Home Stay Attack - A Wake up Call for Mangalore

Home Stay Attack - A Wake up Call for Mangalore

By Dr Suhael Ahmed

(Dr Suhael Ahmed is a dentist (maxillofacial surgeon) from Mangalore. He can be reached on drsuhael@hotmail.com)

Mangalore, Aug 8: Somewhere in Delhi a husband calls his wife and says, “Our daughter has got good ranking in the entrance exam and has a reputed college in Mangalore as an option for her medical studies…shall we go for it?” Wife replies - “Mangalore??? the same place where a pub was attacked a few years back and girls were beaten the other day in that resort?….No way... Look for any option other than Mangalore….”

It is but natural for parents to be scared to send their child for education to a place where they think he or she is not secure. With the kind of negative publicity Mangalore has been getting of late, one may not be surprised if less and less number of students enroll for education in colleges in Mangalore in the coming days.

Who is responsible for this? Is it the outfits who indulge in moral policing, is it the students or is it the system?

Well, a lot of debate has been going on about this over the last couple of weeks. Nobody still knows what prompted the attack. But we surely know that the young victims are traumatized by the incident and that the Mangaloreans are fuming over the happenings in the once calm and peaceful city barring few incidents of communal tension.

As for the Morning Mist Home stay attack, the reporter who was the first to reach the spot has gone on record to say that his friend overheard members of a hindu outfit speaking about few a Muslim students enjoying with some girls in a resort and that they needed to be taught a lesson. But we don’t know how far his statement is true as we are only hearing one side of the story.
Some others believe, the same reporter had colluded with attackers just to make some money out of selling the video, which he thought would turn out to be a sensational one and which eventually did turn out to be one. This angle cannot be completely disregarded considering the fact that the cameras were focusing the girls from top to bottom, as to show that girls were scantily dressed and never focused on the attackers. Also the reporter did not call the police control room and only attempted to reach a police officer on his mobile,who he says did not receive his call. Did the reporter actually call the officer, or did he just give a missed call to later go on record that he had indeed called the officer. We don’t know.

There are a few others who believe that the Hindu Janajagrana vedike headed by Jagadish Karanth, who initially claimed responsibility for the attack, wanted overnight fame just as the fame garnered by Sri Rama sene following the infamous Pub attack in Mangalore a few years back..

Also there are rumours that it may be a case of extortion,and since the Home stay owner did not meet the monetary demands of the extortion gang they decided to disrupt the home stay business with this attack.

There are also very few people who say that the attack was needed as a wake up call to discourage students from partying and dressing scantily.

We all have seen what happened that evening in the Home stay and since the video was completely edited, we are left to imagine what all has happened that day. The Incident stopped just short of rape. There was trespassing, physical attack, loot and molestation.

Now what could be the repercussions of this incident? Due to heavy public pressure, the culprits might languish in jail for a longer time than they thought they would. The girls who were targeted in the attack would take some time to get back to their studies, although their mental bruises would stay with them for the rest of their lives. It would not be easy for them to take the fight forward and lodge complaint unless there is complete and constant support from all quarters be it their family, their friends and/or the society.

The boys who were attacked have vowed to fight for their honour as there were allegations against them and also their families. How far will they succeed, only time will tell.

The homestay owners could be busy receiving and replying to notices from various government offices until they are fed up and decide to shut down the home stay for good.

But after this incident, Mangalore city’s image has certainly taken a beating. If this continues, soon parents from distant places be it north India or Kerala, would fear sending their children to Mangalore for studies. For any parent, security of their child would be of prime concern. Also the students in Mangalore have contributed to the business in Mangalore by their increasing numbers. Mangalore which is seen as a tourist destination of the future could be reduced to a destination of least preference.

