Udupi: Rama Sene Condemns Rave Party, Urges Ban on Valentine's Day!

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Udupi, Feb 9: Better late than never! A week after what was described by the media as 'Malpe Rave Party', self-proclaimed 'custodian of Indian culture' Sri Rama Sene has condemned the event, and urged district administration to not allow such parties again.

SRS secretary Kumar Malemar, speaking at a press conference criticised the district administration for permitting such a 'half-naked' party in the city. He demanded immdiate dismissal of officials who allowed the organisers to hold the party.

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He also stressed that people, specially youngsters should not indulge in celebrating Valentine's Day on February 14. "We should not encourage such foreign culture in our land. Sri Rama Sene is against it, and we condemn all such celebrations," he said.

Mahesh Bhat, Jeevan Neermarga, Praveen Moodigere and Sharath were present at the press conference.

Rama Sene also did not forget to condemn the 'dirty picture' incident in the state assembly by three BJP ministers.

This is perhaps one of those rare incidents where Congress, JD(S), CPM and Right Wing Hindu groups have been of the same opinion!

Demand for Raghupati Bhat's Resignation

Continuing its attack against the district administration and the government for allowing 'rave' party in St Mary's Island, Malpe, Udupi Congress unit has now demanded the resignation of Udupi MLA Raghupati Bhat. Speaking to media in Udupi, district Congress president Gopal Poojary criticised Bhat for participating in the rave party event and for not objecting to the happenings in the party.

Udupi district Congress leaders M A Ghafoor, Jaya Prakash hegde, Pramod Madhwaraj, Aveline Lewis, Raju Poojary, Sarasu Bangera, Mamatha Shetty, Ibrahim Manher, and others were present.

Malpe Rave Party - Exclusive Video

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    • Khan, bangalore

      Sun, Feb 12 2012

      These ram sena rowdies wake up only on valentines day , why the hell dint they protest against the Pornography in the assembly..they all want to enjoy pornsites individually....such criminals rule our country

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    • zenita dsouza, puttur, londonz

      Sun, Feb 12 2012

      I just don't understand, why the hell these people are against the Valentine day .... infact we have to be happy because we are spreading love and not hatred...
      these RS guys has big zero in their brain..they are half literate...jst want to fight without a cause... need to hang these guys...

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    • Simon M A, Mangalore

      Sat, Feb 11 2012

      Dear heads of Sena, and all, you people are crying against VALENTINE'S
      day.Do you know the actual meaning of
      Valentine or Valentine,s day ??? if the answer is not then you must go thru the history and try to understand about it or ask the purity of that word.

      Then your RAVE PARTY , there is no
      relation with the former and it
      may be a get together of drinking and some other immoral traffic
      pro gramme in the name of TOURISM only coducted there.

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    • Pami, Mangalore

      Sat, Feb 11 2012

      You can ban only 1 day in a year.... But for us rest of 364 days are valentine day , What can you people can do?

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    • Ben, mangalore

      Fri, Feb 10 2012

      Dear Rama Sena,

      You know what.... how much you protest these kind of days.... it will give a negative impact like if u argue not celebrate this day young guns of India(youths) will celebrate more and more, see some people do not even remember these days... Once you give a statement regarding this to media... it will get free advertisement and it will create one kind of Craze among the youths.

      My suggestion for you guys is its better to be quite in thse matters.... Lets allow all of them those who wants to celebrate.... If you do not want to celebrate be quite... and you know what we are in India its democratic country.... you cannot force in this matter.....

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    • Sudharsan Shetty, Mangalore

      Fri, Feb 10 2012

      Agreed Ramesh poojary , Bangalore our kangress support dont want rave parties in BJP ruled states, but are ok with the same party in kangress ruled states like Goa. Also they are ok with Valentine day which is also equivalent to such rave party.

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    • Ruchir Agarwal, Mangalore

      Fri, Feb 10 2012

      Ban on Valentines days is uncalled for.Valentine's Day is for women! It's advertised to men that they need to do something for their significant other, (but) there is nothing a man wants more than to be wanted! What better way to show it than on Valentine's Day! It's a great opportunity to shake things up in a relationship!

