Parking Payment at Mangalore Airport - Are you Cheated ?

Special Correspondent
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore

Mangalore, Mar 16 : Parking has become a major issue of confrontation everywhere in Mangalore though paid parking in some important junctions has eased the situation to some extent. Even the new Mangalore International Airport is not free from parking related squabbles though it has nothing to do with the parking space, unlike in many other places.  The problem at the airport pertains to what one aggrieved person termed as cheating by the parking personnel. 

According to Nikholas Lewis, who comes to the Airport 5 to 10 times a month, he has been forced to pay Rs. 60/- for parking the vehicle in the general parking area for more than 5 minutes.  His contention is that the board which is stationed inside the barricaded area where entry ticket is issued clearly displays premium parking as Rs 60/- and general parking as Rs. 40/- for four hours of parking.    However, Nikholas says that at the exit point where the money is to be paid the person issues only a ticket of Rs. 60/- to all the customers and collects the amount which is meant for premium car parking, which he says amounts to cheating.

After a visit to the airport it was noticed that the board at the entry point was inside the barricade area at the entry point and it was outside the barricade at the exit point which the customers hardly notice.  The board which displays the parking rates is placed outside the barricade area after the amount for parking    is paid, is ineffective and serves no purpose.  The premium parking area is confined only to a small portion of the entire parking area which many people are not aware of whereas general parking area is quite spacious and most customers park their vehicles at the general parking slot. 

If the customer exceeds the allotted 5 minutes of free parking, he has to pay the parking charges at the exit point.  But the hitch is that the ticket issuers do not give any opportunity for customers to opt for premium or general parking.   Customers who are oblivious of this option of two types of parking pay Rs 60/- charged and retreat not knowing that they have paid an extra sum of Rs. 20/- despite parking in the general parking slot. 

Nikholas said he had noticed the parking fare displayed in the board and had to argue with the ticket issuing people who refused to give him a chance to choose between the two options.  Nikholas pointed out that on one occasion he had spent nearly 30 minutes arguing with the ticket collector who refused to open the barricade without paying the money.  Nikholas insists this was despite the fact that he had telephoned the ticket issuer asking him directions for parking his vehicle in the general parking slot.  Despite asking in advance and in spite of parking in the general parking slot he said he was harassed for paying Rs. 60/-.   While Nikholas at least knew about the parking rates there are hundreds of vehicles which come to the airport everyday who are cheated.

Nikholas says that the earlier contractor at least used to keep two separate slips –white for Rs. 40/- and pink for Rs. 60/- though he used to issue the Rs 40/- slip only when the customer demanded and that too after some wrangling.   He says the new contractor who is at the job for the last 3 months does not even keep the Rs. 40/- ticket with him leave alone issuing it even on demand.  One can imagine how customers are cheated systematically over a period of time.  

When the matter was brought to the notice of the Airport Director M R Vasudeva he said he has given information to the press time and again about the specified amount to be paid for parking and about other facilities.   “It is the ignorance of the customers due to which they end up paying more   just as ignorance of law is no excuse”, he said.   However, this incident of cheating can be attributed to both the ignorance of our intelligent people and the duplicity of the people supervising the parking slot.   Our people either failed to read the board or cared a damn to fight against this cheating thinking it hurt their ego.  

After listening to the complaint   Vasudeva soon got into action as he called the contractor and the ticket issuers and asked why they were cheating the public.  The contractor insisted it was a onetime mistake as the ticket collector was new to his job, an argument which Nikholas was not ready to accept.  Vasudeva then personally came to the exit point of vehicles and directed the ticket issuing personnel to charge the customers as per the parking slot used by them. He also noticed that the barricade the exit point was out of order and directed the people concerned to ensure it is made functional at the earliest. 

As per the directions given by Vasudeva henceforth the ticket for parking for premium or general parking will be issued at the entrance giving the customers the option and the parking charges will have to be paid at the exit.  Since most of the cars are parked in the general parking slot the customers should pay only Rs. 40/- and if the parking personal resort to any cheating customers can lodge oral or written complaint with the airport authorities. 

Jago Grahak Jago…..

