Mangalore: Tagore Park - Weekend Leisure Spot Begs for Urgent Attention

Mangalore: Tagore Park - Weekend Leisure Spot Begs for Urgent Attention

Brijesh Garodi
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore

Mangalore, Aug 6: We may be proud of our rich history, but sadly, we do not go beyond the mere talk. When it comes to preserving our heritage, we shamefully lag behind. There are a number of instances wherein historical monuments, symbols of our illustrious past, are not well maintained and are left to rot.

Situated in the heart of the city, we come across such sight, probably pass by it every day, but never pay it much attention.

The place is called Tagore Park in Light House Hill. A place frequented by many, but unfortunately not given the attention it desires.

Built by Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan in the 18th century, Light House Hill gives us a marvellous view of the sunset and the sailing ships and boats in the sea. Light House Hill Fort is situated in the centre of the city on a hill called “Baavuta Gudda”, meaning the Flag Hill.

On the top of the hill is a deserted light house facing the sea. Around the light house, there is a park, named 'TAGORE PARK'.

A new light house was built in the year 1900. It carries an acetylene light, 33 feet above high tides, giving flashes for every 3 seconds visible for about 17 km at sea in clear weather. The masonary tower is 48 feet high from the base and was painted white in the earlier days.

The flag staff consisting of lower and top masts is 91 feet from the ground level and stands near the port office.

Not only sunset and sailing ships, one can also view the scenic beauty of Mangalore city from this place. Indeed, a very good spot to spend a leisurely evening, irrespective of age.

But things have changed now. The administration seems to be showing no interest in maintaing such a heavenly place. Things lie messed up inside, to such an extent that it hardly seems like a light house.

Pathways and steps have also been damaged. Seats are dilapitated condition. Most fountains are without water, and some which do have water have become breeding place for mosquitoes and other insects. Empty bottles, waste papers and packets are found here and there, all around the so-called park.

The light house also needs a patch up and renovation, if it has to be preserved for the next generation. Same is the case with PVS and Rabindranath Tagore’s statues as well.

Even the welcome board at the main entrance is hardly welcoming, with the steel letters on the board gone missing. The electric junction box inside the park is in such a state that it poses great danger especially to children who are let free to play in the park.

Children's play pool is completely damaged and awaits repair. The toilet, general play area, monuments, library and fountains inside the park too cry out for attention.

Another important aspect to be noted here is the rising up of a big building beside the park. The park is mainly famous for it sea and sunset view, but once this building is complete, it will obstruct everything and only the hard concrete of the building will be visible. It speaks of the negligence of the city administration in permiting this kind of building, which overshadows the importance of a historical landmark.

The district administration and the authority concerned need to take immediate steps in order to prevent this significant place from rotting further, and bring back the beauty of the Light House Hill and Tagore Park. When the government can spend lavishly on unwanted stuff, why not develop and maintain this park?


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  • Flywon C. Miranda, Mangalore/Riyadh

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    I used to play in this park when I was a kid. It was such a nice place and brings back wonderful memories for me.

    My dad used to take me and my brother in his Kinetic Honda every Saturday and I with my dad and my brother used to enjoy the sun-set from the park and play in the kids corner later the City corporation built a huge water tank at the place of kids corner...

    The City Corporation is soo careless and acts as irresponsible
    when the water tank was built the City Corporation should have made alternative arrangements of kids corner for the people of Mangalore City....

    I have lot and lots of my childhood memories at the park and I plead/beg the City Corporation to please renovate and maintain the Tagore park.

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Tue, Aug 07 2012

    Check the link below...Light house of Tagore Park in 1991 & now!! Shame to mangalore authority which ever political party they belong to and what ever work ethic they believe in....

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Tue, Aug 07 2012

    my good old friend Shashi Punja renovated this park and gave a new life to it! Two & half decade back he mentioned to me that....he told the authority that it has to be maintained the same way and the beauty! Unfortunately he died along with his family in the Mangalore aircrash!! He would have been heart broken to see these images!! I will try to find out if any pictures exists of the renovation!