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    • Ramesh poojary , Bangalore

      Fri, Feb 10 2012

      Few people are against rave party but fine with Valentine's day. These people are confused and so biased and their main intention is oppose bjp irrespective of what is right or wrong. Shame on duplicate Congress spokespersons. Jai ho BJP.

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    • Dylan, Bangalore/Kudla

      Fri, Feb 10 2012

      These ram sena rowdies should be sent to the national borders, keep our country safe from foreign invasion if they cannot do it cross over the border join the neighbouring countries eg.,Pakistan,Afghanistan, China,Bangladesh.

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    • Pradeep, Mangalore/USA

      Fri, Feb 10 2012

      I can't understand the liberal mangaloreans. When saffron brigade attacks pubs and rave parties you spit at them and blame the administration. When administration supports rave parties under the garb of tourism then also you blame the administration. I think liberal mangaloreans should make up their mind which side they are on. I think the mindset is now of anti-administration regardless of what the issue. The biggest hypocrites in this are opposition parties who see a political mileage of this issue

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    • Naveen, Balmatta/Bangkok

      Fri, Feb 10 2012

      People who urges ban on Valentine’s Day their moves only to attract their baseless groups. I don’t know why some people cheer them up well knowingly supported by ministers who always into free lunch. Whoever wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day they will do in public either secret places. There is no such a law. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance.

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    • Devdas A., Mangalore / UAE

      Fri, Feb 10 2012

      Awasome!!! Ashwin...

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    • victor, Mang/Mum

      Fri, Feb 10 2012

      I strongly believe half naked in Rav parties and valentine's day celebration is far more decent than
      full naked and porns movies.

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    • st. paul, USA

      Fri, Feb 10 2012

      please define what a rave party...and do not define it in Indian context for God sake...as you are referring to people from the west. People from the west have a different culture, and this is also seen in places like mumbai, bangalore.

      On a different note, if u watch hindi movies, I would say that has a worst influence, so how is that Indian society does not realize and protest??? that's because it's entertainment!!! well to those who have protest the so wrongly called 'rave' party, correct your thoughts and be a practical saint!!!!! :)

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    • RAM, Mangalore - Bahrain

      Fri, Feb 10 2012

      Sri. Raghupathi Bhat (MLA - Udupi) visited why...?? to have BAJANE...?

      DisAgree [2] Agree [56] Reply Report Abuse

    • nelson, mangalore/dubai

      Fri, Feb 10 2012

      RAMA SENE take care of poor don't interfear some silly things like Valentine's Day do good things in the society, ur a obsticle on the path of karnatka(mangalore)

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    • vivek, mangalore

      Fri, Feb 10 2012

      Best exapmle for Double Standards.

      DisAgree [2] Agree [16] Reply Report Abuse

    • Ronald D, Udupi

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      I saw full video and did not find anything wrong! I do not see anything which connects to rave party! All we can see is people having fun! According to eye witness, there were no proper facility for toilet and sanitization. We cannot provide at least make shift toilets after charging through the nose! They could have rented mobile toilets!! Forget sewage treatment plants...where you need to pay millions to the MLA and ministers...maybe they will watch porn or nap in the assembly after taking million of bribes! Or make few thousand millions by their power!! We can only improve when we get rid of Crooks like falthu Rama Sene who vandalize in the name of culture….where their own culture is debatable which will land below the dignity of any mankind!! Because they are uneducated, unemployed and losing their employers of lately because of assembly episodes!!! This is gift/curse to people who made money and gained power in the name of God and religion!!

      DisAgree [4] Agree [41] Reply Report Abuse

    • Sandesh Shetty, Bangalore/Kudla

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      The reason for condenming is good, but by the wrong groups who hoisted Paki flag.

      DisAgree [4] Agree [38] Reply Report Abuse

    • haneef, dubai

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      First throw these sena guys to their native country Pakistan.. We dont need Pakistani flag hosters to protest here. Sena is trying to mask its own mistakes behind this scene..!!

