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Mangalore, Feb 16: Nine individual achievers and an institution have been chosen for the annual state-level Sandesha awards for 2006, it was published at a press conference on Thursday at 11 morning. The names were announced by noted Kannada writer Na D'Souza as head of the panel of jury.

Sandesha director Fr Denis D'Sa and manager Leo D'Souza were present on the occasion.

A Ra Mitra (Kannada literature) and Wilfy Rebimbus (Konkani literature - Lifetime Achievement)

Darbe Krishnanda Chouta (Tulu literature) and S Mynavati (Cinema/TV)

Hebbani Madayya (Art) and Baa Ki Na (Journalism)

Bhavaikyata Vedike - P Abdul Majeed (Media education) and Gopadkar (Best teacher)

Special awards from Trustees to Dr C R Chandrashekhar (Psychiatry) and Dr B S Talwadi (Christian folklore and literature)

Karnataka State-level Sandesha Kannada Literature Award 2006
Akki Hebbalu Raamanna  Mitra (A. R. Mitra)

The shining star of the Kannada literary world, Sri A R Mitra’s full name is Akkihebbaalu Ramanna Mitra. Born in 1935, he obtained his M A degree in Kannada literature and after serving as Professor of Kannada in Bangalore, Madikeri and Tumkur colleges finally  retired as the Principal of the Maharani Arts College Bangalore.

His popular  articles,  Radio programmes, talks and books written in his own inimitable style have given him the title of Witty Orator and have made a lasting mark on the Kannada literary firmament.

His literary works are few in number - Samagra Lalita Prabandhagalu, Vachanakararu, Shabda Kalpa, Olanotagalu, Chandomitra, Kailasam and Premanadiya Dadagalalli, but he has made up this by the high standard of literary style he has maintained in all his works. His TV serial programme which is being telecast by ETV on Kannada poet Kumara Vyasa for the last four years has immortalized him in the audio world. His Kumaravyasa Darshana of more than 3,000 pages is an achievement which has earned him the title of Kumaravyasana Abhinava Mallinatha.

Mitra is witty and humorous in his lifestyle and in his works. His works on Kailasam, Chandragupta Maurya, his translations are an example of his witty style. His  Chandomitra book is an example to show his capacity to make any difficult  subject interesting and lively. His essays have the stamp of a scholar and the imagination of a poet His talks are an art in itself. As a Kannada lecturer in the American Peace Corps and in England and as the Guest speaker at the 2004 Orlando AKKA Sahitya convention are examples of his oratory skills.

His proud parents are Ramanna and Jayalakshmamma and among the honours conferred on him are Gorur award, Kavyananda award, Navarathnaraama award and Nageraaja award.

Karnataka State-level Sandesha Konkani Literature Award 2006
Lifetime Achievement Award - Wilfred Gerald Rebimbus

Known to the Mangalorean community in India and all over the world as Konkan Kogul (Konkan Nightingale) Wilfy Gerald Rebimbus (Wilfy Rebimbus) has been flying the flag of the Konkani language and culture aloft with his music and songs.

Born in 1942 in Mangalore, Wilfy composed his first song in Konkani at the age of 14 and has shown his capability as a poet, lyricist, singer, playwright, journalist and writer ever since. He was one among those who put a stop to using filmy tunes for Konkani songs and started using his own music and tunes to his songs and thus revolutionised the Konkani music and songs. A singer with a golden voice Wilfy has been pleading with the Konkani community to preserve this language for the posterity.

The songs composed by him so far have crossed the 2800 number, he has given more than 500 stage shows, has performed in 230 of his own Wilfy Nite programmes; he has published nine volumes of his songs, brought out 37 audio cassettes, 6 cassettes of devotional hymns, written 8 plays, composed three operas, 1 collection of stories and a novel.

Akashvaani and Doordarshan have aired his programmes several times, he has provided music and lyrics to Konkani films - Mog ani Maipas, kaajaaraa upraant Bhogsaane and Padri and the script to Tisri Chit.