What needs to be done to prevent such attacks in future? Police department cannot be blamed entirely for such attacks. Police cannot be omnipresent. It takes some time until someone calls the police and the team reaches the venue. Before they reach the spot, the damage could have been done. Even the criminals do their homework about dodging the police. They too know that eventually they are going to be arrested and are well prepared for it. After all jails are only second homes for such hooligans.

If there is something that can be changed, It is the mindset which has to be changed. Few Citizens of Padil seem to be happy that the attack took place as they were made to believe that something illegal was always going on at the home stay and one would not be surprised if they welcome the culprits with garlands on their release from jail. These very citizens should be educated about the ill effects of such unprovoked attacks on the society.

Education plays an important role in grooming youngsters. Students should be taught to respect women right from their school days. Our institutions should discourage students from joining any communal outfit during their college days, be it a Hindu or a Muslim organization. Banning the organizations is no solution. Religious organizations need to act responsibly and work more towards promoting brotherhood in society rather than spreading hatred. Law should be amended; Organizations who own such attacks should be later made to compensate the victims and the damage caused to property. molestation should be made a non bailable offence (presently it is bailable). Mangalore is a not a huge city. If the police department wishes there can be a police outpost in every junction of the city with 2 police personnel always present in the outpost with bikes just to instill confidence in public. Most importantly, the media has to be unbiased which most of the present media houses in Mangalore undoubtedly are. Although heinous crimes take place every other day in our neighbourhood, not everyone talks about it. Incidents like this one and pub attack are discussed and debated so much, just because everyone feels they have witnessed it from their bedrooms through a television and the visuals leave a scar on everyones mind, be it young or old.

Let us hope that this was the last such incident in Mangalore and the various organizations would start using their resources in building a peaceful Mangalore. The Mangalore we once knew and were proud of.



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  • B.A.NAINAR, Hotel ResidencyGate,opp: Labour office,Bendoorwell. Kankanadi. Mangalore-2

    Tue, Aug 21 2012

    All readers pleace don't feel bad, what z real fat only know that people who made this party, each and every one given a comments it's only broomer, be case they know very well what's wrong and right, this all problem creat this politician they need a vote, I am not blame any party, but this incident all over world's people under stand indian politics and i thank to specialy daiji....

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  • Sandesh Shetty, Bangalore/Kudla

    Sat, Aug 11 2012

    Baptist D'Souza, Mangalore please dont create your own story none of them pull the dress of womens. They were half naked. I am not supporting anyone here neither those activists who beaten those girls nor those girls whom you call as innocent in your language.

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  • Lingappa A, Mlore/DXB

    Thu, Aug 09 2012

    Good article, let bygones be bygones , forget the whole damn thing and go ahead with your life. The accused will be released after some time.

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  • kvp, mangalore

    Thu, Aug 09 2012

    nice article...god bless u sir..:)...first upon try to understand the cause of attack...try to find genuine facts n incidents .blaming organizations or students is not the solution. i dnt y people r their allegations n opinions based on their religion & political . love each other ,respect each other.

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  • Kevin Pinto, Canada

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    As though Delhi is safe.The Mangalore incdent is blown out of proposition by vested interest of certain political parties to serve their own intrest.Why there are no protest when girls of certain community are compelled to wear head scarf inside the class room.

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  • Adith , Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    I certainly agree with Dr.Suhael Ahmed's point of view. It is indeed a pity to see comments like "no need for outside students to come Mangalore and make Mangalore Dirty...". Please come to your senses and accept the fact that the professional education sector is vital for the sustenance of Mangalores economy. Mangalore has become a world renowned education hub. There are very few cities in India that can boast of 5 medical colleges,3 dental colleges,over a dozen engineering colleges and colleges of repute with over a 100 years of history. Incidents like the recent attacks throw Mangalore in poor light and definitely cause a hit to brand mangalore and thereby dent investment into the city. No student would like to come to a place that does not offer a free thinking progressive environment.