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    • Ronald D, Udupi

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      This year Rama Sene of mangalore can not do anything!! If they try... fed up people may chase them like dogs!! SRS please do not get into further shame by talking or acting against Valentine day!! Only uneducated people who do not know what is valentined day only can speak ill about the day!

      DisAgree [4] Agree [29] Reply Report Abuse

    • Stan, Mangalore

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      In the name of gods these people are ready to do anything. In the name of cleaning up the Indian culture they destroy the very fabric of its peace and harmony by attacking minorities. We have seen what their party men do in the broad day light in the assembly hall. First let them give lessons of decency to their own party men and then educate the public. These ‘self-styled custodians of Indian traditions’ are (RS/RSS/BJD people) are 100% rouges. Lord Rama is only the excuse and their “Karma” and “Kama” is brought to light everyday.

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    • GERALD, Modankap-Bantwal

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      “VALENTINE DAY” Celebrations are coming and It was earlier few people only knew in India about Valentine but today everyone celebrating and the high credit goes to none other than “RAMA SENE” . Mr.Muthalik ( there is so many things to “BAN” in India but unfortunately this country is not ruled by you or your followers!!!! However, WE SHOULD BAN HIS RAMA SENE FIRST TO HOISTING ENEMY COUNTRY FLAD IN INDIAN SOIL !!!! BJP GOVT IS SLEEPING ON THE SERIOUS ISSUE !!!

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    • vivek, mangalore

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Time for people to use weapons for self protection.

      DisAgree [2] Agree [42] Reply Report Abuse

    • Ashwin, Bejai, Mangalore

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Vivian .. good 1 dude .. here's my Remixed version .. hope you like it ..

      YO BOYS ,, i sing song .. waste song .. flop song ..

      Why this Gundagiri gundagiri gundagiri..cheee ??

      kaila flagu only English k…

      Hand la flagu, mannas black-u
      Eyes-u full-reveng-u...

      Polee life-u , no wife-u…. ninna life-u waste-u

      Why this Gundagiri gundagiri gundagiri chee??? a cheee....

      party support-u , bhatta speech-u .. watching assembly porn-u ..

      why this gundagiri.. gundagiri.. gundagiri... cheeee...

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    • Justice, Mlore

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Why can't we start one Anti Rama sene squad... Lets trash the goons and anti social elements.

      DisAgree [3] Agree [66] Reply Report Abuse

    • Ashraf, Mdbidri/Dubai

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      "sleeping child" nice song...

      DisAgree Agree [19] Reply Report Abuse

    • Sumithra J ospeha , Kundapura

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Even rave partys are okay provided it does not cros the limits After all its high time that we open and change as the whole world changes Then only we can attract more popele to karnatka That should improove our realtionship with the west and will help our tourism industry to coem up in karnataka

      DisAgree [2] Agree [23] Reply Report Abuse

    • Mark, Udyavara

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      For me this look better than those UGLY scams & scamsters! Better know correct the ethical priorities!

      What is is unseen in our culture is more ugly!

      DisAgree [1] Agree [19] Reply Report Abuse

    • Louis, Kuwait

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Amin uncultured people are inside India even in Karnataka assembly, watching porn videos No need go to Canada or Australia. Why are you using English language if you think westerners are uncultured. Use Kannada man. Don't use computer or mobile phone even. Don't use electricity use Chimny. I haven't seen foolish people like you, who is following western things in his daily life but keep cursing them. I should say those who are against V. Day celebrations are impotents.

      DisAgree [3] Agree [38] Reply Report Abuse

    • irfan, Mangalore

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Rama sena .no rights for ban Valentines Day.

      DisAgree [7] Agree [92] Reply Report Abuse

    • A. S. Mathew, U.S.A.

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      If some people will use the title
      " JESUS SENE" for conducting anti-social activities and troubles in
      the society, I will fight so stronly with that group to take off
      the name " JESUS". This is the
      humble request to my HINDU friends,
      please tell them to take away the
      name "RAMA" from their title. Let
      them add any other word with Sene
      like "useless" rowdy" "trouble makers" etc...other
      than using a religious Deity.