He has presented musical nites not only in Mangalore, India but also abroad – 9 in Bahrain, 7 in Kuwait, Qatar 5, Dubai 9, Muscat 4, Abu Dhabi 4 and one in distant Canada (2005)

Known as the Singing family, his wife Meena, his son Vishwas and his daughter Veena are good singers too.
The awards he has won are numerous. Among them are Karnataka Rajyotsava Award in 1991, Konkan Kogul, Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy Award, Tulu Naada Kogile, Millennium Konkani Artist from America, and others

Karnataka State-level Sandesha Tulu Literature Award 2006
Darbe Krishnananda Chouta (D K Chouta)

Darbe Krishnananda Chouta is one among those who have been working silently for Tulu language, literature and culture. Born in Minja, Manjeshwar, a former part of Karnataka, Krishnananda is the first-born of Darbe Patel Narayana and Mohini Chouta.
He did his higher studies in Mangalore and Mumbai, obtaining his post graduate degree in Economics, secured a Diploma in Insurance which was a first for the country at that time. He worked abroad for some time and later settled down in Bangalore
He is familiar in the cultural circles of Bangalore for the last ten years, serving the Tulu music, literature, drama, art, Yakshagana and journalism fields and has dedicated himself for the promotion of Tulu language and literature and culture.

A noted playwright himself he has brought together Tulu artistes to play dramas and is very generous in supporting these activities.

Mittabailu Yamunakke - Onji Guttuda Kate, Kariavajjara Kategalu, Pili Patti Gadas, Patt Pacchelu, Kariavajjerena Katekulu, He has been  honoured  by the Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy in 1997 for his book, for his play in 1998,  has been honoured by the Tulu Koota Tuluvareklu of Bangalore 2000,  has been made a Fellow of Karnataka Nataka Academy in 2001,  honoured by  the Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy in 2004 and in 2005 he received the Kannada Rajyotsava Award.

His home is a museum of artifacts and antiques which attracts several visitors. He has been serving the community as an astute organizer, a lover of music, a collector Artifacts, as an active agriculturist, as a lover of the environment, and as a social worker and several associations have honoured him for his services.
Karnataka State-level Sandesha Cinema/TV Award 2006

Mynavati made her stage appearance at the age of four in a dance programme and later endeared herself as an  actress on the stage  cinema and TV serials.

Younger sister of the renowned Kannada artiste star Pandaribai, Mynavathi is a Mangalorean and is now settled in Bangalore. Her father is Mangaluru Rangaraya, mother Kaveribai and her husband is late S Radhakrishna, director of the All India Medical Science and Rehabilitation Institute, Mumbai.  Born in Bhatkal, Mynavathi is now 70 years of age.

While the elder sister Phandaribai gave Harikatha performances, Mynavati accompanied her with her dance sequences. Along with the dance and music training, she got a chance to act in Seva Stage of S V Sahasranaman, along with Sivaji Ganesan, Phandaribai and others. She acted in a Tamil drama 'Kanngal' and later on in the film of the same name. She played the heroine’s role in Sakubai, Rayara Sose, Anuradha, Abba Aa Hudugi and a few other movies.

She has acted in more than 100 Kannada, Telugu and Tamil pictures and is known as a trilingual star.

She has acted in a few TV serials Mailari, Manetana, Rangavalli, Mahayajna, and Sumangali and has shown her talent on the stage, cinema and the TV media.

Karnataka State-level Sandesha Arts Award 2006
Hebbani Madayya, Bangalore
Hebbani Madayya has been continuing his efforts to preserve and promote the folk art Kamsale dance and story telling in the rural villages for the last several years.
Madayya was born in Hebbani of Mandya district as the son of Nanjayya and Madamma. on14-10-1928. He lost his father when he was six years of age and as per his family tradition dedicated himself to the service of Mahadeshwara Gudda Swami when he was 12 years old.  He learnt the folk art form of Kamsale along with the style of telling the story of Mahadeshwara Swami and other gods   from Kamsale Kenchayya
He taught this art form to his friends and with their help continued performing this folk art form along with the story telling in the nearby villages.
He had to leave his native place because of his poverty and settled in Bangalore. In 1984 he established the Karnataka Janapada Kamsale Artistes Forum and taught this art to several interested youngsters and others and thus continued his work of preserving this rural folk art form.
He has been striving to teach this art form to school and college students, labourers and working people and has given demonstrations and performances of this art in several parts of the country.
In 1997 at the invitation of the Hampi Kannada University he performed for six continuous nights, this Kamsale dance and the accompanying story telling and based on this story the University published a volume  Mahadeshwara which has been translated into English by the Professors Dr C N Ramachandan and L N Bhat of Mangalore University
He has given performances of this folk art form during the Republic Day celebrations in Delhi, in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, during the Tabo celebrations in Simla, during Navaratri functions in Gujarat, in Chennai, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and other places.
The Central  government department of Music and Drama took his help in conducting awareness programmes about Aids, Pulse Polio, Blood Donation, Child Labour,Health and other topics through his Kamsale dance and story telling.
He has been honoured with the Karnataka Rajyotsava Award, Karnataka Janapada and Yakshagana Academy award, Doddamane award of the Karnataka Janapada parishattu, and Kempe Gowda Award of the Bangalore City Corporation.
Madayya though poor in monetary ways is very rich in his art form