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  • Baptist D'Souza, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Bharath, Mangalore, have you seen the girls are dressed half naked? All girls are neatly dressed and were wearing jacket. You would have seen the vedio photographs after the goondas pulled their cloths. Also, the party held between 2-4 and all children were waiting to go home. Your comments..

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  • shetty, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Mr Suhael..dont worry. Responsible parents will always send their children to Mangalore as they know someone will take care of their children from going the wrong way in their absence..Only thing they may fear is Love Jihad....

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  • Dolphy, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    everyone talking about Indian culture..can anyone highlight what is Indian culture.

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  • Durgadas Suvarna, BLORE/MLORE

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Sarita D'Souza, Valencia / Kuwait and Mangalorean, Mangalore mangalore is still a better and good place to leave in. Please dont act like living in fear as the BJP govt is ruling our state.

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  • Asha .P., Nagori

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Dear editor of Daji,
    section of the IPC for with withholding information not producing an eye witness MR JIMMY NAZERETH who fearlessly claims to be an EYE WITTNESS to the Illegal happenings in Morning Mist night and day.
    Peeping through the window my darling.?

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  • BABA, Dubai

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Dear Dr Suhael Ahmed
    Please answer my few quarries?

    Have they attacked on girls who working late night BPO’s
    Is there any Rape or assault case in Mangalore recent time?
    How many parties are attacked recent time?

    I’ve done my professional degree 15 years back & we use to have many parties together with my friends ( girls & boys ) nobody attacked us!!! Actually we much more cultured sophisticated people (parties arranged in Hotel & dressed well) you know.

    If you see all the professional colleges today, there is a trend on weekend parties. Having so many professional degree colleges around Mangalore & we have not encounter this kind of incident.

    One should introspect themselves why these people are attached rather then simply making noise & blaming some group.

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  • Shihab, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    What a comment by sgs12345.
    Hats off man....

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  • Richard Lobo, Shirva/Bangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Mangalore is know as a Education HUB. There is no much Industries and job Oppurtunities in mangalore which makes mangalorians to go out for Jobs.

    This is responsibility of each mangalorian to retain the Education HUB status to continue our economic activities and better place to our generation to come.

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  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Govt Administration & Police Force, Wake up! Please follow these simple & straight forward suggestions given by Dr Suhael Ahmed's and see the difference.

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  • suresh, mumbai

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    BEST COMMENT by Ravi Ahuja,barkur/new delhi.

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    Wed, Aug 08 2012


    DisAgree [116] Agree [33] Reply Report Abuse


    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    hello, KRPrabhu, Mangalore/Bangalore, what was your feed back to the news you have mentioned? Have you left your feedback as you did here?

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  • vijay, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Any wake-up call for Manipal??? For Manipal no HJV or any Mahila vedike to protest ( sorry molest )

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    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Doc's concerns are genuine as we compare olden days to present Mangalore.Such kind of Moral policing are based on commercial interest rather than religious.Those named in the morning mist were illiterate, unemployed goons who even stolen the jacket of one of the lady along with other valuables.I think if DK Police take some serious and non partial steps , there could be a sea change in the situation in and around Mangalore. Interestingly,no Sanghpariavr(HJV/BD)goons/troublemaker/law breaker's names were figured in rowdy list even after pub attack which creates hurdles in booking them under GOONDA ACT. In spite of all these disturbances, MANGALORE REMAINS ONE OF THE FAVORITE DESTINATION FOR EDUCATION AND PEACEFUL LIVING PLACE.

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    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    No parents like their children goes out of way. Parents who bother about Indian culture will not allow their children going out of way. Foreigners are following our culture now. Why should we follow foreigners culture. Some of the foreigners they talk any kind of velger words infornt of his wife, daughter and mother. But we Indians are not like that.

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  • sgs1234, UAE/Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Famous quote by Napoleon-
    The world suffers a lot…Not because of the violence of bad people,
    But because of the silence of good people!”
    Its time to wake up guys.....

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  • Rahul, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Good... no need for outside students to come Mangalore and make Mangalore Dirty...

