who feel that they cheated by them

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  • anp, blore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    @vincy then whom to blame ?

    "in power for 50 years out of 65 years ".they have mismanaged the country

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  • sudarshan, mangalore/bangalore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Rakesh please answer now. where is your governement support now.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [66] Reply Report Abuse

  • Joel, Mangalore\Bangalore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Dear, Vincy i don't think they are interested in this story since it belongs to Carlo, Ferrao and Kharvi

    DisAgree [8] Agree [59] Reply Report Abuse

  • Andrew L D Cunha, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Very sad to read this message. It is not only insult to these achievers but also insult to Padmashree Dr B R Shetty who feliciated both Vincent and Roshan. I humbly request Dr. B. R. Shetty to intervene and make sure that they get what was promised but also compensation for the insult they suffered. Am I right?

    DisAgree [4] Agree [75] Reply Report Abuse

  • prakash, mangalore

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Mr.Rakesh shetty, where are you. Now karnataka shining in worlwide or in india? could you answer for this?

    DisAgree [8] Agree [90] Reply Report Abuse

  • vincy, bangkok

    Thu, Jun 28 2012

    Where are you rakesh,nagesh,mahesh,betty and shetty..see the contributions towards sports.Are you going to blame UPA for this?.

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