Mangalore: Geometrical Problem - 'Oval' Circle Stumps Commuters at KPT Junction

Mangalore: Geometrical Problem - 'Oval' Circle Stumps Commuters at KPT Junction

Prakash Samaga
Pics: Ramesh Pandith
Daijiworld Media Network – Mangalore

Mangalore, Dec 27: In what can be termed as the height of experts’ apathy, a circle at the center of the road meant to ease traffic movement has turned out to be an oval!

The circle located near KPT junction, literally ‘egg shaped’, not only confuses the vehicle drivers, but has also paved way for many minor accidents.

Sources said that the state government had given 3 cents land under SC/ST quota for commencing a private petrol bunk agency. However, now one can witness approximately 15 cents being encroached upon by the petrol bunk, as a result of which, the road from the Airport joining the highway has come a little way ahead. This in turn has resulted in the circle becoming an 'oval' and led to traffic congestion.
Praveenchandra Shetty, member of Road Transport and Road Safety Committee affiliated to Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry told Daijiworld that there have been repetitive accidents taking place due to unscientific circle at the KPT junction. He added that the Karnataka Polytechnic College principal too complained to the district administration regarding the problems faced by the students in the college while crossing the highway, but to no avail.

“The road work done by IRCON was a pilot project, as it is involved in projects connected to railway lines. Their experiment with road project has turned out to be futile," said a senior citizen who did not want to be named.
Police sources said that about a few months back, a pillion rider on a bike died in an accident at the ‘circle’ after a lorry ran over him. Heavy traffic congestion is a daily scene at the junction during peak hours. Minor accidents seem to be a daily occurrence at the place.
Another vehicle user commented that he has not seen an oval replacing a circle anywhere in the country. He urged the district administration to rectify the error caused and to take immediate steps.


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  • shane, mng/dxb

    Mon, Jan 14 2013

    what a mess on the heart of city.. which is transforming into International standard city. But Infrastructure here is very poor and small town/or village standard. Wake up our political leaders election is on the cards. Now the time to show your sincerity to the voters or you will kicked off on your ass next election.

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  • javeed khan, mangalore (kuwait)

    Sat, Dec 29 2012

    very confuse 2 turn or take diversion from circle ! better idea is that 2 make fly over bridge! so we reduce accidents! & safety to passengers,also those hu walking in foot path.

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  • John, Mangalore

    Sat, Dec 29 2012

    The situation at the moment demands a traffic light signal at that roundabout or ovalabout and latter the authorities can think of a flyover. Prople talk about right of ways....which is not possible in India as we all know that all think they are important and they should go first. Right of way is possible in other countries because they adher to that rule. Only solution for us here at that ovalabout is having traffic light signal.

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  • Jacobnelson, Bejai

    Fri, Dec 28 2012

    Very bad design of junction to approach vehicles.
    Previous DC Mr. Subodh Yadav had taken back additional land being encroached by petrol bunk now again all back to normal once DC got transferred.

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  • Derick Rego, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 28 2012

    Dear Mr. Golden, I think calling it a " traffic Island " is more appropriate in enlish language. Only in the Gulf , it is called " round about ".

    Let's also consult Mr. Dinesh Poojary !

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  • Golden, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 28 2012

    "OVAL CIRCLE" in traffic language is know as "ROUND ABOUT".

    "ROUNDABOUT" is the best junction For intersection on the main roads. Having said that it is NOT suited for India (at least for Mangalore) as we are in very much uncivilized era of traffic manners.



    I hope our RTO's soon start making justice for the job and bring traffic civilization in DK & Udupi district.

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  • Ahmed, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    Mr. Dave, Mangalore,
    Totally agree with your comments. In other civilized countries, rules and regulations are followed strictly. People respect each other which we lac here. For us, the one coming from right has the priority, the one coming from left has the priority the one coming from center also has the priority. All are in a hurry and on rat race. No respect for fellow Indians at all. Educated the next generation is only some hope.

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  • Joe D'Souza, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    Thanks to Mr.Prakash and Mr.Ramesh of Daijiworld for publishing this sorrowful horror scene. You both deserve Public gratitude. You have mentioned about 15 cents to Petrol bunk but you have missed one lane they use for washing Express buses belongs to private company.
    Angry Young Man said it very correctly in His comments about corrupt Political System. Another big problem is that Corrupt Kings are using this junction to visit Circuit House for their corrupt acts thus creating traffic nightmares as Security Vehicles stop rest of the traffic. I feel sorry for Traffic East Police because they have to protect these blue film watchers as well as control traffic too. Thanks to East Traffic officers.

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  • nagesh shetty, surathkal/bangkok

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    The Authorities in charge of the KPT "Oval" please for heavens sake DONT plant shrubs there and obstruct the Drivers View.

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  • praveen, surathkal/Dubai

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    Perfect example of Indian in-experience engineer building bridges and roads, very sorry to say. probably does not have any experience of building round about
    First of he should have made a round about in a slightly bigger diameter as we have airport and city road joining highway and there is no issue of space around
    2nd we People doesn't have knowledge driving in the round about very simple

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  • Dominic Dsouza, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    The traffic island at Nantoor junction is absolutely crazy. Who was the brilliant person who designed this junction ?

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    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    One Over Bridge at KPT to Bejai & another at Nanthoor to Kadri All Traffic Problem will Solve.

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  • vicky c, mangalore/dubai

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    Better to build a flyover near the intersection.