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  • Sam Dcruz, Mangalore/Adelaide

    Tue, Aug 07 2012

    I used to play in this park when I was a kid. It was such a nice place and brings back wonderful memories for me. It's a shame to see such a park being destroyed like this. Hope the officials take care of it and restore it back. Mangalore needs parks and that too, a one with so much historical importance attached to it.

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  • Roshan Dsouza, mangalore/Dubai

    Tue, Aug 07 2012

    Nice place for the mosquitos to breed...our muncipality people are sleeping,god save mangalore from this corrupt govt.

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  • Alwyn Crasta, Neermarga, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 07 2012

    Very Sad to see, Thanks Daijiworld.
    “eyes opening article "
    This is very difficult to handle govt.
    But govt. have create one new dept. for handle all this issue.
    That dept only to check park, temple, church, mosque, market, police station, hospital, bus stands, rail station, public play ground, public toilet, only check and give the report to govt. and govt have to take immediate action to maint these things. this is not only govt. job this our job also. there is no point to blaming govt. " but govt have make separate dept for all these thinks, specialy in Karnataka many bright people are living govt have non political person for this job, many people like to join. only the thing govt. have take interest before it collapse.

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  • Candle, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 07 2012

    Other than Kadri park & Tagore park we don't have any other park in Mangalore city.Up lifting or at least bringing up to a certain standard is totally forgotten by our leaders.Youngsters are trying to bring forward the importance and necessity of the renovation of these parks through the media so that it can be heard by many and action would be taken.It is very true it has become the shelter for beggars and breeding ground for mosquitoes.If renovated properly people will not mind to pay small amount of money for the entrance, which will be then used for the maintenance of the park.It's really a wake up call to us .If we don't support these children then one day the builders will grab this land then we have to move outside Mangalore in search of parks for spending leisure time with our family and kids.

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  • Francis lobo, Bejai/Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    The Tagore Park was one of the highest point in Mangalore and the view of the sea was very clear. Now we can see construction happening just below the park and may be the high rise building will make the park irrelevant. Already the city center has eaten away half the view .The land sharks may be awaiting for the the building to collapse and build their own towers. Hope Tagore park remains a monument and does not go into oblivion

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  • Babu Rai, Singapore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    yes indeed.....its historic place..famous among one time aloysians

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  • Walter Pereira, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    First and foremost, thank you Daiji for publishing such lovely (?) pictures of Tagore Park.
    As a young boy studying at St.Aloysius - which is stone's throw away from the park, I have many lovely memories etched in my heart about this park.
    My grandmother used to wait for the "BEDI" to know the time- which is: at 8 AM and 8PM when they used to fire a cannon from 'Tagore Park" towards the sea to make the people of Mangalore aware that it is so and so time.FYI: there were few watches and fewer people around in Mangalore who had or could read a watch in those days (1910- 50's).
    I met my girlfriend in this park for the first time in my life. We used to sit on the same bench but at 2 extreme ends, talk about the whole universe - nothing more than that and we used to interpret that as love!
    It brings tears to my eyes to see the Tagore Park in such a deplorable condition.

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  • Smitha D, Dubai

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    One more good work by daijiworld. I hope, authorities will respond to this article

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    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Dear Mr C.t Ravi distric incharge minister take care of the city not only the seat......

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  • R.Bhandarkar., M

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    It is also to be noted that Sri Rabindra Nath Tagore ji's bust has become so disfigured that it almost resembles Stalin's ! No not from Tamil Nadu but from Russia ! Yeah- time everything gets a face lift!

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  • Ganesh, mangaladevi, mangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Karnataka govt. is very busy with fight for (cm post).
    Requesting govt. to stop funding for temple and give to maint above park, all bus stand, rainway station, all the signals, market,
    when i am walking near joythi talkies if i see any sex post i will remove in front of everybody.
    this should be stopped in front of school and college sex poster should be banned.

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  • Abu Safwan, Al Khobar

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    During my school days and collage days I use to go this park on every sunday evening. It was a cool and silent place. There was one library also that time. I use go there and read magazines. But it is very sad to see the condition of the park now.

    Respected Mayor of Mangalore City Corporation, Please wake up and do the necessary work to renew the heritage of Mangalore.

    If late, tomorrow some land mafia will take this place to build a mall.