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  • Sadashiv S Acharya, Karkala

    Wed, Aug 20 2014

    First of all the AAI should extend this 5 minute to at least 20 minutes which will facilitate & co-ordinate with the concerned Pick-Up personnel at airport as such majority of flights are delayed by more than 30 minutes for landing due to various reasons. Secondly, there is no Supervisory/Security Staff at Parking Area. Further, the Airliners are collecting various types of taxes from passengers which includes the charges towards using Airport Facilities. Then why this additional parking charges are collected from Passengers?

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  • Park Fine, Bangalore

    Sun, Apr 13 2014

    I think none of you have parked your vehicles in any other airport! Yesterday I paid Rs 90 parking fee for 15 minutes in Bangalore airport. If we park even for 5 minutes in the waiting area, their 'pulling crane' comes to remove your car! I dont know which 'Vasudeva' I can search in Bangalore airport to complain!!!
    Nobody talks about the road tolls that we pay? Recently I shelled out Rs 440 for a distance of 350km from Bangalore. Whom will you blame?
    We need to understand this is the result of 'development' model of Congress, and BJP with Adani will unleash a worse model soon. They transfer their responsibility of making highways to the private companies and then keep increasing the toll every year - with a good enough share for these 2 parties, political funding, whose crony-capital companies are given the rights and ownership of these roads. Likewise the airport parking area.
    NRIs, dont you pay for parking in Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait airports etc?

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  • Kinigalla, Kingdom/Kerala

    Sat, Mar 31 2012


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  • Aloka Nath, Bengaluru

    Sat, Mar 24 2012

    Deekshith Shetty, Mangalore
    I tried your trick once, the fellow took 1000 Rs note and went to get change and never returned.

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  • Shahul, Surathkal

    Wed, Mar 21 2012

    Thanks for this issue displayed DAIJIWORLD.. this is not a individual problem but of all. according to me airport authorities should take special action for this issue

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  • Rajesh, mangalore

    Wed, Mar 21 2012

    I entirely agree on the comments above . I think 5 min is too little to your dear once and go past the the exit gate. I think people should first join rally so that they can reach the exit point. The receiving area is so congested you have no chance of receiving the passenger and going out. This is the only airport which they call International with these type of sick rules. The person who checks the passport is very arrogant you will not find people in any airport so arrogant. And if you buy a Tv they treat you like a smuggler.

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    Sun, Mar 18 2012

    This is a real eye opener!! till now we though the charges are 60/- rs!!! heights of cheating!~! next time we know what has to be done!! Thanks for a good article!!

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  • SP, Mlore

    Sun, Mar 18 2012

    Dear Alwyn,
    If parking system is automated like in other countries, how govt officials can earn their 'extra income'? Thats d reason why still v are into traditional systems :D

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  • Sahil Khan, Mangalore/ Kuwait

    Sun, Mar 18 2012

    Daiji world has to do Jago Re Ride in Bajpe Airport. In d name of Customs they are looting from us. Before 1 month i tuk LCD tv dey are arguing for 1500 Rs Custom. I gave him 400 Rs after talking with him.. Y THIS CUSTOM OFFICERS LOOTING US? ? Y THERE IS NO CCTV NEAR TO THEIR CABIN?? IS ALL GOVT FOOLING ALL NRI>..

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  • Alwyn, Neermarga, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    why our govt. is not using
    E-parking and road tax also tag type like other country. this very safe no man power required not cheating, and no fighting. automatic it will deduct from ur vehicle tag. we can avoid all these things.

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  • Naveen Shetty, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    The parking at Mangalore International airport are baffling and unprecedented. I have visited more than 50 international airports and not found similar parking system where in you are made to pay if you are just coming to the airport ping or picking the passengers. The five minute window which is provided is very less considering the terrain after you get the ticket. The best solution for this problem is 1) Provide a dedicated lane for vehicles which come for just pickup and and don’t allow them to wait in the pickup and area. This is followed in Dubai as well which is handling far greater number of passengers than Mangalore. 2) Separate the parking entrance and mechanize the tickets so that there is no revenue loss. With the current system there is a chance to swindle the parking fees by the attendants and the operator.

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  • siraj khader, karkala

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    airport authority must take serious action on this matter

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  • Mrs.Lani M. Pinto, Advocate/Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    Well done Niki,
    This is no doubt about some of Airport officers and U.P based parking contractor involved in this easy money making skim,If you want to lodge a complaint, all you have to do is to write
    at the following e-mail address:

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  • Jayachandra P.G, Ballalbhag

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    I am also one of the sufferer of this issue more than twenty five times so I suggest that the Genral parking should be named after Nicholas in futre, that is "NICHOLAS PARKING"
    Thank you Nicholas May Goc bless you.