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  • Ram Shetty, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Dear Dr Suhael Ahmed, when you know things are not good anymore in Manglore, why take risk? there are far more better collages in Pune so go for it.

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  • Alisten, Kundapur

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Good work by the people who attacked morning mist. Atleast by this lets c whether the outfit of the girls changes which leads to many crimes in India now- a-days......

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    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    There is NO place in this world is safe for girls but we need educate our children not to follow the wrong track friends circles leads them to bad ways and parents send thier children for educate them nowadays need to work hard for this money so humble request for the schools colleges hostel wardens to guide secure and strict time and decipline and please neeed to arrange one party hall for each students bday celebrations within the campus so they can have party time too atleast safe from these goondas girls wake up and concentrate more on ur career which parents work hard for u all god bless m'lore.after all in each student hand thier life to follow do not blame m'lore.......

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  • sheela, Mumbai, UAE

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Truth is allways bitter, difficult to swallow. No one is willing to accept it, unless there is no way.
    parents of childrens involved in the incident will be in dilemma, whether investigation may reveal untold stories.
    so childrens need to be obidient and loyal to theier parents, that will bring relief to parents.

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  • McQueen, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    True, even a place like America is not safe. killings, shootings, mugging etc, etc.. But the system is JUST there.
    It is indeed a thought provoking article.
    Mr. Vasant (udupi/ doha) , your comments are in poor taste. Does your family member need moral police? dont you have faith in your family members? CHEAP THINKING. grow up!
    Mr. KR Prabhu, you are right, there are other issues burning too. BUT, this(morning mist attack) is also an issue , nonetheless. this issue is being raked up by even the prominent citizens of mangalore.
    ETHICS to be followed by students studying, is a matter subject to debate on another day. BUT FOR NOW, WE HAVE TO FOCUS ON THE ATROCITIES COMMITTED BY THESE ROBBERS FROM hjv, WHO JUST STOPPED (as the writer of this article says), SHORT OF RAPE! THESE GUYS SHOULD BE MADE TO "chakki peesing" in jail for a long time

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  • Sarita D'Souza, Valencia / Kuwait

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    For the past three years when our elder daughter was studying in Mangalore, we spent sleepless nights after the Pub attack. Though our daughter was not the pub going type we were still apprehensive and prayed for her safety day in and out as they would occasionally frequent the malls and restaurants to celebrate birthdays. And now we chose to admit her for her Masters and our younger daughter for her college education in Bangalore since we feel that will be a little safer than Mangalore. Being born and brought up in Mangalore I feel ashamed to do this, but theres no way out. We were more free and safe during our childhood and youth.

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  • Ted, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    The Core problem is the Huge Rich-Poor Divide in Mangalore. It is common to find 10% Mangaloreans who constitute the affluent segment living in Palatial houses , driving Audi's, spending lavishly as if there is no tomorrow, However 90% Mangaloreans have still not tasted the economic success which India has seen for the last 10 years, with rising inflation they are always living on the edge. This frustration is released whenever someone creates an opportunity like the pub attack or the morning mist attack.

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Jayaram, you call these stay incidents? Mid day going into a pub or restaurants serving alcohol is a crime according to you? I believe 18 and above are legally allowed and they must keep their outlets open to recover large tax and fee paid to the govt to run their outlets. Why not you suggest your own govt to close all pubs, restaurants in Karnataka or force them to serve only, butter milk and Nimboo pani? Once govt giving license and charging fee, they should allow them to do business and strict action should be taken on those disrupt business and incur losses. If someone does not like to go to pubs, stay away and do not object on others individual right as per Indian constitution!!

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  • Mohandas Kapikad, Mangaluru

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Media is hectically trying to blow this news of out of propotion. Though the act of attack is to be condemned, the matter is extremely highlighted.
    Some question is never raised by media, as whether homestay/resorts carry valid licence ? Whether such place have installed CCTV camera ? Whether they maintain records of visitors or clients with xerox copy of ID as in Metropolitian cities ?

