Courage of a lioness - Salute to the woman in uniform...

Courage of a lioness - Salute to the woman in uniform...

Florine Roche / Silvester D'Souza
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore / Kundapur

Mangalore/Kundapur, Mar 8: There was a time when police was considered essentially to be a male occupation. Times have changed. There are lots of smart, beautiful, talented, intelligent, ambitious and hardworking women working in the police force. But often women in the police department have the additional burden of proving themselves and there are many women police officers who have proved that that they are not inferior to men in any departments of human excellence. There are instances where some women police have shown extraordinary courage, vision, strength and compassion in handling their responsibilities.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Daijiworld spoke to four women police officers, two each in Mangalore and Kundapur, who have made a mark in the department with their extraordinary actions, courage and determination, to know what it is to be like to work in the male-dominated police force and the challenges they face in discharging their duties.

ACP Kavitha, Mangalore

Assistant commissioner of police Kavitha, KAS, has been working in the police department in the last 2 ½ years. It has been six months she took over as assistant commissioner of police in Mangalore. Kavitha who hails from Chitradurga holds a post graduate degree in Kannada literature. She had a great fascination for police uniform from her childhood and when police officer Alok Kumar was posted in Chitradurga as SP, she was overawed by the good work he did as a police official. With that inspiration she decided to join the police force and has been doing her job with a great deal of zest.
She agrees that women police officials have to work hard to prove themselves but she adds, “It comes with the baggage of being a police official.” She says she hardly faced any gender bias or discrimination being a woman police officer. “There is nothing like male domination though it might have been prevalent earlier when women police were less. Of course, expectations from women police are always higher and we have to put in extra efforts. But now we are all on a level-playing field. I am doing my duty sincerely and with a sense of responsibility,” says the policewoman who has led her team in many a raid around the city in recent times and been on the forefront of ensuring law and order in the city.
Being a police official is like on duty 24X7 but so far Kavitha has not faced any problems on that front as far as her family life is concerned. She married Nagashayana, who is working as deputy superintendent in the excise department in Mysore, a year ago and the couple is yet to have children. Since they have not been posted together she doesn’t have to do much of a balancing act when it comes to managing the family life.
Kavitha says the most challenging case she has been part of in the last six months was the rescue of 84 Sri Lankan refugees from the clutches of traffickers when they were being transported to Australia in September 2012. The district police led by Kavitha had seized the boat which led to the rescue of the refugees. The incident was termed by IGP (Western Range) Pratap Reddy as the first major case of human trafficking in Karnataka.
For aspiring women who want to get into the police force Kavitha says, “More and more women should get into the police force. The atmosphere in the department is very encouraging and there are enough avenues for women to excel and show what we are capable of.”

DySP Yashoda, Kundapur

Anyone who has been following the news from Kundapur lately is sure to be familiar with the name of the taluk's deputy superintendent of police Yashoda. The 30-year-old native of Mudhol in Bagalkot district was educated in her hometown and Dharwad. She holds a Master’s degree from Karnataka University and is the daughter of Satyappa and Laxmi. Devendra, Saroja, and Sunandha are her siblings.

Yashoda had aspired for a job in public service and with Kiran Bedi as her role model, she has not only achieved her goal but discharged her duties with elan. She says Bedi’s bravery and straightforwardness was her inspiration. After clearing the Karnataka Public Service Commission exam she was posted as Kundapur DySP.
Yashoda says she is free of all political and department pressure. Asked about how she survives in a male-dominated profession, Yashoda said the trend was different now and equality is the norm. "DySP is a Class 1 post and I have the full support of my superiors such as the superintendent of police (SP) and the inspector general of police (IGP)." On the family front too, she has the unstinting support of her husband Sunil who is employed in the private sector.

Yashoda’s advice to women aspiring to join the police force - 'do not hold back, work hard, and show your ability; do not hesitate to work with men - men and women are equal'.

Referring to the status of women police in India and the public’s perception, she said that having women officers makes it easier for women to approach them with their problems. About factors that could do with improvement as far as women police officers are concerned, she said they should accept their job as a challenge and be brave enough to tackle all that comes their way without feeling inferior to men in any way.
She says cracking the RTI activist Vasudeva Adiga murder case was the toughest she has handled as DySP, and one of the biggest victories for her and her team.

On the increasing number of crimes against women in the coastal region, she says such cases should be taken seriously and proper guidelines framed to tackle them. "Women should be made aware of the safety facilities such as helpline numbers that the government is providing them," she adds.


