MCC elections - Is Congress taking Christian community for granted?

MCC elections - Is Congress taking Christian community for granted?

Political Correspondent
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore

Mangalore, Feb 25: Saturday February 23, 2013, was the last day for filing nominations for the civic polls in seven urban local bodies (ULB’s) in Dakshina Kannada district which are going for polls on March 7, 2013. As such, all major political parties finalized the list of names of their candidates on the final day, thus putting an end to the apprehensions of many hopefuls who were trying for their party’s nominations.

The Congress party also released the list of 60 candidates on Saturday for the 60 wards of Mangalore City Corporation. The Congress is determined to get back its hegemony over the city corporation which it lost to the BJP in 2007, for the first time in two and half decades.

Though the list has put an end to the suspense of who is in and who is out, it has also led to displeasure among the sizeable Catholic community, one of the main supporters of the Congress in Mangalore for years. Their main grouse is that the Congress has given tickets to only five Christians as compared to the seven they got in the 2007 polls. Many Catholic leaders, party functionaries and even commoners have expressed their dismay and anguish over the treatment meted out to Christians by the Congress party by the meager representation given to them. Even the seven seats they allotted to Christians in 2007 is said to be a big let down because in the 2002 elections when late Blasius D Souza was at the helm in district Congress, Christians were given 11 seats in the city corporation elections.

Naveen D'Souza, Jacintha Alfred, Greta D'Silva, Sabita Misquith, Lancelot Pinto

The party this time has fielded five Catholics namely Sabitha Misquith from Shivbagh, Lancelot Pinto from Bejai, Jacintha Vijay Alfred from Falnir, Greta D Silva from Valencia and Naveen D Souza from Bendoor. One more seat is allotted to Vinay Raj from Court Road, who belongs to the Jacobite sect. But Roman Catholic community feels they have been allotted only five seats. Nevertheless, Christians feel that the ommunity is let down by the Congress party by allotting only five seats to the community. The protestants are also a miffed because there is no representation for them.

As if to prove the point Christians are pointing out that the JD (S) which released its list on Saturday, has given adequate representation to Christians, which they feel should put the Congress to shame. The party has given 9 seats to the Christian/protestant community, which reinforces that Christians are indeed a force to reckon with in Mangalore.

The community leaders are also pointing out that the party had allotted 11 seats to the Muslims 2007, another major vote bank of the party. This year too they have been allotted 11 seats and Christians argue that while the Congress has not risked incurring the wrath of the Muslims it has been very inconsiderate to the sentiments of the Christian community even taking a calculated risk.

All is not well

Needless to say the attitude of the party has come as a big shocker for the Christians who now feel badly let down by the Congress and are wondering whether the Congress party, whom they have been supporting all these years, is taking their support for granted. They also wonder why the Congress took the risk of displeasing the community at a time when there is a strong demand to allot the Mangalore MLA seat to the Christian community in Mangalore.

In the 28 member selection committee formed by senior Congress leader Janardhana Poojary, who is in charge of these elections for selecting the candidates, there were only five leaders of the Christian community namely J R Lobo, Ivan D Souza, Naveen D Souza, Ashith Pereira and Arun Coelho. While this representation itself was inadequate in a 28-member committee, the party has rendered another blow to it by reducing the representation which the community truly deserves.

According to reliable sources, Congress leaders of the district are apprised of the community’s displeasure on the injustice done to them. When daijiworld spoke to Ramanath Rai, District president of the Congress, he agreed that the party should have got two more seats considering the population of the community and loyalty to the Congress. He however, said that it was not intentional and the fact that there were not many applications from the community coupled with the reservation factor that has to be followed, made it difficult for the party in deciding the candidature. Ramanath Rai stated “Congress party has always responded favourably to issues involving catholic community. We have given seats to all those who have applied for it. The problem was that there were not many who sought party tickets in the general category wards and we could do nothing”.

Congress leader Ivan D Souza, one of the aspirants for the MLA seat from Mangalore, when contacted said that the present situation cannot be compared to what it was at the time of late Blasius D Souza, largely because the equations have changed considerably following the reservation of seats. He also pointed out that Christians have not come forward to file their candidature in most of the wards apart from the reserved areas. “Wherever Christians have applied they have been allotted the seats. I feel that there should be active participation of our community leaders who are capable of winning from any ward. They should be confident to face the voters even in those areas where Christians are in minority”. Ivan denied that the Congress party has taken the support of Christians for granted.