    Better give a balanced view than be one sided.

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  • Felix, Udupi

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Before the public memory fades, the Police Commissioner of Mangalore need to intimate all the police stations under his control to visit all the schools in their jurisdiction and build the confidence in the young minds boosting the image of the police and the trust in the law of the land. Let the students / teachers ask questions and the answers should be specific rather than beating around the bush! Any slippage will cost our society much more than already caused as the new generation will take control within a couple of years from now. Let the general public see police personnel in the public places now and then instead of sitting at the stations and patrolling to be increased. We can’t undone the incident but can learn from our mistake and failures. Let us given something special to our society during 66th Independence Day Celebrations… Jai Ho.

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  • Bryan, Bahrain

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Dr Ahmed, It’s evidence to so many things that are wrong in this state. I too would have done the same for my child, for the future of our kids, this state should change only if they DON’T encourage this outfits/crazy so called moral police to run people’s life, and then these individuals who do this don’t end up in jail, I don’t understand why we people should put up with these types of things. I think that the Indian police force system needs to change, if not completely then to some extent. It’s time to Wake up Mangalore for the betterment of our kids before it is too late

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  • KRPrabhu, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Guys,stop harping on the Homestay attack again and again and scribling mindlessly on the issue.Your gossip comments do not serve the purpose any way as too much greesing is equal to no greesing.
    If you are so much concerned about others in the soceity please turn to the pages of"Karnataka news" of your left and go to Haliyala news wherein Mangalavada Parishners are denied of their basic rights enshirined by the constitution and preparing to opt for mass suicide.It is realy pitable and matter of sheer shame to note that the so called enlightened people of Mangalore have opted to keep deadly silence over the issue of human rights voilation in Haliyala of Uttara Kannada.If you do not voice your concern,it is cowardly thing.

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  • Sudheer, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Dr., for your information here birthday was not for any college boy or girl. Guy who left college celebrating birthday party & girls who doent know birthday boy, came to celebrate. Is it birth day party???? Everyone condemn attacking girls, even I condemn but noone talking what college girls were doing there???

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  • jeevan, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Most of the peoples dont know the ground reality. Drugs abuse cases are increasing day by day in school as well as university leveal due to drug mafia. Why we hide the truth more than we are not against the decent gathering but sure against Rev party and Nanga Nach.

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  • Roshan D Souza, Dubai

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Dear commentors..First please read the article properly...This is the first article from Daiji, which focused on the real incident..

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  • Santosh, Udupi / Bahrain

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    I think the whole issue is being over exaggerated here.....its not safe to send our children to US - where 911 happened,batman shooting & gurdwara shootings happened, no Europe or Australia where racist killings are happening.....what about Mumbai or Bangalore or Delhi or any other place in India - are they crime free.....I am sorry Dr.Suhael - Mangalore is not as bad as you portray it to be

    DisAgree [39] Agree [90] Reply Report Abuse

  • Sudheer, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Dr. Suhael Ahmed, Why cant you think this way, parents think thier daughters cannot frick out with boys by staying at homestay for 2 days in the name of birthday party in Mangalore & concentrate more on studies???

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  • Blaan Mendonca, USA

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Uneducated versus education. The negative impact on the Mangalore city.

    DisAgree [19] Agree [63] Reply Report Abuse

  • Valerian Dsouza, Udupi/Mumbai

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    So called moral Police should first realize that THOUGHTS comes before action. If they really concerned of deteriorating moral values in society their focus should be on training human minds through seminarsForce will be counter productive if enforced through force,underground activities will go on. I hope some good sense will prevail hereafter

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  • Vijay, Bangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Yes Dr Suhael Ahmed. You are very much true and this is how people will identify M'lore.