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  • Nicholas Lewis, Kinnigoly

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    Hi ,
    I am very sure that everybody must have been a victim of this well planned and organized cheating of the general public who have purposely place the board after the entry and outside the exit point.
    I wonder whether anybody has ever parked , ever know or seen the place of premium parking , which is located at the end , near the exit in which a max of 10 cars can be parked. Infact the general parking place is more convenient than the premium parking . Anybody can just calculate the amount of money looted at Rs 20 /- per vehicle from as many as 600 – 800 vehicles everyday.
    Sincerely request you all to please insist on Rs 40/- parking slip as you take the entry slip , since more than 95% of the parking lot is of general category for which the present contractor from UP was collecting Rs 60 /- from everybody till date.
    We , the most educated Mangaloreans should not fall prey to these cheaters . Please pass on the message to everyone whoever is using Mangalore Airport. Thanks to Daijiworld and Special correspondent for taking up this issue of public interest with the airport authorities .

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  • suzanna raviraj, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    I think some people comment just because they have to comment. In fact the parking is handed over to a contractor who is responsible for this. Airport Director cannot be blamed for what the contractor does. Now all these people comment. But how many of them have taken the trouble of lodging a complaint? May be that was difficult than commenting.

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  • Shakir Hussain, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    Well done Mr.Nicholas. I am also a frequent flyer to Mangalore and I was not aware of this Parking arrangements (Premium/General). I was paying Rs60/- for every trips to the Airport. Once again I thank Mr.Nicholas for enlightening us about the parking discrepencies.

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  • Michael Menezes, Kadri,Mangalore/Abu Dhabi.

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    The Airport authority should install automated parking systems, This will solve all the over-charging andf cheating by the parking operators who have been sub contrcted by the Airport Authority. Afterall its International Airport.

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  • Nithyanand.M.Shetty, Moodabidri/Abudhabi

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    Thanks Nicholas and Daiji team....
    Only ALERT Citizens like Nicholas can make the make the currupt sytem better and just one...

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  • Purushottama, Byndoor

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    Excellent article. Many times i have paid Rs.60- without knowing the truth. By the ignorance or innocence expressed by Mr. M.R.Vasudev is not convincing. It apperas like the Dhruthurashtra's ignorance about acts of Duryodhana. Is he too innocent to notice the effect of placing the signboards at entrance and exit away from the public view? Mr. Nicholas need to be congaratulated.
    Because he knows " Jago ! Grahak Jago" well.

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  • Jigar, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    True... automation is the solution... but I think the airport authority and the Parking contractors work hand in hand to cheat Mangaloreans... else by now the issue could have been resolved long time back.

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  • irsahd, mangalore

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    hi friends the best solution is go to the airport ur family and get out of the airport and wait out of the airport and when ur relativ come go again and pick them off save rs 60 ,40 ,10 and put petrol or take some thing for home .....

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    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    Really good article. Daiji please need a detailed article regarding customs such a customs procedures, what items we can carry without charges, complaining procedures etc since all of us are facing problems when we arrive to the airport.

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  • Don, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    Actaully why we have to pay for going to someone to the Airport?? if the rule is same for everyone then why there is no parking money for ministers and their chelaas cars? Daiji Thanks for this Artical of looting Public money. And also one more thing these people one who give time ticket and collect money, they look like bikaaries, not even peoperly dressed. And we call our Air port is Intenational .. good Joke . Even in Bangalore Airprot there is free parking for 10 minutes and the time will re cord digitally. so learn from atleast some one else. stop looting public.

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  • Dinesh Shetty, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    Please let me know (1) as to what is PREMIUM PARKING and what is GENERAL PARKING ? Is free toilet facility for Men/Women available in Premium Parking area ?(2)How many times does the Airport Chief Mr.Vasudeva check on these PARKING FEE Fraudsters (3) Is the PARKING FEE amount fixed by the AAI New Delhi or Mangalore.Is this a uniform rate fixed for all Indian airports incl. Tier III ?