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  • Angry young man, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    What nonsense. A circle in the middle of a 4 lane national highway. Some readers are suggesting traffic lights and a fultime policeman. If India is to be called as a developing nation, it should first have express highways with uninterrupted traffic with approriate flyovers whereeever necessary.. Currently such highways are not there and cannot be possible if the existing corrupt political system continues. Till then common man suffers with "circle" around his neck. We Indians really need to grow up.

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  • AR Kunil, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    Make a straight-line allignment of the KPT and Circuit-House Road and make a bigger circle otherwise the problem will not solve.

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  • Rohidas Kamath, Mumbai

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    It is not geometrical problem. It is greedological problem of useless politicians. These politicians want their share in each and every activity. Live long our corrupt, incompetent politicians.

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  • Guru, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    if KPT circle/oval an issue, what about the circle/oval or whatever you call which is now created in Nantoor? Traffic halts daily at non sense created at Nantoor.

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    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    Mr.uday in your comments if you ask the department to appoint a full time traffic police men than what is the meaning of the circle?and the circle should be in the shape of the circle not in oval shape.

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  • uday, mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    Appoint a full time traffic policemen there then everything will solve.. we often see a traffic policemen busy with his mob. somewhere in the corner.. traffic dept must train their policemen to behave well with the public in case of traffic jams most of them will abusing in bad languages...

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  • Aam Admi, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    No surprise, its the outcome of inactive and in experienced traffic dept.Wondering when the traffic dept will upgrade to inernational standards.

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  • nishan, surathkal

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    yes it is very confusing to turn there.
    nanthoor junction is 8th wonder

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  • George D'Souza, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012


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  • Dave, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    We can debate about the shape and size till the cows come home!!! We first of all need to admit as motarists we either lack traffic sense or we are just ignorent. To add to this we have the most lasiest traffic police and most ineffeicent system who fail to install a simple solution of traffic signals,atlease they can do this, as in person they have no impact on the traffic anyways. Our RTO has to first implemet rules where people are educated about road manners which people in managalore have no idea about. classsic expamples.. no body gives way to anyboday !!! If you are taking a U turn you will find a auto or car parked and busy chatting on the phone and will not even care to move the vehicle and expect you to go reverse and adjust your self ..... and dont even make the mistake of asking the person why are you not following rules.... you will be treated with a mouth full of abuses.
    So i guess the problem is within all of us..I GUESS THE SOLUTION IS students to should have a seperate subject on traffic rules and manners atleast our future generation will be more civilised than us....

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  • S.D'sa, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    Reduce size of the circle automatically get more space for the vehicles to move easily.

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  • Amin Bhoja, Patte / Riyadh

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    Geometrical problem,I think we can solve through the traffic lights,a easy one,This is only my suggestion please.

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  • satish, kudla/sydney

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    @paul d`souza, balakunje .....paul anna.. adding some more points ..i can say our police are very buzy in small cut roads parking their jeep in corners (mostly unseen) and checking for cheaper helmets and other docs like insurance...etc.etc.. for two wheelers safety....

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  • N.M, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    This is the great Indian Jugaad!! (Or quick fix solution)

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  • V. Shettigar, Udupi/Dubai

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    This "Geometrical problem" is nothing compared to other metropolitan cities like bangalore, mumbai, delhi. People there travel through such junctions and even much worse r roads even after building up fly overs which unfortunately doesn't fall on their way to home. And here in mangalore where the population is less compared to other big cities are facing problems.
    One of the best solutions would be just a signal on the junction.

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  • Thomas, Dubai, Mangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    Dear Corrupted leaders, where all the tax paid money still in the swiss bank? oh dear please utilize some funds here and make our roads safer. Don't kill innocent people for your pleasure.

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  • Rayan, Udupi

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    Yes I have gone through that side and this new shape has created more accidants and also more traffic blocks.Even at nantoor juction old one was better now creates more n more traffic blocks.

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  • vinod, mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    The triangular structure near near bunts hostel circle is confusing while coming from city hospital road and travel to pvs.some vehicles go through left and some goes through right of the structure.Can some one tell what exactly has to be done in the situation.

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  • C Sharath, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    Illegal occupancy of extra Land than which is allocated by SC/ST quota to a commercial establishment or any individual is difficult to evacuate, even if goes to court it will rot there for the life time, thanks to such strong reservation politics of our country.

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  • paul d`souza, balakunje

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    Road work & design of the road looks good but the problem is awareness of the driving rules are very poor all over in our country. This can be said other way.... NAACHNEKO NAHI AATHA.....AANGAN THEDA....!!! Side raod passenger either from BONDEL OR BIJAI must stop on that spot & must given priority to highway drivers. It is not happening there. i never see any traffic police on that crucial point. May be they are bussy with catching cattle vans.

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  • Vijay, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    with the increase in population and also vehicles its sooner or later there is a need for flyovers at major connecting junctions. we also need speed limits for buses and trucks, horns with lower sound. no matter how big a circle is made in a few years time that circle will still look small and flyovers are the only alternative. we also need subways or tiny bridges for people to cross the streets.or else it will be like a puzzle to cross the roads with vehicles coming from 3-4 sides. its just a matter of time when mangalore will follow in the footsteps of foreign countries with regard to road development and management.

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  • naufal, uddabettu

    Thu, Dec 27 2012

    I think flyover is fine solution.

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