Former Commissioner of the city corporation J R Lobo, also one of the strong contenders for the MLA seat from Mangalore, agreed that there has been some injustice and that the matter has been brought to the notice of Congress leaders at the helm. Though he said it was unintentional, the party leaders now want to ensure that all the five candidates win the elections and help the party to come to power. “It is not the number that matters. Now we have to ensure that we win all the seats allotted to us. Otherwise there is a danger looming large and community will suffer a huge setback at a time when the assembly elections are in the offing”, he pointed out.

Lobo also stated that the party leaders have now promised that if wins the MCC elections, justice will be done to the community as the party can nominate five seats to the Corporation and due representation will be given to the community by nominating some members.

IFKCA State President Michael Baptist has also brought to the notice of the Congress leaders the displeasure of the community. He has also urged them to give due representation to the community in all the elections.

Neither here nor there

Corporator James D Souza has found himself in a situation of being neither here nor there. James who was in BJP had recently joined the Congress party as senior party leaders like Ivan D Souza, Ramanath Rai and even Oscar Fernandes had requested him to rejoin the Congress and had promised party ticket. He was flabbergasted when his name was not found in the list and he is now contesting as an independent candidate. So Ramanath Rai is not fully right when he says they have given tickets to all those who asked for it. Moreover, Ramanath Rai agreed that he along with Ivan was instrumental in bringing James D Souza back to the party fold and that he had tried his level best to get the party ticket to him but could not succeed. Ramanath Rai sounded as if he was helpless as he was unable to fulfill the promise given to James D Souza.

According to reliable sources, it is said that one of the Christian members of the selection committee had opposed James’s candidature tooth and nail on flimsy grounds. This member even cited the example of James supporting the action taken against the illegal water connection scandal involving a reputed catholic hospital of Mangalore, a few years ago.

J R Lobo, however, refused to comment on the fiasco arising out of denial of party ticket to James D Souza saying he was not involved in the matter of either bringing him back to the party or opposing his candidature. He said the party leaders are seized of the matter and would do justice to the community. At the same time he pointed out that community candidates fighting elections against one another, is the biggest threat faced by the party candidates who are in the fray.

In the meantime James D Souza had decided to contest as an independent candidate from Maroli ward. James had joined the BJP after his expulsion from Congress for supporting the candidature of Kavitha Sanil for the chairmanship of one of the standing committees of the Corporation. Speaking to daijiworld James says “It was shocking for me not to find my name in the list of candidates. I was brought back to the party at the insistence of senior Congress leaders. Now this man (Janardhana Poojary) has said no for my candidature by heeding to the complaints of people who consider me as a threat to them”.

When pointed out that his changing of the party in 2007 might have been the reason for denying the ticket he cited the example of Kavitha Sanil who had contested as an independent candidate from Pachanady, Vishwanth who contested from Alape and Harish from Idya as independent candidates but getting party tickets this time.

The Catholic community leaders now want to ensure that they win whatever seats allotted to them so that they have the bargaining power when it comes to getting ticket to the assembly seat in the forthcoming elections. But the displeasure of the community which has been brought to the notice of the Congress leaders should be an eye opener to the leaders they cannot take the community support for granted, always.




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  • albert, mangalore

    Sat, Mar 02 2013

    If you are talking candidates based on religion & caste, why balming BJP as communal party? Its Congress and JDS are hooking minority votes as they are considered as 'vote banks". It is really funny that christians are voting congress with out using their brain!!

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  • oswald, kankanady

    Fri, Mar 01 2013

    Also the corporator like judith mascharenas we never get candidate like her she was working day and night for people, even though she was in janata party people never bothered which part she is from but people voted the person now days this is not happening.there is no eligible candidate to choose.

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    Fri, Mar 01 2013

    Youths, youngsters should come in this MCC election and show their ability in doing the improvemental and developmental activities providing basic needs, requirements for the people and not senior and so called winning horses should not be given seat as they are doing nothing for the respective wards.

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  • vinod pinto, bajjodi,maroli,mangalore

    Thu, Feb 28 2013

    James dsouza has been serving our ward since 15 years....seeing the good work we all catholic people voted him in 2007 election when he contested from bjp...we only voted for james not for bjp....even this time our maroli ward people will vote for james bcz we will never ever get a peoples corporator like james....our area response for james is very good....and for all above people i just want to tell....plz enquire about james and his work for the ward from past 15 years....he is been corporator from 1983....this time maroli ward in mlore is going to choose comnon people's man james...we wish him all the best.