    Mr.Vasudeva may kindly answer these 3 questions for the benefit of the public.Thank you.

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  • Vishal, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Sat, Mar 17 2012

    As Mr. Vinod writes, the easiest solution to this problem is automation of pay parking.

    It is a must to levy the penalty if any vehicle blocks the road (it seems deliberately road is blocked by frustrated drivers!).

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  • Rocky, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    when we pay the flight fare including all taxes and charges, then why should we pay parking fee again?

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  • D.Shetty, Mlore / Dubai

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Mr.Deekshith Shetty, I agree with you on paying parking fees near pabbas and other places within city inspite of paying MCC tax but your plan about paying Entry fee for Airport Rs.1000 note wont work boss..its a mere waste of time and unnecessary argument. You cannot get through every time..gudluck for next time...

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  • Yashavanth Shetty , Kottara Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    when City Center can make a good arrangement for parking why cant AAI can make it?city center using computer entry when u Enter and Exit.Why cant AAI?

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  • Gopinath, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    This issue requires serious attention immediately.We should not allow such looters to take advantage of innocent people like this!!!!!Daijiworld plz take some step to bring awareness on this issue to the public so that all can protest on this matter and stop this nonsense looting!!!!!

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  • Praveen, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Corruption why spare Mangalore Airport? As Mr. Deekshith said, why should we pay parking fees. Please join together and say that we will not pay the fees...

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  • Denis, B'lore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Yes. They looted me the same way 2-3 times when i went to my friends though i exited within 10 minutes.

    Best solution..Don't pay..argue & stop your car right on the way..Create a scene..That's the only way these b******s can be taught a lesson..

    This daily robbing going on for long. Mr. Vasudeva, Y can't it be automated at an airport if it can be done at a local shopping mall with a parking ticket ???

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  • Derek, Balmatta

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Every coin has two sides !

    You need two hands to clap !

    Contractor:It is absolutely wrong to place the boards on NON VISIBLE sides. It is cheating and can be rightly challenged!

    Users: Wherever we go, it is mentally built within us how to AVOID paying and try to see LOOPHOLES to get out of it with the feeling like "who cares- I can do it" or "Penny saved is penny earned". This creates traffic jams, hazards on the public as also skirts revenue to parking etc

    Unless we change our thinking /attitude, how can we expect the other side to change?

    Unless we that we could follow the above two sayings!

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  • Deekshith Shetty, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    my first question is why should we pay for parking. it might be in airport or in front of pabbas. any answer? please dont tel me " for development".. its a joke. Friends, i follow a trick. if every body does this we can wipe out this issue.
    Soln: give him 1000 rs or 500 rs note and ask him for change. he wont be having enough change. if every body does this , its a pain in the ass. i have done this successfully. goonda giri wont work with these local gondas... try gandhi giri.... it works....

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  • Aloka Nath, Bengaluru

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    In Bengaluru airport there is no parking fees for 10 minutes. Time recording is all digital, well managed.

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  • Jamal , Kudroli,Mangalore/Abudhabi

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    It is looting both outside and inside the airport.Daiji world please highlight the issue of loot by customs. One simple example last month I was asked to pay Rs. 100 per gram of gold. I was carrying only 16 gms of gold that too it was echanged old gold and the receipt clearly showing nothing billed AED 0.00. At last after arguing they agreed to accept Rs 500 as bribe. For TV(32 inch LCD) it is fixed Rs. 1000. Please AAI stop this illegal business of looting.

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  • Muzamil, Mangalore/Riyadh

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Last time when I travelled Rs. 60 was paid. Next time won’t allow to cheating contactors. Why government can’t take action. They are looting public money…

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  • Santhosh D'Souza, Kohinoor, Kadri

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    They have conned me too

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  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    The other day when I went to my daughter to the airport, I bought a cup of coffee from the cafe for her and immediately after that I left the airport. It hardly took 10 minutes but at the Exit Point they charged me Rs. 60/-. With that incident, I too felt that the parking contractors are looting the helpless family of the passengers who go to their ward at the airport.
    My suggestion is that there should be a distinct board at the Premium & General Parking lot and also a person to guide the vehicles. The time slab should be like- Up to 10 minutes> FREE, within 30 minutes> @Rs.10, for 1 hour> @Rs.20 and beyond that till 4 hours> @Rs.40 and for the Premium Parking @50% extra. It is better that they issue two types of coloured SMART CARD at the ENTRYT point to distinguish the Premium & General Parking-Lot and allow entry to the said parking-lot accordingly.
    Their staff should have smart uniform and name badge with photo to identify them. It is the responsibility of the airport authority to give the essential guidelines to the Parking –Lot Contractors to provide the above said needful requirements.