Karnataka State-level Sandesha Journalism Award 2006
Baalakrishna Kilingaaru Nadumane, Bangalore (Baa. Ki. Na)

Known to all his friends and acquaintances affectionately as Gandhi Bazaar Baa Ki Na, Balakrishna Kilingaru Nadumane was born in 1943 in Kasaragod.
After obtaining his Diploma in Printing he started his own press Mudrana Lipi in 1972 and has been continuing his service to the Kannada literature and journalism ever since.
His interest in Kannada literature started while he was in the High School and he has continued it through his books and magazines ever since.  Kavita – a bi monthly magazine for poems, Kshitija Deepavali issue, Ranjana annual have shown his ability in journalism
Through his Lipi Prakashan, he has published more than 40 volumes of the writings of the great names in Kannada literature; among them are all the poetic works of Dr K S Narasimha Swamy (Mallige Maale) and complete poetic works of Pu Ti Na.
To assess the journalistic skills of Baa. Ki. Na. we have to read the Gandhi Bazaar monthly which he has been publishing for the last twenty years. Jnaan Peet laureate Prof U R Ananthamoorthy calls his Gandhi Bazar a servant of the Kannada literary world.
Baa Ki Na has been serving the interests of the Kannada stage,.artistes and others in his own way and has been honoured with the Paddanna Awad for his service to the Kannada stage
In May 2001, Gandhi Bazaar brought out a special issue dealing with the development of Kannada poetry through the 1990s, a comprehensive analysis indeed. His regular column in Gandhi Bazaar, Mudraa Raakshasana Mano Mudre, a critical analysis of day-to-day affairs is eagerly looked forward to by the readers. 

The literary magazine Gandhi Bazaar has endeared itself to the readers by its critical and objective   analysis of the developments and happenings in the social, literary and cultural fields and thus serving the Kannada Journalism in its own inimitable style.

Karnataka State-level Sandesha Media Education Award 2006
Bhavaikyataa Vedike (Emotional Integration Forum)

The Forum took its birth during the days of the communal clashes in Hospet during 1990.

Spreading the message of the need and importance of communal harmony between the Hindu and Muslim communities through the medium of street plays, it spread its message not only in the state of Karnataka but throughout India as well and the founder of this Forum was Pinjara Abdul Majid.

Bringing together the children from the slums of the area, the Forum has given more than a thousand performances of its 45 street plays throughout India; it has found a place in the conventions of the India Social Forum and World Cultural Organisation, by presenting its plays.

It organizes training sessions in street and stage plays with the help of eminent directors, not only for its members but others as well; it has maintained contacts and membership with the leading street play associations like Samudaaya, Ishta, Jana Naatya Mancha, Praja Natya Mandali and has participated in several conferences and conventions all over the country.

Its members who are slum dwellers have made a name for themselves and drawn the attention of the country by their ability to perform street plays. Six of them have been trained at Ninasam; five have obtained scholarships from the Human Resources Development department of the Central Government; It is educating its members and other people about the proper use of the media. It is adapting the newer means of communication, to be able to move with the changing times.

And recently it has turned its attention to the Intimate Theatre and the stage plays.

The forum has been spreading the message of communal harmony, goodwill, tolerance and co-existence and has performed several street plays on topics like women exploitation, illiteracy, health and others with the help of the Central Music and Drama department. It is creating awareness among the people about people’s rights, people power, panchayat raj and people participation in the eradication of the social evils through its cultural campaigns.
Some of the topics of the street plays performed by the Forum are Dowry system, Literacy drive, environment protection, Health, bonded labour, elections,  political satire, Aids, Pulse Polio,  Voter power, education of the girl child etc

Karnataka State-level Sandesha Best Teacher Award 2006
Gopadkar, Mangalore

Hailing from Adkar-Jalsoor of Sullia Taluk in the Adkar family,Gopal is a Drawing Teacher by profession but a man of many talents. He obtained his degree in Drawing and Painting from the National Drawing Institute in Mysore and presently working as the Drawing Teacher in the Women’s Composite College in Car Street, Mangalore.

He is an eminent artiste, director of children’s plays,  Thumbnail sketch specialist, street play , mimicry, Origami, puppet show expert, stage designer, handicrafts specialist resource person for training camps and study sessions on several topics – several things rolled into one. He has conducted several camps on Happy learning methods, training sessions for primary teachers and also for parents.