      DisAgree [5] Agree [137] Reply Report Abuse

    • vivian, dubai

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Why this Gundagiri gundagiri gundagiri???
      kaila flagu only English…
      Hand la flagu, mannassd la dwesha,
      Eyes-u full-revengu
      Pooli life-, Kaali pocket….pardh daye encha??
      this song for Rama sene boys-u, we don’t have choice-u.
      Why this Gundagiri gundagiri gundagiri???

      DisAgree [7] Agree [108] Reply Report Abuse

    • Rajesh, mangalore

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Mr Rakesh shetty where were u when the rave party was on?? that too organised by UR bjp were u in deep slumber??

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    • Prashanth, Udupi / Bangalore

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      First ban all these unwanted Senas. These people wanted to be in news again!!!

      DisAgree [5] Agree [93] Reply Report Abuse

    • Dinesh, Sharjah

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Mr Muthalic & Malemar which gift you prefer for this Valentines day? Pink chaddi? Chappals? bangles? make-up(black ink)? what else?. First correct your own BJP ,BD, Ramasene brothers who watch dirty picture in assembly, hoisting PAK flag in Sindhagi etc etc. Clean your own house, correct your own people and then think of others.

      DisAgree [3] Agree [89] Reply Report Abuse

    • Tony Francis, Udupi

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Mr. Vinaya, whatever had happened in the Parliament is an Indian culture yaar! Try to understand the followers of Indian culture. Whatever BJP/RSS do that is Indian culture, rest all is a foreign culture.  Its very true that 'Kudla' has become very very famous and everyone has now discovered MANGALORE! Jai Ho.

      DisAgree [3] Agree [58] Reply Report Abuse

    • Edwin Nazareth, Shankerpura. Udupi

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Rama Sene or Bajrangadal or any others may stoped the R.party but they were scared to cross the sea also organized by there own parents BJP. but dont worrey Valentine's day they will become hero's.

      DisAgree [4] Agree [59] Reply Report Abuse

    • Rakesh Shetty, mangalore

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Friends we should not support this party we should bann this such activities and nonsense. Jai hind.

      DisAgree [62] Agree [26] Reply Report Abuse

    • Lambert, Bijai, Kelarai

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      First of all i would recommend that all members /enrolling members to Political parties /Social and unsocial associations like Sri Ram Sene, Bajrang Dal, KFD, Pucl .... should be sent to classes under strict observation of unbiased educationists with support from Police and armed forces where strict moral/discipline can be given to our numerous so called educated as well as uneducated leaders of all political/religious and social organizations along with eager youngsters who want to enter this arena as rightfully, next 10 years they wiil be our leaders and we don’t want 100 more scandals multiplying when they rule.

      The Armed/police force along with teachers, HMs and Principals should be involved to give advice and discipline for further enhancement of their skills in society, as most of them have ignorant views in tackling small issues which in turn can snowball into a wide issue and tarnish, humiliate and bring bad history to families, regions, states and country as a whole. As stated by our own DK in charge minister also in charge of I& T ministry saying he does not know how to forward a message then you can understand how he can head state IT ministry which he is entrusted with. All recent front pages bring bad reputation to the state.

      Let law be passed so that all citizens wanting to join political, social, religious parties/organizations have basic criteria/education and social knowledge to work for respective causes. Let them be educated at state expense so that they can take our state forward and bring laurels to INDIA instead of bringing bad name and fame as shown earlier through scandals, communal riots and moral policing in our state which is taking us backward in all spheres. All wrong can be erased from minds of society through cooperation and equal contribution from members of social organizations, political and religious heads of all communities with main participation of the common man who is the kingmaker who sends someone to the top to look after their needs and views and not the round way. May god give our state a respite from all scandals and bad reputation in coming years?