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  • Annamale``, Bengrekodi

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    This is not Re 20/- more, this is 50% more than required.
    District admin,revenue department,Police commsioner please wake up!
    This is question of 50% spending by forcefull for ordinary people.
    This issue has to bring to the notice of all concernd, Vsudeva or Kapildeva only not enough!
    There are meny Devas to be onformed!
    Jai hooooooo managaluru airport!

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  • Dheeraj Bhat, mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    I was cheated on the first occasion. I noticed the board after exit, thereafter I have been particular to pay only Rs.40/-. But the people at the gate smiles and says "we collect Rs.40/- only for you. All others pay Rs.60/-. Rs.40 meant only for Taxi"!
    Regarding Vasudeva M R.... comments are unnecessary and uncalled for as people should not trouble him, he might be busy playing chess tournaments! I have seen him playing chess almost on the anniversary day of Mishap.

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  • sandya, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Lot of problems in Mangalore Airport related to parking.I was recently been cheated. I didnt even park my car and there were lot of cars infront of me at the Arrival where i couldnt even move my car out and when i explained the person who was collecting the money at the exit point, he is not ready to listen to me and he was just arguing saying i crossed 5 mins.They r just looting parking fees.they should collect the money only when we park the car.

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  • Rakesh shetty, mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012


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  • Victor Alvares, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    @George Belman, Belman,

    Thanks for your opinion on my comments. With due respect, let me tell you that I am not the rich person which you presume to be.

    I am living in the Gulf for 2 decades without my wife and children with me!! My wife sends the car to pick me up due to my insistence as she normally is pre-occupied.

    My idea of writing the comment is to give an idea to my fellow passengers to get away with the problems at the airport. That is my friend. May God bless you.

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    Fri, Mar 16 2012


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    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Well done Daijiworld highlighting this issue.Also once try to highlight Custom related issue also. Its really frustating when we arrive. We need to behave like chor in front of Custom officers.

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  • ARUNA, Kinnigoli

    Fri, Mar 16 2012


    eg: if all of sudden in any case pilot thiks to stop the plane he has no chance to stop because he has to fly the flight at the end of runway otherwise : BIG REVER VALLY" veiw.

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  • Ronald A, Bejai/Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    It reminds me no entry board in one of Bombay Malad west station small lane/raod where "NO ENTRY" bord is installed at end of the road and not while entering the road and every time one police wait there at the end of the road only to collect bribe from motorist not protect public interest.
    Mr Vasudeva please do not use Mubai ploice ploicy here in mangalore.
    Install the bord at entry where we can see while entering the parking lot and where we can see before exiting the lot.
    In this present world cunning is required but not this much.

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  • Jacobnelson, Bejai/Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Mr Vasudeva we know you are an HONEST MAN they why the bord partaining 40/- & 60/- inside while entering and out side while exiting.
    It look like it is posted not for us and vehicles only for Aeroplanes and piolts.
    Please place the bord at right place where it is viisible in order to avoid argument rather that installing no entry bordsin Bomaby many placw where motorists can not see that but only police can see and police hiding ther only to collect money from motorists notto do his duty for the public interest.
    I hope message is clear.

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  • Vinod , Udupi

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Parking needs to be automated at Mangalore airport.

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  • Mohandas Kapikad, Mangaluru

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Me too had same expirence a month back. On Exit the collector issued me Rs.60/- ticket & immediatly I questioned him. He promptly refused me saying it was mandatory to pay Rs.60/-. So I questioned the place where I parked was whether Premium or General, & so he had to answer. My next question was if I came from that lane how can I be charged for Premium. He asked me to stay for a while let people behind me collecting Rs.60/-. & then he returned me back Rs.20/-.

    It is not mistake of administration, but the public who should question or press hard for clarrification..& can may the collector alert altime. Simply lodge in complaint in Complaint Box if he persists this problem.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/ Mumbai

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    @Harsha Malhotra, Mangalore/New Delhi.
    Thanks for justifying your BJP Government as “Buka Peth”. I like your honesty.