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  • uday, mangalore

    Wed, Feb 27 2013

    I agree with A I Dias..Dont see community or the person who is able and work for you.

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  • Vivian D'Douza, Mangalore

    Wed, Feb 27 2013

    Can anyone compare late Blasius D'Souza or late Antony D'Souza with
    today's so called leaders like Navin D'Souza,Denis D'Silva,Stany Alvares and others?What these people have done to our community? Thats why senior leaders like Janardana Poojary take Christian community for granted.Because these leaders have no guts to question him.When JDS offers 9 seats to Christians Congress gives only 6. Where are MLA candidates Ivan D'Souza and J.R. Lobo?

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  • C.G.Shenoy, Mangalore

    Wed, Feb 27 2013

    Bhandarkarmam ani Julietbai,
    tumchigele kassal natak maraya?
    Amchigele abyarthi MCC electinantu
    deulyati ani tumi doggaim tankam
    makkar kartat navem?Kassal tamashe
    factory tumchigeli?Mhakka ekkui samzana maraya.Tankam bodd hunnu ani tumkam?

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  • Vishal D'Souza, Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 26 2013

    My Christian Brothers & sisters will never understand even though they are marginalized. Vote for BJP & you will come to know the real effect and value of votes. Congress is considering the votes of Christians & other backward classes for granted which is known to all... but what to do? Our Christian brothers & sisters will never learn. At least learn from Goans please if you can.......!

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  • vinesh jude Menezes, Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 26 2013

    I remember Late John D'souza who was corporator from Kulshekar, padav ward. was very hard working and sincere corporator and congress worker.
    Done lots of good work in during his tenure as corporator and people in Kulshekar still talk about his good works.

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    Tue, Feb 26 2013

    Those who have been given seat for contesting in certain wards have contested and won many times and have become corporators. In the beginning they have done good work in the elected wards and now they have become lazy corporators. They are not providing us the basic needs and not attending the wards developmental activities properly. They just try to encash the votes of christians community and after winning and becoming corporators ignore them completely. Such attitudes should be changed and they have to attend their wards works with enthusiam and sincerety. Whats the use of becoming corporators and doing nothing for the respective ward people.

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  • Santhanm, Kateel/USA

    Tue, Feb 26 2013

    Congress is a top down party in decision making. There is no party democracy. Nepotism is galore. Only one who has money and clout can get ticket. Many Catholics are likeable and electable in every election but they don’t get the ticket. It is time for the Catholic in Mangalore to think of the alternative in AAP. It is a party with complete party democracy. There could be no nepotism and likeability and electability is decided by primary members of the party at block and taluka level elections. There is also internal party lokpal. The demeanor of the Magaloreans fits well with the philosophy and structure of AAP. For present time please vote for the candidates from any party who are uncorrupt and honest people.

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  • Noel Pereira, Managlore, Toronto

    Tue, Feb 26 2013

    There should be an oraginzed efffort to prepare christian candidates( training in public speaking, social issues, conflcit management) in most of the MCC wards.Not having enough political representations makes getting our voices heard weaker.The youth need to be made aware political service is a good job and remove negativity around it.

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  • Vincy, Bangkok

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    James should not be given a seat.The congress has shown him the correct position,Na idhar na Udhar.Anyhow BJP will never take him again.

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  • Valerian Dsouza, Udupi/Mumbai

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Seeking more seats in Politics
    for community will be of no much benefit!
    Political awareness-Yes-Important!
    We should think of promoting higher and professional education
    and Business.
    Sports, games and music for the youth and career guidance.
    Health well being and Economical upliftment of the poor etc.

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  • J.D.Pinto ,Retd. Tahasildar, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Those days we had stalwarts like Manel Srinivas Nayak, Jerome Saldanha, Manel Krishna Nayak, E.A.Pais, Laura Pais , S.L.Lobo, Cecelia Lobo, Chev. F.X.D. Pinto, Blasius D'souza , Joe Aranha , Joe Britto etc etc as Councillors. They were people of social standing in Mangalore. The sad part is that they have left us with the present contestants.

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    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    I still remember when my brother-in-law contested for MLA seats. Our own people voted for cast politicians. We dont have any unity among us. Because so called our senior leaders dont have unity and they dont support our community.. Christians wake up and contest united. Otherwise we will vanish in couple of years..