    DisAgree [24] Agree [84] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jerome, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Events and celebrations like birthday etc can be celebrated safely and freely at the party halls of hotels which are authorised and legal.
    It is alarming to parents (especially middle class) that children spend Rs 10000 only for few hours as rental to celebrate their birthday.
    Most of the children do not understand how difficult their parents earn the money and sacrifice their own needs for the sake of children.

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  • vasant, Udupi / Doha

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    If any of my family member get a chance to study in Mangalore, i will verymuch support her as I can now rest assured that she will not end up in a homestay in scanty dress to celebrate so called birth day of someone she does not know!

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    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    It is of no use writing such highly effective article in Daiji World. Because all the 27 goons of Homestay attack, as well as most of the Saffron leaders, are all Semi-literates who can not read and write English, and Daiji World publishes only English Articles and comments which is like Chinese for Hinjave. Such satirical article should be published in Kannada so that it can reach the targeted group. But unfortunately we do not have any Kannada mainline newspaper who has got guts to publish such articles. Hence, I and my friends are writing to only Gauri lankesh weekly or Some Evening Kannada Newspapers so that atleast one person from Hinjave can read it and spread the message of it to other level headed people in Hinjave and other outfits.

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  • Vicky Menezes, Mangalore/Dubai

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Mangalore Is coming up and it is a very very nice place, with nice colleges and universities.... People from all over the world used to come to mangalore to study....But now mangalore is not safe at all.

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  • G1, Bangalore/Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Edella useless,unemployed thalibanigala mahime.

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  • Ravi Ahuja, Barkur/New Delhi

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Dr Suhael Ahmed..Even though so much incidents occured in Australia - still people do not hesitate go for further study to Australia. It's now day-to-day problem as we are digesting 'terrorism' and no body bother it much..as done earlier..Just check out in next academic year more of people pour-in to mangalore as compare to earlier years.. It's now people from all over the country/world..comes to know there exists good institutions around mangalore at one place - which are not available anywhere else..Earlier Mangalore/Udipi is just 'sleepy city'..and now it turns to one of busiest city..Everybody forget what's happened yesterday..It's human-beings nature..Please don't worry about it - if you dont wish to send your children's to mangalore it's up to you..don't ever try to discourage other's..better first of all send all your people to school so as to learn how to live in civilized society..Jai Ho..

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  • njc, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Dear Doctor sad to say that not only students from within India but even NRI parents are skeptical to send their children to Mangalore. Even most people would be uncomfortable to invest in Mangalore.
    Whatever be the motive behind the attack, we dont need any sort of moral policing in Mangalore. I guess the religious leaders of each community should educate their followers that women are to be respected no matter what. Gone are the days when the men would drink and beat up the wife and children.
    We should also make self defense classes mandatory from the very beginning specially to the girls so that they can defend themselves in difficult situations.
    Nevertheless your article hopefully manages to wake up the sleeping citizens and kindles in them the fire to protect the peace, harmony and brotherhood that once was a highlight of Mangalorean community.

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  • Jayarama, Udupi/Riyadh

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Yeah, sure two stray incidents will decide the fate of this city, first incident 40 ladies engaged in midday booze in a pub, chased and hit in a stage managed drama in front of the media and in later, poor dressed youths holed in a remote motel, chased and hit in stage managed drama in front of the media. First one was coinciding with Parliamentary polls, created all India sensation and the UPA was the beneficiary. Last one was coinciding with Anna's fast to down play the noble cause and not able to create sensations outside the state, because nowadays stage managed dramas losing sensationally. For the state level media and Congress this issue is still burning issue. But their focus should be on grim situation of Assam where 60 died and 4 lac homeless in present communal violence, which is a major human crisis. What about our capital Delhi where a female will not dare to venture out after 9 pm? Do you think situation is so bad in here?