Sub-inspector Bharathi G, Mangalore

Bharathi who is working as sub-inspector in Panambur police came to limelight when she was the SI in Moodbidri, where she was known for her efficient handling of the cases including strict action against anti-social elements.
It has been ten years since she has joined the department. It is not that she was inspired by anyone to join the police force. Bharathi who hails from Chikmagalur wanted a job and after her BEd and MEd she answered KPSC exam and got into the police force and now she says, “I just love the job, more than anything else”.
Bharathi is aware of what she was expected of as police sub-inspector and says, “I never gave thought that I might be discriminated because I am a woman. I never gave room for such thinking and that has been a part of my personality. We women have to create an atmosphere where we can show our talents and demonstrate that being women can handle situations and issues competently. It is not difficult if we make up our mind.”
Bharathi is married to B A Narasimha Murthy, who is working as an accountant in KSRTC, and has a 2 ½ year old daughter. But she has hardly faces any problem in balancing her family and profession because she says her mother-in-law has taken the responsibility of the family in her absence. “I feel my duty is my first responsibility though I cannot neglect my family on that count. I am not saying this because I have someone back home to take care. Even otherwise I would have made alternative arrangements and would have given importance to my duty,” she points out.
Bharathi states that more women should try to get into the police force so that there is a real change in the way people look at the police force. “Though it may look difficult from a distance, the departmental atmosphere is quite encouraging for women who have the talent and the ability to work hard and prove themselves.”


Sub-inspector (Crime) Revathi, Kundapur

Revathi has brought in a transformation in the crime branch. Hailing from Brahmavar, Udupi district, she is the daughter of Narayan Shettigar and Lalitha.

Revathi completed her BCom from SMS College Brahmavar, and despite getting various opportunities in other fields, she decided to serve the country and became a police officer.

Her husband Maruthi, is a class one contractor and their son Ram Shubham is studying in ninth standard at SMS Brahmavar.

She passed the police sub-inspector (PSI) exam and was soon after appointed as the PSI.

Other than her profession, Revathi is also concerned about society and has undertaken various successful social activities such as child and women’s welfare benefit programmes.

She always faces each task at hand with a brave face for which she is known as ‘Kiran Bedi of Honnavar’ among the locals.

As a role model for all women, she aims to solve criminal cases and create awareness in society to help reduce such incidents.

"Since childhood, I have been reading books on patriotism which have influenced me a great deal. Rani of Jhansi, the courage of Laxmi Devi, and the service of Mother Theresa - they are all etched in my mind. Influenced by these eminent personalities, I always wanted to be a part of the nation’s military force; but due to some unforeseen circumstances I could not do so," she says, when asked about what inspired her to take up the police profession.

After she joined as a police constable she cleared the PSI exam, and through general merit, she got promoted to PSI.

During her initial days she handled cases from Honnavar and Kadra and other areas. The Honnavar police station is a big jurisdiction. The crime sub-inspector with the smiling face is a braveheart with courage of a lioness - it goes to her credit that she has handled 93 cases in a year, more than 100 raids, and also solved several criminal cases.

Indeed, the policewomen deserve a huge applause for creating a niche for themselves in their demanding profession. While crimes against women make us bow our heads with shame, it is such able women as Kavitha, Bharathi, Yashoda and Revathi, and the entire women police force that raise the dignity of womanhood to greater heights.

A big salute to the woman in uniform.



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  • Satish, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 09 2013

    What about the other women who are constables, i am sure they too deserve a mention or are we looking only at the top few /

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  • monica dantis, kinnigoly, Oman

    Sat, Mar 09 2013

    God Bless these brave Women.

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  • Roshan Braganza, Mumbai

    Sat, Mar 09 2013

    But BEING DABANGG always is synonymous with MEN ........ as simple as that!

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  • joegonsalves, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 09 2013

    I have a great admiration for hard working people in uniform.So far I have been touch with many police officers mostly men. I have appreciated the work they have been doing despite all odds. I have personally known D.G.P's like Francis Colaco, Brian Albuquerque and most of all my very dear friend Achutha Rao the most recent D.G.P. who has just retired. I hold them in high esteem. Recently I have known senior officers like Alok Mohan who has just returned from a stint in Harvard indeed after giving a good account of himself as an officer student. It is now my pleasure to know Pratap Reddy the present I.G.P. of The Western Region with H.Q in Mangalore. At the district level I personally know the present S.P. in Mangalore Mr.Goyal who is doing a fine Job here. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Manish Karbikar recently and indeed he is doing fine job in The Port City of Mangalore.