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  • Mark, Udyavara

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Best I have seen are the Gandhi statues in front of the bureaucratic offices, where crow/bird pings are have filled and covered, head to toe.

    This goes to show how much we respect our great leaders for all the sacrifices and service to fellow men.

    Wondering, what wrong they did to deserve all this?

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  • Prashanth, Manipal - Bahrain

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    I agree with Rizwan that HJV needs to take up these causes for agitation and resolution. They would not, simply because it does not give them the cheap publicity that they otherwise get from doing sporadic acts of moral policing.

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  • KRPrabhu, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Rizwan,PFI,KFD,CFI people are made for cleaning and repair job !!!

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  • Aubb, Kuwait

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Has the "honorable" mayor of M'lore ever visited the park as yet??!!??

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  • Robert George, Dubai

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Presumably, the historically important Tagore Garden is not being maintained properly. As students we used to frequent this place and enjoy the serenity. But soon the place became a haunt of pimps and prostitutes, which shunned families from lingering in the garden after sunset. When Mangalore does not have too many public gardens to speak with pride, the Corporation must undertake immediate measures for its proper upkeep.

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  • sharmila kiran, mangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    very nostalgic feeling. thank you for highlighting this very important historical place to the attentin of all government entities in Mangalore. We need to preserve beauty of M'lore in the form of these evergreen historical parks. my request also to the concerned that immediate refurbishment is needed to safeguard our culture and heritage

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    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    We shall wait to see what the concerned people & MLA's in the state does??

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  • vittal shetty, mangalore/abudhabi

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    An age old traditional landmark of Mangalore twice siron in a day for the time awareness. a special siron @ 9 am on every January 30th respecting Mahatma Gandhijis sacrifice to the nation.Managalore municiaplity with the support of PVS Beedies Company, the park was redesigned before 25 years which attracted by everybody and made to increase visitors to this Park.But Now . when I saw the Pictures in and out of park,it is really painful to see them and feel ashamed of being Mangalorean.Many instance we say we are proud of being Mangaloreans,NOW what should we say?

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  • joe, muscat, mangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Sorry to say!!!
    Some of the tall old constructions and hills near mangalore port are probably irritates the government.!!!!!
    Like Kulur church , Before from the hill top you can see all the activities inside the port, / its is a marvelous point of sight view, beauty, etc, NOW why they lower the height ?
    Now this tagore Park.
    One thing is true… BEFORE STARTING the journey from the port , they ( all) bow to Antony church And the Mother Marys Grotto. ( specially the non catholics) for the safe journey.
    Will they remove this Tagore PARK tower . And shift to other place ? Saying safety reason.
    I am sorry . I do not know the reason !!!!! for this tower…..
    Let us watch !!!

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  • Rizwan, Udupi

    Mon, Aug 06 2012


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  • DR shankar narayan, Abu dhabi/mangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Tagore Park is not only poorly maintained but also it is a den for lot of illegal activities after 8.00 PM. I think few years back it was maintained by PVS Group. Mangalore citizens have to take interest in maintanance of this Park.

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  • Ganesh Kamath, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Tagore park must be rennovated as soon as possible

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  • Tripti, Brahmavar/Dubai

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Hope, after media report Mahanagarapalike will take care about to maintain as original!!

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  • Jacintha B, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Oh yes, we have fond memories with this park during our college days

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  • Sarita D'Souza, Valencia / Kuwait

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Sad state :(:( This was our favourite haunt every Sunday as kids. Our dad would take us there and we would spend time playing and reading at the Library. We still remember the wonderful time we had making friends with total strangers and having a rollicking time......

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  • Ann, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Amidst the Noise, pollution and traffic in Hampankatta this was the only green patch that was left. But looking at its pitiable state I am saddened. I have childhood memories of visiting this park on Sunday evenings with my family, but now looking at these pics I will not be intrested. Practically speaking if the Authorities re-do this park its going to be really good and as it is greenery is disappearing within the city at an alarming rate and commercial buildings are increasing.

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  • Vipul, Someshwar, Sydney

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Sometime back, I took an overseas visitor to the park to show the sunset over Mangalore. I was shocked to see an apartment built right in front of the park blocking what used to be a magnificent view. Permition to construct such eyesores in front of a heritage garden can happen only in Mangalore.