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  • Patriotic Indian, Mumbai

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Dear Dr Suhael Ahmed,

    1. Violence of any kind should be strongly condemned especially against the weaker sections.
    2. Couple of days back one white supremacist in US killed innocent Indians who were praying in a temple in US. What was the fault of these innocent persons? Similarly an innocent Indian student in UK Mr Anuj Bidve was brutally killed in an unprovoked shooting. The culprit Kiaran Stapleton told the court he was not concerned about being sent to prison over Anuj Bidve's death.

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  • Mangalorean, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Spot on, I agree with you 100% since the educational institutes will be the worst hit and with our economy. I am already worried about my child in the school. These goondas will not hesitate to enter a school or college campus to create ruckus as the police are with them, the mentality of some students is same as thiers and the goverment is also with them.

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  • Shaun, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Dr Suhael I agree with you But Mangalore is anytime 100 % more safe than Delhi where every 5 Min there is one rape case

    DisAgree [2] Agree [14] Reply Report Abuse


    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    I agree that, whatever has happened was not good: In future one has to be very careful before taking any actions:
    I feel very sorry for the boys/girls who had been targeted:
    Those who were involved should be booked & punished immediately:

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  • Robert George, Dubai

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    It’s time we admitted our hypocrisy and duplicity. It’s irrational how the so-called custodians of morality, queue up themselves in front of cinemas showing women in skimpy dresses and gyrating to despicable songs. Are we in retrogression or succumbing to questionable moral values being imposed on unsuspecting populace? However, parents must keep a watch on their children and check whether such parties are a ruse to indulge in promiscuity. Discipline should be the responsibility of parents and teachers. Let’s not leave it to the self-proclaimed moral police.

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  • Jimmy Nzareth, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Whatever may be the reason, I am very happy because the unlicensed Stay Home is now closed. My sister who is staying near the Stay Home wanted to change her resident.The bedroom of her daughter is just opposite of the Stay Home, and she could watch the illegal activities of the stay home through the window.

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  • Naveen D'souza, Valencia-Kuwait

    Wed, Aug 08 2012


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  • Vincent , Mangalore /Dubai

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    I am Very sure, we will many more such incident will going to happen....Its time for next Election.
    We all know as the election gets nearer all local leaders try to make religious gathering like Saamajothswa ( It never happens after elections for 3 to 4 Years)
    Just before elections everything unwanted starts

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  • Rosemarie Pais, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Dr. Suhael, you have very well conveyed the sentiments of all peace loving Mangaloreans. We all hope and pray that the victims, especially the girls and their families get over the trauma and are able to peacefully get on with their lives. Hope justice is meted out to them and required action taken against the jobless, aimless, culprits.

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  • JK, Udupi/Dubai

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    If Delhi student doesn't want to join Mangalorean college, it is good let them study in Delhi only. At least our student can get the admission in our own city.

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  • Aadil Khan, Kasaragod, Saudi Arabia

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Excellent write-up.

    Very true, parents of wards think hundred times to send their wards to Mangalore or Manipal for pursuing their professional courses unless the present tarnished image of the city is changed.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [43] Reply Report Abuse

  • Bennet Vas, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Well analysed article by Dr Suhael Ahmed Indeed if these third rate characters hijack this city (Undoubtedly they have the Blessings of the present BJP set up)We will be ashamed to call ourselves Mangaloreans. Several thousand people have have had diverse views on this latest incident, but few have had the gumption to actually fight this case in the courts - except for a PIL filed by an advocate from Bangalore at the suggestion of the HC Judge. The core issue here is - Who has given the authority to these goons to dicatate to us what should be, could be or must be done ? Why do we we have to glorify these thugs belonging to fundementalists outfits ? We Mangaloreans consider ourselves to be enlightened - indeed most of us are, who have had the privelege of going to reputed institutions and comming from good family backgrounds What happened the other day was against all norms and so the Police have a good case on hand to nip this rot right away. If this is not put an end too immediatley, we will see another group - a bit more refined - taking law into their own hands and hammering up these thugs when they barge into any private party - and our City is known for socialising and all communities do have functions in which people mix around, have a few drinks, dance and enjoy themsleves, this talk of Indian Culture etc., is bull shit as could be seen by those uncultured brutes battering the boys and gorls and looting them. What a bloody disgrace ... The fact that the present BJP CM has made no statement condeming this incident is another story ...