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  • sheshagiri, udupi

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Why Cry my brothers and sisters? Ur community is doing a great job in so many fields. Like Education, Social help, Health sector etc etc. U are more than Politicians. Just continue ur good work. GOD will help us all.

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  • Harold D'cunha, Mangalore, India

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    It is not the numbers counts, but how strong the community. That is important. Unless, one is as aggressive like a Jew, then the numbers will have less voice. That is why political parties take for granted.

    One straight forward to the DK Christian community, what is their participation for public cause, public movements. How active Christians in these type of activity?

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  • Juliet Mascarenhas, Bejai/Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Bhandarkar maam,
    Appi Latha naka kai.Makka ticket melthagi? Naka dista. amka comments borovcheth puro. Prabhu maam expert jala naiwe?

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  • Hubert D'souza, Mangalore Dubai

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Even christians not got enough seat do not keep quiet without voting.There is opposition party candidate will get benefit in this. Think your self for right candidate and vote.Politicians are every where looking benefits to them.

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  • Christopher D'Souza, Bendur, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    During this crisis in distribution of seats for aspirant Catholic/Christian candidates we really miss the absence of a noble and a true genuine Christian Leader late Mr. Blasius M. D'Souza.

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  • Desmond Mathias, Udupi

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    We should have more Christian contestants. If a party does not give you a ticket then stand as an independent.

    DisAgree [11] Agree [14] Reply Report Abuse

  • Basil, Dubai

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Whichever the party only vote for christian candidates, thats it.

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  • R.Bhandarkar, M'Lore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Dear D. Verom..
    Not my fault. Join Konkani classes.
    Then it will be very easy.
    Koggu, Boggu and a 'thrilled couple', from Mumbai, I think have joined.

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  • Gerald, Modankap

    Mon, Feb 25 2013


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  • Vivian, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    I do agree with Allen Mangalore.
    Voters please dont look at the Party look at the candidates who would work for you and try to solve your problems.Congress party is divided into two major groups headed by Janardhana Poojary and Veerappa Moily.James D'Souza was denied ticket because he belongs to Moily's group.J.R.Lobo belongs to
    Poojary's group and Ivan D'Souza belongs to Moily's group.Lancelot Pinto and Navin D'Souza are with Poojary.So how can a Catholic candidate win in the coming assembly elections if these two groups work against each other? Will Oscar Fernandes inform Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi about these groups? Will Shri Janardhana Poojary and Hon, Minister Veerappa Moily sit together and sort out their problems?

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  • Samson Saldana, Muscat/ Sultanate of Oman

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Some may not be knowing that Mr. Lancelot Pinto is the Corporator of Bejai for the Past 30 yrs and he has won continuously for 5 terms for his Unconditional Sincere works and dedication towards his people, Naveen Dsouza and Jacintha Alfred are also from quite long.... Congress doesnt take Christian community for granted in MCC elections, Christians have to grab the opportunity working in the party even without small position and then come up. It is not the congress party which has to search for Christian!!! Nowadays People directly jump for MLA, MLC without working even for a time, and when party denies the ticket for such candidates they say CONGRESS TAKES CHRISTIANS FOR GRANTED... In cases of Mr James, 5 years back for some reason he Jumped to BJP and now because BJP didnt give him ticket he jumped to Congress...Because he kept jumping Congress didnt give him seat...JDS ticket was already confirmed in tat area or else who know may be he wud have jumped there too...." Politics is DIPLOMATIC Friends"....It is upto you to choose whether to do Good to the People or Play with the People...

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  • Shreenath, Udupi

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Congress leaders are know very well that christain community will not vote any other party. If congress give a ticket to any fool, christain community will vote that candidate because they dont have any other option. Christain community will not vote BJP at any cost. Congress taking advantage of this.

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  • alwyn d,souza, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    The two men mr Naveen and mr Lanslot are there in congress from long time and they have done good work so far other three womens are also good i am sure the publics are aware of the party and the candidate

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  • Steevan, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Its better to not to vote for any party when they don't treat, lets not bother anyone and elect anyone.