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  • R.Bhandarkar., M

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Why should it 'beg' for urgent attention?It should demand.....
    Hmmm..It's not a Weekend Leisure Spot my dear... Don't give ideas that may have serious repercussions...
    M'lore of late has been hogging the limelight of late because of it's 'SPOt's'....and for all the wrong reasons....

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Painful to see the condition of abandoned park. There is no excuse to MCC, MLA and MP of Mangalore. Daiji, please follow up this issue weekly basis. If we cannot maintain such small park, I doubt the ability of Mangalore administration!!

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  • N. Frank, India/Ksa

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    As said by ROBOT KEM, INDIA, this park should be named (Re named) as TAGORE ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM. So no maintenance is needed.

    Converting Tagore Park into a good park, will be more dangerous, since nobody cane be sure when these Vedik`s, Parivars etc will attack those inside the park.

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  • Anees Ahmed, Udupi

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    This is well planned, MCC does not want to decorate it. One day, this land will to a builder and multi-storey appartments will come in this place. Just wait and watch

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  • Maria, Moodbidri - Dubai

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Mohan Padil, corporator what you say about this ? May be you can use your influence to rebuilding this beautiful park,so people of Mangalore will be benfited and home-stay like attack reduced

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  • Jeevan, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    MCC comissioner is busy in raiding poor hotels, hostels etc. But never bothered to restructuring historic and preicious places of Mangalore. so sad to see the dirty premises of Tagor Park. In this way, we are disrespecting great Ravindranath Tagore. Please wake-up MCC comissioner

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  • Austin Pinto, Bantwal

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    J R Lobo - the new congress candidate from mangalore, hope you can do something here to prove your candidature

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  • Karthik Shenoy, Lalbagh / Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Mrs Mayor Bhanu...are you listening ?? Over to you pls

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  • Rakesh shetty, mangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012



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  • Ashwini Kumar, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    I think, we need a clean, good park for Mangalore. We have fond memories of this park when were studying in Aloysius College. Atleast now MCC please wake-up and do something. Thank you daijiworld for taking-up yet another issue for the people of Mangalore

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  • Allen, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Good article and pictures. Shows the real fate our Tagore Park. No doubt our MCC is busy raiding shops and establishments.

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  • Praveen , Dubai

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    I really feel sorry to see our Mangaloreans are not fighting for infrastructure development, Instead fighting for useless things. I also see there is no comment for this publication Instead people are more interested to comment to create communal tension. I request Daiji world to please publish this kind of news which will help in developing our Infrastructure and also create unity among all religion to fight together for development.
    Please understand that there will always be evil elements in all religion but it is only in fraction % which should not be highlighted as this will create a strength to these evil elements and also create communal tension.

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    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    This is our heritage and culture. Preserving it is our right. To defend this right, we have gangs of rowdies!

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  • Daniel, Mangalore/Dubai

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    Thank you Daiji. for bringing this up. We have so many businessmen in Mangalore.Why cant all them contribute & renevote this park. I remember during our schol days we is to sit in this aprk & enjpy the view.Pls Daiji i think so if youll take intrest by collecting some donations from some Businessnaen,tourist compny's like Niramal travels,Vikram travels,priya travels I ma sure we can save this heritage park.
    M CC nor our Minsters Mr. kateel,Ivan dsouza,Yogish Bhat have no time for this.They are busy with protest& etc.

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    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    This place(park) should be named as TAGORE ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM, and a board should be installed "VIEWERS -STAND BESIDES THE COMPOUND WALL- DONOT ENTER & TOUCH THE ARTICLES"
    (somebody should remove that shirt & pants -first)
    Poor MCC donot have funds???!!!

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  • Jerry, Canada

    Mon, Aug 06 2012

    General notion in India is this is public park and chalta hai.
    Everyone must be wondering where our tax money and property tax collected goes to ?? Does it go to District Administration staff account or for development and maintenance purpose.
    It is frustrating huge property tax is collected but not reinvested for the infrastructure. Technically each community needs to have park. Think of one goes to register property pays thousands of rupees. Simple question ask District Administration how property taxes are assessed ? Is it based on infra-structure and maintenance budget??
    Public has no say on this amounts. Right ?

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