    I have not known many lady Police Officers except Bharati who I met under certain circumstances. I have also seen her little child in Mangalore. By all accounts she is doing a fine job under difficult circumstances. She was an asset at Pandeshwar Police Station and her relocation to Pannambur is a great loss to the people covered by her former Police Station. An up-right officer who does not mince her words She is strict but kind too. She has a clean record. I am watching her climbing the ladder of advancement. I have no hesitation in saying that she is turning our to be another Kiran Bedi. It is persons like these that bring a good name to the department of Law and Order

    Joe Gonsalves

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  • Anita, Mangalore/Canada

    Sun, Mar 10 2013

    Happy Women's Day !!! you make us all proud :)

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  • samuel androus, surathkal.mukka.

    Sat, Mar 09 2013

    Wish you all the best all our our officers best in future & GOD BLESS YOU.

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  • Narasa Reddy B N , Bangalore/KSA

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    God bless u, protect u for ur honest work to our Country.

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  • shalini salian, mangalore

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    A big salute to this women in uniform. sincerely wish n pray these police officers are never ever confronted by unwanted phone calls from our present day politicians asking for favours.

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  • Andrew Rao, Ahmedabad

    Fri, Mar 08 2013


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  • gerald, modankap

    Fri, Mar 08 2013


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  • Sr. Josina BS, Mangalore/Goa

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Congratulations. We are proud of you. May many more follow your path and bring justice to the deserving.

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  • Mglor Y, Mglore

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Happy Women's Day :) Big Salute to the brave women

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  • Rion, udupi

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    One side police doing well, suspects caught on time, other side lawyers know how to twist the incidents. Judges are also bribed. Ultimately result is Zero.

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  • vasant raj, mangalore

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Salute to women power.....

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  • Amin Bhoja, Patte / Riyadh

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    It is beautiful a dedication hardwork and it's honour.Congratulations to each one,a proud moment in the uniform .

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  • Wilfred D'souza, Kulshekar/Saudi-arabia

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Dear Officer's,
    ''Being proud of you all I wish you ''A very Happy Women's Day.

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  • Francis D'sa, Jeddah/Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    God bless u, protect u for ur honest work to our Country.

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    Fri, Mar 08 2013


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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/Mumbai

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Happy woman's days Brave hearts....

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  • Vishal, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Good article.

    Police department badly needs educated ladies of good background like these lionesses so that some humanity rejuvenates in the police folk.

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  • Robert Pereira., Kund/Bang/Shj.

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Wish U all a happy women day.Jai Karnataka.

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  • Dilip RV, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Fantastic article to commemorate International Women’s Day.
    Great job “Florine Roche / Silvester D'Souza”.
    I salute the courage of these 4 Police Officials and also the countless others who are playing their role in different spheres of society.

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  • JR,

    Fri, Mar 08 2013


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    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Feeling good by reading this type of inspiring articles.Wishing all a very Happy Women`s Day.

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  • S.M. Nawaz Kukkikatte, udupi

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Happy Women's Day

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  • Rolfard John Pinto, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    In India it is very difficult for the Police to do their work. It is only and only because of the Politicians. I salute these ladies for their bravery. God bless them and Happy Women's day to all.

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  • Preethi, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Thank You Florine & Silvester for the awesome article.

    Good to know about the great Lioness.I hope today's younger generations will inspire after reading the great women talents.

    DisAgree Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • R.Bhandarkar, M'Lore

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Must tell you the uniform suits women more than many of the men...!Kudos! All the best...and Happy Women's Day!

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  • Anuradha K , Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    We have lots of hopes with these women in uniform...all the best ladies, we are proud of you. Keep going without bowing any politicians. We are with you

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Inspiring article! I am sure it will motivate many of our coastal ladies to take up this profession and pride to serve nation! If attempted, lot of girls from Udupi, Mangalore & Kundapur can pass the exams and can lift the standard of coastal region filled with dirty moral policing! Goondagiri will disappear just like that when goones and molesters are caned by brave women Police!

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    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Among all women police officers named above, I did come MRS BHARATHI,then SI Moodbidri face to face while parking My car in WRONG SIDE..When she takes a round in Moodbidri City, people are watching her out of curiosity!She came to me and just stared @ me as people watching from around what would be the next.As I am not aware of new Parking system(Moodbidri Masjid road, only one side of the road for certain days allowed to park vehicles)!Somebody nearby told me that I am parked in the wrong side so immediately I removed the car SI Barathi left the spot with out any untoward incident.She was nicknamed as KIRAN BEDI of Moodbidri that time.I think more women police officers need to join police force and every police station minimum 5-6 women police constables should be posted.In the eve of International women's day DAIJIWORLD indeed taken effort to speak such brave women police officers which should be appreciated by women fraternity in particular and men in general.Such stories are inspiration for the young career aspiring women folks.

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  • john, Udupi/Mumbai

    Fri, Mar 08 2013

    Wish you all a happy women day especially those women whose efforts are going unnoticed

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