      DisAgree [4] Agree [28] Reply Report Abuse

    • amin, Mulky

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Very good Sri Rama Sena, try to stop all the people in Mangalore who celebrate valentines day, we dont need european dirty cultured people in Mangalore..they can go to their second home (Australia/Canada).

      DisAgree [159] Agree [14] Reply Report Abuse

    • Nancy, Belman

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      The people who says Valentine day is western culture must first ban (stop) using western instruments like computer, internet, mobile etc...If celebrating valentine day is western culture then using those IT things also western.

      On Feb 14, bachelor/spinster take your parents, sisters brothers to out and spend the day along with them. If married take your spouces and kids. Just dont write the comment for commenting purpose. If alone then spend day in prayers. Valentine Day is to show love to loved ones.
      And Lovers, dont give chance to these RAMA SENE to harm you.


      DisAgree [11] Agree [192] Reply Report Abuse

    • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      At last this Rama Sene woke up from their sleep...!!!??? Not because of rave party which they enjoyed......only to stop Valentine Day celebrations..!!!??? They do not have any other agenda other than opposing the other than Hindu traditions ....!!??

      DisAgree [3] Agree [119] Reply Report Abuse

    • Vinay, Udupi

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      At last the sleeping partners (Rama Sene) have woken up from their sleep. They are unaware of all the acts that occurred in assembly. They have got a main agenda of Valentines day now to be in limelight. Yes Mr. Kumar Malemar, you are not too far from Krishna Palemar. Just erase the M from Malemar and add P so that you too can be a famous figure like Palemar. By the way who are you stop people from celebrating Valentines Day. Is watching blue film an Indian culture. Are you a registered organization to take law in your hands. Why did you people not raise your voice on all that act that happened in the assembly. You people just want to be in limelight and look out for some agenda, but your agenda should not hurt the BJP.

      After all Mangalore has become famous now.

      DisAgree [2] Agree [120] Reply Report Abuse

    • RP, Mlore

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Sometimes I wonder what is the SRS agenda or programme. Are they formed for the benefit of community or disruption of community? If I get a handsome monthly payment other perks, I dont mind joining SRS instead of working hard for a living, as one does not need brains to be in SRS. Once a friend rightly commented: "The best professions today are (1)Politics (2)Films (3)Underworld" Why Study!!!

      DisAgree [4] Agree [77] Reply Report Abuse

    • Herald, Mangalore/Dubai

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Come on guys, listen to them. They are real patriotic group. They love our country. They are not looking for any Milage. Cancel the event. Clear the place. May be they want to Hoist Neighbour's Flag.

      But.... what is this Rave party? why have you used the picture with non Indians/westerns? If this how the party is....then better there no party. Valentine's day is to express your love to your partner not "Just" to enjoy the day.

      DisAgree [2] Agree [77] Reply Report Abuse

    • Ronald D, Udupi

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Jokers want be in news again!! Living examples of dirty hypocryts!! I wonder if there is any takers today for Mutalik and his chelas out there to spoil common mans happiness!

      DisAgree [3] Agree [81] Reply Report Abuse

    • anup, mangalore

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      No mention of Paki flag? Ban them first!

      DisAgree [5] Agree [98] Reply Report Abuse

    • lobo, mangalore

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      Jobless creatures of Sri Rama Sene do some better job like cleaning the beaches,city,fish market,bus stand.Lord Rama never poked his nose in others life. But you do poke your nose every now and then
      Get a life useless jerks. If you want to ban then ban ministers who watch porn's in the assembly from our city.

      DisAgree [6] Agree [190] Reply Report Abuse

    • DODDANNA, Damaskatte/Abudhabi

      Thu, Feb 09 2012



      DisAgree [9] Agree [130] Reply Report Abuse

    • Sandeep, mangalore

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      First ban rama sena

      DisAgree [10] Agree [217] Reply Report Abuse

    • paddu, mangalore

      Thu, Feb 09 2012

      The people are opposing rave pary,dirty picture then Valentine's Day should be banned.Otherwise they are opposing rave pary and dirty picture only for politics !

      DisAgree [19] Agree [96] Reply Report Abuse

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