He is an expert at thumbnail sketches and has drawn more than 11000 sketches including those of dignitaries in the country and abroad, directed more than 25 children’s plays, 1500 plus camps on Happy learning for children, mimicry of more than 150 voices,  street plays for literacy drives and awareness programmes

Designed more than 560 stages, conducted several one man art shows,  trained more than 6000 teachers on several topics, mime shows on Aids, Environment protection, more than 200 demonstrations about Thermofoam etc.

He has been honoured by several organizations Collage Arts Jayciana Mysore Gold Medal, Talenteds young artist Jaycee state level award, Creative Teacher Award by the Raag Tarang, Kala Nidhi from the Ka Wa Acharya Students Trust, Moodbidri, District level Best Teacher award, Swara Nidhi Award for the year 2000, etc.

He is teacher who has been using his multi faceted talents for the betterment of the society.

Karnataka State-level Sandesha Special Recognition Award 2006
Dr B S Talwadi, Bangalore

Dr B S Talwadi who is known as a folklorist writer has been working relentlessly as a researcher in folkloristic literature, teacher, campaigner and a singer in this field.

He is fluent in Kannada and English as well and has made a study of the Hindu and Christian religious literature. He was born in Bedakuli of Chamrajnagar where he did his primary studies and later continued his studies in Mangalore, Hassan and Mysore, securing three postgraduate degrees and a doctorate for his thesis on   Christian Folklore of South Karnataka, in 1995.

He is prominent among those who have made a scholarly research in the beginnings and development of Christian Folkloristic literature. He has collected about six thousand verses on Christian folklore, about 300 songs of Kolaata, 12 folklore plays and countless proverbs and sayings and has by putting them in print has secured a place for them in the Kannada literary world.

A poet, novelist, artiste, historian, translator, he has written about 70 books on different aspects of Kannada and English literature and has also served as a high school teacher, a research scholar of the Karnataka State Adult Education Resource Centre, a researcher in education for the Tiruvanantapuram University and presently is employed in the Reserve Bank of India, Bangalore.

He is a member of the Audition Committee of the Folklore division of Akashvani and has been nominated as a member o the Karnataka Janapada and Yakshagana Academy.

He has been honoured for his services to folklore by several associations and organization and is simple and amiable by nature. He has involved himself in social work as well.

Karnataka State-level Sandesha Special Recognition Award 2006
Dr C R Chandrashekar, Bangalore

Known for his psychiatric and literary skills Dr C R Chandrashekar has been serving National Institute for Mental Health and Neurological Sciences NIMHAANS for the last 30 Years.

Born in 1948 as the only son of Rajanna and Sarojamma was talented in his school and extra curricular activities from his childhood. He has shown great interest and concern for the health of the common people, for the mental health in particular. Along with this he has been conducting research and experimental analysis in the superstitions and blind beliefs found among the rural population.
Conducting medical camps for mentally ill people,  training camps for doctors  working in this department he has drawn the attention of the country  to the plight of these poor victims of mental  ill-health. It was under his leadership that the first mental Health programme was implemented in Bellary. He has trained doctors, anganawadi and school teachers, leaders in the rural areas in the treatment of these patients. He has traveled all over the country to plan the 1982 National Mental Health Programme, organised training programmes and  alerted the people of the country about the importance and necessity of maintaining mental health.
He has undertaken a literary campaign to educate people about these disorders and also give them the basic knowledge about these diseases and their treatment through his numerous books dealing with these ailments and has kept the price of his books within the reach of the common people. He has so far published 45 books about mental disorders, 11 about General Health, 7 on sex education, 7 on rationalism topics (like the possession by devils, ghosts and such superstitions), 5 novels, 4 translations, 4 plays. He has written 16 books in English.
He has conducted experiments and  demonstrations to get rid of the superstitions and blind beliefs among the  people The society also has recognized his services – numerous are the calls that he gets requesting his talks, training camps, workshops. His books have seen several editions.

Among the honours he has received are Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award for his first book Magu, Manassu Mattu Arogya and his book Buddhi Mandyate was given the Dr S S Jayaram award by the Indian Psychiatrists' Association -  Karnataka branch. Another of his books  Bhanamati has received the Dr H Narasimhaiah Award from the Kannada Sahitya Parishattu
 He is a member and   official of several well known associations and organizations and is serving as the editor or advisor to several medical publications. Well-travelled in India and abroad on his mission of talks and workshops on mental disorders, Dr Chandrashekar is a  well-known social worker too.

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