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  • A.Prabhu, Kudla

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Dear doctor,
    While condemning Anything illegal I wish to add that just like all professions have a moral code like doctors and lawyers the press too have a code where anything cannot be presumed to happen nor can a reporter report an incident before it happens as they are not astrologers.
    When called to report an incident he has to Report the incident not file a report. Coverups happen in an operation theatre, in lawyers offices,in business houses etc giving rise to the famous "GATE" scandals
    Also remember Religion is the biggest enemy of mankind...wars, fights,litigations,attacks are all based on religion.We cannot mitigate religion but sure can control its effects.

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  • Bryan, Bahrain

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    I’m very proud of this woman for doing what she did. It’s evidence to so many things that are wrong in this state. I too would have done the same for my child, for the future of our kids, this state should change only if they DON’T encourage this Hindu outfits/crazy idiots so called moral police to run people’s life, and then these individuals who do this don’t end up in jail, I don’t understand why we people should put up with these types of things from our government. I think that the Indian police force system needs to change, if not completely then to some extent. It’s time to Wake up Indians before it is too late.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [14] Reply Report Abuse

  • Sanjeev Kamath, Udupi / Bahrain

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Very true. Although a true Mangalorean by birth and heart, we shifted our daughter, a student of medicine, from Mangalore to cool, serene and safe Pune. You never know when the pubs, drugs, dals and vedikes will ruin an innocent girl's life.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [38] Reply Report Abuse

  • R.Bhandarkar., M

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Mangalore is a place where 'Angels
    Galore'.Has glorious history of
    yore, of rich tradition and folklore.These incidents however nerve wrecking can never
    a hole into this reputation bore.
    For our dear Mangalore,with God's Grace, there's always 'GOOD IN STORE'

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  • Dr S Kamath , Mumbai

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    A Knee jerk type response by the Media Nothing of that type of inference hasbeen drawn by the General Public in fact many many of my friends are even putting their wards for Hostel in Expert coaching ,Mahesh Tutorials etc in Mangalore so that they get best of education at 11th 12th iteslf so that they can get their Eng .Medicals

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  • Asha, Nagori

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Dear doctor,
    Know your country first...
    The crime rate in Delhi is 80 percent more in Delhi than in mangalore... Please tell your friend to admit her / daughter in Delhi itself to see open rapes ,murders, bar shootings, BMW hit and run cases etc etc.

    DisAgree [40] Agree [23] Reply Report Abuse

  • AM, Brisbane

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    Excellent Article!!
    Unfortunately the people behind the attacks will never get this message..

    DisAgree [4] Agree [46] Reply Report Abuse

  • Alwyn, Mangalore - USA

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    It is simple and straightforward solution. Every one must understand the constitution of India and obey it. Once a person completed 18 years, he or she must responsible for their behavior! If any girls dodged and become pregnant, it should be their responsible to look it. No one have the right to attack if some make parties or having fun. If any illegal activities like prostitution, rapes, or late night dance is going on then inform the law authorities and media persons too.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [32] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rakesh shetty, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 08 2012









    DisAgree [126] Agree [31] Reply Report Abuse

  • jagdish, Mumbai, UAE

    Wed, Aug 08 2012

    One of the Best evaluated article of recent time in Daijiworld. it is indeed appreciable. As Dr. Suel Ahmed mentioned in his note we can hold so many people responbility for the entire incident, Offcoursr attackers stake will be a major one. If each and everyone in soicety act sensibly we prevent any kind of incident which going to defame mangalore in future. so my appeal is to all mangaloreans please think carefully as responsible citizens.

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