    DisAgree [19] Agree [7] Reply Report Abuse

  • a.v.a, mlore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Why are we always complaining. We should prove ourselves. Doesnt matter which party, prove yourselves and get elected, and work for the good of the society. Prove ourselves to be good politicians first and we will get more seats if we can prove we can win the votes.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [4] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    ..There is no value for our vote, unless there is constitutional change...we have to have 'Right to recal' &'Right to reject'..Today one guy in BJP tomorrow in Congres, JDS..Every one is greedy to power & money..there is no minimum percentage of vote specified to a candidates victory....If did'nt vote also does'nt matter, somebody will sure win..If vote, vote & chalthe bano..better forget about politics & think about our daily bread..

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  • jrome, mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    when we will stop thinking on communal quota/representations. LET US FOCUS ON GETTING THE MOST HONEST AVAILABLE CANDIDATE - irrespective of the party. why cant a constituent trust a candidate who works sincerely for the benefit of the area that is being represented.

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  • RR, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Among the prominent political parties only BJP has not conducted any convention of Muslims,Chritians etc.,to persue vote banking.Parameshwara was met by Ronald Colaco recently at Bangalore in a convention wherein major demands were put before him in favour of Christians.Result is inult.It is not Parameshwar's fault but Christians feel that they are inseprable from Congress and has a right over it.This is wrong.Muslims too feel that Congress is their savior and many advocated in favour of Christian/muslims as Congress is a great secular party.These minorities still do not feel the pinch of insult meted out to them by so called secular Congress.J.R.Lobo who has joined the Congress party recently is projected as a great leader of party and looked after as a potential candidate for assy poll.This will against make the Christians to feel the pintch.If Lobo is given given assy seat what is the value for senior experienced leaders from other community/majority community standing in the party since years?.Christian leaders do not wish to go into these issues.Simply assume and decide. Where are those commentators who have advocted in favour of Congress,Oscar,Veerappa Moily etc.

    Good thing is that so far nobody has blamed RSS,DB,SRS,VHP,Cow party,church attackers,parivar etc., for the present situation as being done hitherto.

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    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Dinesh you have moral right accuse another party when your own party did not give any ticket MLA and MP seat.But Congress has big stalwarts who are having excecutive powers in deciding Nation's affairs!To name few....Mrs Sonia Gandhi,Anthony,Oscar.......

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  • Peter Lewis, Brahmavar/Sharjah

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    We Catholics love peace and harmony in society not fighting, hatred or jeolousy. That is why we are not qualifiying for the politics in big number.Even if we get our quota still we vote for qualified candidate and not on the basis of religion, caste or creed.

    DisAgree [26] Agree [25] Reply Report Abuse

  • Valerian DSouza, Udupi/Mumbai

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Dear James Peter DSouza, Mulki / Abu Dhabi,
    I compared Mr. Manohar Parrikar of Goa Govt. and Karnataka Government because, both ruled by BJP.
    Our Karnataka BJP should take inspiration from Goa BJP, as Goa BJP never allowed cast friction in the society!
    Therefore Goa people, always have viable alternatives to vote.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [39] Reply Report Abuse

  • Peter, Bangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    We have one catholic leader at Delhi thats enough.

    DisAgree [10] Agree [8] Reply Report Abuse

  • Wilfred Fernandes, Vamadapadavu/Dubai

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Dear fellow chritians.
    Even without MCC membership you can serve the people of your ward. The will to serve the public is the main goal and not to be the memebr of MCC. Once your services are recognised by the public then you do not need a "ticket" from these political parties.

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  • C.G.Sequeira, Valencia, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    It is sad but true that the Mangalorean Catholic Community has no leaders to stand up and protest against those senior Congress leaders who have taken our community for granted.This sort of attitude will surely affect the forthcoming assembly elections.I dont understand why James D'Souza,a
    senior leader was royally taken back into Congress Party and denied a ticket.And what about
    Bennet D'Mello, the block Cogress leader,Bolar, who has been working for congress for the past 30 years,distributes ration to more than 1600 ration card holders,denied a ticket to contest from Mangaladevi constituency?Sorry to say that there is no unity, integrity and sincerity among the leaders.Also Catholic Community is not given proper representation in the ion committee. Congress leaders should introspect themselves why so many young people from Bendur and other places have shifted their affiliation to JDS.
    Without knowing the ground reality
    and without gathering the public opinion from the respective constituencies,senior leaders cant sit in the office and issue tickets. Congress Party never learns a lesson from its mistakes.Unless and until the senior Congress leaders
    come out of their groupism and divide and rule mentality and work
    hand in hand,probably the future of Congress Party in Mangalore is very bleak.Since MCC(Mangalorean Catholic Community)has no tall leaders,it has no voice.We need to
    have a tall leader like George Fernandes.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [29] Reply Report Abuse


    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Try to win the election. Forget your community. Faith in one community that is 'Humanity'.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [59] Reply Report Abuse


    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Fine…I delighted from this community spirit of both Muslims and Christians in this election period…..right now all minorities should show the same enthusiasm to push their children to go and succeed in getting the proportionate result in KAS and IAS examinations of future!!!!!Instead of chasing all this tickets and pockets, this will bring good result for us.