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  • George Belman, Belman

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    >>>Victor Alvares, Mangalore/Bangalore Friday, March 16, 2012
    When I go on leave from Gulf, I ask my driver to wait at Kenjar till I give a call to him to climb and come to pick me up at the entrance of the airport to save Rs.60/-

    I am laughing reading this comment by Victor Alvares. Obviously Victor is rich enough to fly to Gulf spending thousands of rupees or live in Gulf earning lakhs but even before landing in Bajpe he has his plans set for saving 60 Rupees on parking fees. Wow!

    On top of it he appears to be so proud that despite a hi flying person he is saving 60 rupees. Heights of "jugad" or "me me" mentality in play here?

    Sorry but had to point this out. I can totally understand the frustrations of Mangalorean local public who frequent Bajpe but it is heights if people like Mr.Alvares who spends thousands of rupees on plane ticket is proud that he is saving 60 rupees.

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  • indian, india

    Fri, Mar 16 2012


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  • stan, dubai

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    In all the school/colleges they must introduce a new subject i.e. politics(how to be corrupt/cheat

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  • khalid, mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Nikol thks.. Ye mere sath b hua tha, jab 40 ka tck puchte he to bolta hai exit gate me baath karo , jab waha jate he to lafda karte hain , hume 60 hi dena padtha he ... Ye jhot hain, k kaam karne wala naya he , naya kaam karne wala nahi naya naya inka jhot hota hain..

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  • Harsha Malhotra, Mangalore/New Delhi

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Mr.Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/ Mumbai...

    it's not mistake of there's..50% population still lives below poverty line..!!! inflation is on high-raise..!! 'bhooka peta' paap karvatha hai..!!!

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  • Victor Alvares, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    When I go on leave from Gulf, I ask my driver to wait at Kenjar till I give a call to him to climb and come to pick me up at the entrance of the airport to save Rs.60/-.

    We have a good airport with a large parking area. But there is no one to oversee the erring drivers.

    People are simply parking the vehicles on the road and every where blocking way entirely.

    This should have been taken care of when the airport was inaugurated by the airport authorities. Now the skin has become very thick!

    Observance of strict traffic rules at the airport vicinity is the need of the hour for the seemless flow of the traffic and comfort of the passengers. Otherwise, it will be called as the cattle field and not the air port parking.

    After all the question is WHO WILL BELL THE CAT?

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  • Krishnaraj, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Well Done Nicolas,

    Airport authorities are looting public, It happened with me several times, So what the contractor claims it as one time mistake is not true.
    We all need to protest against this cheating if these kinda cheating continues.

    Thanks to Daiji for publishing this article and bringing awareness to the public.

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  • GBhat, Bantwal/Bangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    First of all govt build an airport on top of an hill where people are denied of mainstream/public transport. Even if people can afford to hire a car the parking rates seems to be exorbitant.There is no covered parking and long term parking facility. BIAL at Bangalore provides long term parking facility at the rate of 300 per day and 200 for every additional day (with no vovered facility. Mangalore airport should have similar facility. The food outlets in Mangalore airport are also not very encouraging for the local people. The facility for drivers in the waiting is also very poor.Iam really confused where all the Airport tax is really going.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/ Mumbai

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Jaisa Raja Vaisa Praja........

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  • Bennet Vas, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Many a time people just need to get dropped off at the Departure gate - the five minute so called FREE PARKING causes stress both for the driver as well as the Pax - hence a request that this five minutes be extended to Ten Minutes and it is upto the civic sense of the Driver & Pax not to block the entrance by indulging in Extened Good Bye's and hugging or garlanding etc.,

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  • Prahlad, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    I can comment only 3 words after reading this. Thanks to Nikholas.

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    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Yes in mangalore Airport the parking fare is very unscientific.Looting looting but looting.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [39] Reply Report Abuse

  • R.Bhandarkar, M

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    Park n Pay
    Making Hay
    Strict Rules May
    Avoid Dismay!

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  • prashanth, mangalore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012

    very good nicholas you have raised such a good issue.
    my second concern can airport management think also regarding airport exit road condition ?

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  • SURESH, manglore

    Fri, Mar 16 2012


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