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  • GERALD, Modankap

    Mon, Feb 25 2013


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  • Maxon, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Its sad that the Christian community is not getting the seats as expected. Let the community Leaders stand together and make sure that the candidate from our community don't compete against each other and make sure that there is only one eligible candidate per ward no matter which ever party it is.
    Secondly the community should support the Catholic candidate, no matter which ever party he is in. If they are able they should win.

    If not all parties will take us for granted, we shouldn't affiliate our-self to only one party but give importance to the candidates of our community, if they are capable to be our representatives.

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  • Mike, KSA

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Dishonesty is one of the main qualifications of the politicians. The Christians are taught ethics since their childhood, so they naturally shun the dirty politics. That is why there is a shortage of candidates in this community.

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  • KT, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Guys join AAM AADMI PARTY

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  • SK, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Speaking Secular, Asking Is Congress taking Christian community for granted

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  • rohan, mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    We Christians always harp around congress thinking it’s a Secular party and thus will support the Christians. Is it because we have Sonia or Oscar etc? This has been a case over the years.
    what we have not realized that we have failed to support the local leaders from our own community to come up in politics.So the result is the present sorry condition.If the same amount of money
    was spent for nurturing talents from our community which we spend on religious buildings our community would have been better off. Its time that young talents are supported in education, higher education
    and other measures so that the community has a voice.

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  • Allen, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    My sincere advice is, please do not look at the party for MCC elections. Look at the candidate and find out his/her credentials and vote. Most of the candidates are already known to you as they had been elected in the previous term and you have seen their work. In the ward I have been living, we have elected this candidate for the past 3 to 4 terms, just because she is from congress. Ist term her work was okay, but in later terms she started neglecting us and started posing as a big political figure and even started telling people that she is supported by her community people and that support is enough for her to win in coming elections. Such people should be kept out this time irrespective of their party and should be taught a lesson. If you wish some development in your ward such as roads, drainage, water, cleanliness etc, just elect the right candidate, otherwise be prepared to suffer for another five years.

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  • jeevan, mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    John Ashok Veiges, Bajpe, Korkambla

    voters only capable person..

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  • Seema, Mlore/Blore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    With Christian votes being split among Congress and JDS, BJP will be the ultimate gainer...

    DisAgree [6] Agree [31] Reply Report Abuse

  • John Ashok Veiges, Bajpe, Korkambla

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    I agree with Ivan Dsouza That nobody apply for the ticket , I m shock that how one can apply coz most of the christian community based in GULF,in 2007 My friends father contested for election he lost his deposit coz nobody supported , He was very rich , Have too much money , Spend lot of money , At the end everybody cheated he lost his deposit, Very sad , he still crying for that,

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  • rehna, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Dear Mangelorean Brothers & sisters please wake up. Its high time to keep Congress away as it has the most corrupution. why not give JDS a chance.

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  • Amin Bhoja, Patte /Riyadh

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Congress and its secular policy mostly it ends up inbetween a opportunist and to a oppourtunity vis a vis.

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  • supraraj mally, singapore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    congress is a secular party so it has to give chance to every one all community. catholic community opportunity is been given but when it comes to james matter he was bjp till had power once that power is gone he is back to congress even party has got some rules and regulations.
    And so many times chance was given to christian community in mangalore for MLA if there was a large community then those candidates would have won 4 terms continious bjp is winning and congress has given ticket to christian and did they win ?

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  • alwyn sequeira, kulshekar

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    I think that politics should not be played on religion we should have fit corportators or leaders who atleast have knowledge of work they have to do it should not be like where wife contests for elections and husband is a contractor, and vice versa,pls dont enter politics especially christians for sake of name or fame have a true goal of serving but in this picture i dont think any one will serve except mr.lancy

    DisAgree Agree [14] Reply Report Abuse


    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Yes, during the time of Blasius D'souza in 2002 he got elected from Mangalore to Karnataka Vidhana sabha but after that non of the christian candidates won from Mangalore...Why? They discontinued supporting congress party...?

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  • James Peter DSouza, Mulki / Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    @Valerian Dsouza, Udupi/Mumbai

    Mr Manohar Parrikkar and Karnataka Govt in what ground one can compare?. His ability and leadership stands tall. We do not have any such leaders in Karnataka

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  • Anand, Mumbai

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Yeah.. Someone is back.

    DisAgree Agree [1] Reply Report Abuse

  • Sunil, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    My dear people, my kind request with you all, after all these happenings still you want to represent and looking out for seats in the parties who are fooling us by dividing and looting us since so many years. My question is what are you going to prove yourself by joining these parties????? as if you too are one and same????? Please leave all these crooked, selfish people and form a new party. I would suggest try with a new party like " Aam aadmi party" Nothing wrong in trying some new, so that these crooks will learn a lesson.

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  • jeevan, mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Very sad to hear about religious card using for our own selfish motives...

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  • arjun, mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013


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  • Gerwal, Dubai

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    This is the usual policy of the Congress - it takes the Christian community for granted. They did the same some years ago in Bombay too - ie in Malad (Orlem). They promised a prominent social worker - Mrs.Otty Barces a ticket, but ped her name at the last moment. This is called "Congress Back Stabbing". - Usual phemomena of the Congress. Therefore I suggest - Please do not vote for Congress or the BJP - preferably vote for any other party.

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  • D. Verom, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Mr. Bhandarkar. Your comments are too messy to understand.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [7] Reply Report Abuse

  • Roland,

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    LN Rego, have you had any catholic leaders in the past who could put catholic people together? Can you name any leaders of the past?

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  • KRPrabhu, Kudla/Bangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Naavu Christians...
    Namage yesto seatu?
    Naavu Billawaru...
    Nammdu yestu votu?
    Naavu Konkanis....
    Amka konyi naave?
    Naavu Bantaru...
    Namagella bitti chakari..?
    Naavu Hari jana/Girijana...
    Namage bari badane?
    Naavu Muslims...
    Madabedi namannu slim....
    Antu inthu jaathi lekhachara..
    Namage yake banthappa ee grahachara...
    Onde jaathi,onde kula,onde daiva...
    Ide namma halaya raaga!

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  • Pradeep D'souza, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Christians votes would get diverted to JDS. Due to this polarization, BJP will get benefited. Congress will be taught a lesson for ignoring christian communities.

    DisAgree [3] Agree [9] Reply Report Abuse

  • R.Bhandarkar, M'Lore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Haanche Var -Molyaar
    Political Party Ho
    (Cong Aso- BJP Aso)
    Mujhe Sagle- Moga Janno...
    Rego, Lobo Anee Pinto

    DisAgree [7] Agree [23] Reply Report Abuse


    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    @ dinesh pujari, Let CHRISTIANS do what ever they want. This time BJP is going to loose miserably.
    Congress ya BJP

    DisAgree [10] Agree [7] Reply Report Abuse

  • Vishal, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Christians are caught between devil and the deep sea.

    I wish Aam Admi Party could field its candidates this time. AAP is the right party for all.

    DisAgree [29] Agree [21] Reply Report Abuse

  • Dinesh Poojary, Kundapura/Bengaluru

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    stephen jerome menezes, kiram vamanjoor dubai

    If you are recognized with BJP and worked for the party, definitely you will be considered for MLA seat Mr. stephen.

    DisAgree [48] Agree [33] Reply Report Abuse

  • R.Bhandarkar, M'Lore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Rego ,Lobo Anee Pinto
    Kallen Ho
    Yehn Maaka Naaka Go
    Haanche Var Viswaas Dorlyaar
    Manushya Khandit Budlo
    Laastak Khayeeje-'Sukilo Kadlo'!!

    DisAgree [18] Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ismail, Moodbidri

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Dear Mr. C Sharath, Mangalore, you are 100% right. Best example is Shri Krishna report. Even most of the people do not know, the recommendations in that report. Forget about implementation.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • Valerian Dsouza, Udupi/Mumbai

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    We should never CONFIRM or DENY our affiliations to any party!
    Our support or opposition should always be principled and issue based! We are nobody's borrowers!
    The party to which we are subscribing should have due respect
    to us we shouldn't work, where there is no due respect!
    In Goa, Congress and Manohar Parrikar led BJP Govt. has treated us fairly.
    In Kerala also Congress & Left parties treat us fairly.
    We should reciprocate that!
    When we are well educated, contributing for welfare of society, and national treasury, we are definitely entitled for fair treatment!

    DisAgree [6] Agree [30] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Why worry about religion and its representation. We should vote for capable candidates who can bring in development, good governance which ensures peaceful and fearless daily life and keeps away nonsense of moral policing.

    DisAgree [6] Agree [58] Reply Report Abuse


    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Mr.Dinesh, FYI- Christians are always away from "Dirty Politics", They knew & know all the time... Every one should realize the fact whether late or never.

    DisAgree [22] Agree [31] Reply Report Abuse

  • R.Bhandarkar, M'Lore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Portun Thoth Kelu
    Gallon Doosro Veshu
    Dithaa Dithaa Monun Saangun
    Divcho Kader 'Haathu'!!
    (Juliet Mai Anee Poora Moga Jano- Haaven Suru Torun Saangla-Naaka Ho Politicsaacho Vahivaatu!!)

    DisAgree [12] Agree [19] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jayaprakash, MANGALORE

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    This is the result of infighting between christial leaders of mangalore constituency for MLA ticket!

    Ramanath Rai and JP are helpless

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  • L N Rego, Bendur

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Its a fact that none of our so called leaders are capable of handling candidates for elections. Most of the known leaders are fighting for themselves to maintain their image, as a result Catholics are contesting against Catholics in many of the Wards.
    Where are our so called community leaders? Its easy to call meetings in the church with the help of Priests. Real leadership is seen outside the church walls. None of our present leaders are in a position to show their capability to put our people together. I only wish and pray that our community Votes are not divided and benefit the third party.

    DisAgree [3] Agree [45] Reply Report Abuse

  • Dinesh Poojary, Kundapura/Bengaluru

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Christian community demanded 10-12 MLA tickets in next election in the recently held konkani catholic samavesha in Bangalore. Parameshwara gave very big assurance. But they failed to give good no of seats (say at least 10-15), to them in Mangalore corporation election though city has largest christian people in whole Karnataka. Now I think if they give 1 MLA ticket to christian community in whole Karnataka, that will be great...

    Yesterday Parameshwara was supposed to visit BILLAWA SANGHA BANGALORE to give similar false assurance and fool the billawa community.

    DisAgree [15] Agree [66] Reply Report Abuse

  • stephen jerome menezes, kiram vamanjoor dubai

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    mr.Dinesh Poojary, Kundapura/Bengaluru i want to stay with BJP can u give me the ticket???/

    DisAgree [20] Agree [51] Reply Report Abuse

  • C Sharath, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Its nothing new that Congress party takes the support of their votebank for granted. They always want this votebank to create some controversy, make or create a situation of insecurity and then relish on their votes during the time of election. All these congis who talk about Moral policing in M'lore , about,these self so called custodions of "Hndhu"cutlture actualy as a matter of fact want all such elements to be exisiting in the society so that in the name of saving other community from these elements they play their votebank card. If our society is peacefull and people are not divided on communal lines then nobody will vote based on savior of their caste party. But not political party wants this that to especially Congress. Congi's stratergy is just like how USA manages the world affairs by creaing problems in the countries where it has its vital intrests, make sure those problems will never get solved(like Isreal-Plstine)so they they do their businiess under the blanket of those problems & permenently making a base. This is what the "Saidhanthika rich" party wants to heppen in India, purposly support a sense of in secure society for the minorities and then use their votebank. Thats all.

    DisAgree [9] Agree [42] Reply Report Abuse

  • jeevan, mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Congi alloted ticket to winnable candidates rather than community wise... Good decision of congi..

    DisAgree [28] Agree [52] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ronald, Manglore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Congress will pay heavy price for this. Ultimatley BJP will gain from this

    DisAgree [24] Agree [57] Reply Report Abuse

  • Anil Alva, mangalore

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Congress has indeed taken christain community for granted. JDS will benifit from this. JDS has given more representation to Christians.

    DisAgree [31] Agree [44] Reply Report Abuse

  • Dinesh Poojary, Kundapura/Bengaluru

    Mon, Feb 25 2013

    Even Christians are staying away from dirty congress... They realized it very late.

    Better late than never..

    DisAgree [151] Agree [95] Reply Report Abuse

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