Intolerance debate: Clash of the argumentative Indians

By Chris Emmanuel

Mar 13: Over the last eight months or so, there has been a widespread cry all over the world on India's path towards intolerance and extremism. Several incidents during the period have amplified the view of those sceptical of India's secular plural image. There has been a constant effort from RSS and many other Hindutva groups to infiltrate and penetrate their ideologies into institutions that have been guardians of secular non-partisan ethos of the country for years. In the same breath, there are hardline Islamists like the Owasi brothers, who have played a more than equal role in divisive and hate politics.

This had a tremendous blow at the premier Film Institute at Pune and the Far Left leaning JNU at Delhi. The JNU episode was particularly chilling and disturbing, because it revealed many skeletons hidden in the closet. It was horrifying to learn that noise polluting 24x7 TV media like the Times Now and Zee News doctored and manipulated the content of the speeches made by JNU students at various protests against the government. 

Despite such heinous misdeeds from the media rogues, a star was born, a son of a poor peasant from Bihar, Kanahaiya Kumar. Kanhahiaya, a PhD student in African Studies at JNU was arrested for sedition (falsely alleged by the factions of the government) and was later released, and his post-release hair-raising speech, eventually turned him into an anti-establishment icon and put the government and its media allies in shame.

On the other hand, film personalities like Anupam Kher, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan have been giving conflicting and naive views of the nation. Anupam Kher’s standpoints have been as bad as his directorial debut Om Jai Jagadish, a pathetic melodramatic movie, where he had cast terrifyingly bad actor Fardeen Khan to play the role of Jagadish (so hard to imagine). SRK and Aamir Khan have been saying repeatedly, that the country’s tolerance level is getting worse, despite the fact that the same country reveres and worships them as Idols.

The Bollywood superstars have never bothered to bring pathbreaking social realism into their movies. In all these years, they never dared to take a position on politics or terrorism or any aspect that have affected the nation. Mere blanket statements on the trajectory of the country doesn’t help when resting on a King's chair. The stars have to come out into the streets and witness the ground reality, to get the remotest understanding of the country. SRK's and Aamir Khan's recent films suggest, that they have been feeding the audience with filth and garbage. Here Anupam clearly emerges as a winner. He has played the toughest roles in almost all of his movies with wit and humour and has been the cornerstone of Indian cinema for the past thirty years. No superstar could match his influence in Bollywood.

There is no heaven left in this planet. No country is free from crime, injustice, bigotry, extremism, violence, intolerance and inequality. This is not the time for people to term the entire nation as extremist, at the same time, it is wrong and immature on the part of the government and the right wing groups to label any kind of scepticism and questioning as 'anti-national'. One cannot ignore the threat from ISIS (Islamic State) to India's security, culture and comity. Many politicians and media figures have downplayed the threat of ISIS, for reasons better known to themselves, but the arrests of more than thirty people involving ISIS links is very disturbing. And the question bothers, does India stand prepared against this Draconian wave?

India is going through a transitional phase. It has been close to 70 years of Independence and 25 years since the opening of the economy for foreign investment. There is tremendous capacity for intellectual debate and argumentative skills among Indians from all walks of life. The best place to get information about news and opinions is at the barber shop. One thing should never fade away from now, and that is the free exchange of ideas, which would eventually push India towards triumph. One should understand that a man charged for sedition and jailed, would only be released and hailed as a National Hero, in an open, free democracy like India.


Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed in the above article are those of the author alone. Daijiworld does not assume any responsibility or liability for facts and opinions appearing in the article.


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  • naresh, mangalore/US

    Mon, Mar 14 2016

    Chris is making an opinion and does not have to be a conversation about who is right or wrong. Unfortunate that we have to have a conversation demeaning others. In my opinion, every society goes thru this when it has conflicting belief systems. If we allow ourselves to be guided by consistent fundamental values, we would be better off. Again in my opinion, we tend to confuse believes and values. When there is a conflict between believes and fundamental values, society tend to be chaotic. We tend to see India as a new county which is true in a political sense, but it is an old country with many BELIEVES. Unless we gravitate towards a common values such as speaking the truth or standing up for what is right - chaos will continue and one who shouts the most or one who has the power wins – which is bad for all. Again it is just an opinion.

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  • Robert Pais, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    The disclaimer at the end of the article is very apt. These are the authors personal views.

    We may agree or disagree to his personal views, he has very nicely written his perspective and I commend him for that.

    My personal views are that - Kanhaya is entitled for his views. He is a student and his views are within the student organization. I do not feel so insecure because of some Kasmiri miscreants shouting expletives against us. Kashmiris are heavily influenced by Pakistan. David Hadley is a staunch anti-India guy and therefore some of his statements are questionable as evidence may not be there.

    I strongly disagree with the judge's personal views during his bail hearing. I think she should go back to law school.
    Anupan Kher is a good actor. His personal views are similarly biased to my taste.

    The Smrithi Irani- the HRD ministers drama in the parliament was shameful and her defense by BJP was even more shameful. I do not know about Zee TV but I do not find high bias by NDTV. Infact most of their show are very intellectual enough to question our ideologies and rigidity in our views. I welcome them.

    I do not know about demonization of right wings. People are not fools to be yielding to rhetoric. However there is no smoke without fire.

    Indian neo middle class is assertive and therefore may be rough and tough to know the etiquette of 3rd generation middle educated class.

    Any one ( organization) talks about culture ( safeguarding etc) is merely using it as a tool to divert the attention of public. Emperor Asoka did not succeed in changing Indians into non-violent peace loving Buddhist country. Our civilization is very old and strong.

    Focus on parliament and local state government for accountability will give us prosperity and more money to spare for our culture.

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  • Padmanabha M, MANGALORE

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Dear Mr Hameednaaz

    Is it because thete is intolerance in india you have to live in spain?

    Since you are a.lucky person you got avocation in Spain.

    Pl forget meddling with indians who irrespective of the religions and community live helping each other.

    Pl help your other indian brothers to get a handsomely paid job in Spain and help india prosper.

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  • Evans Christopher Sumitra, UDUPI/NEW YORK,USA.

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    This article by Chris Emmanuel will bring more problems to the poor working class. These guys are least bothered about intolerance or tolerance. Some of them are just waiting for their next day's meal. They are having a tough time with the present situation.

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  • Sachin souza, Bangalore

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    I have simple question to you, Chris, Do you or any one of your immediate family members
    experienced,so called,intolerance anytime in last 18 months ?. I am damn sure, your answer will be-No.Then please enlighten me, why these kind of articles ? Political Pimps at NDTV have their own agenda but why we, commoners, spearing hater ted like this.I fail to understand.

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  • RS, UAE

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Dear Chris
    How easily you accused Times now & Zee of doctoring the tapes . Its not a surprise, but amazed at your level of twisting the news to suit your agenda when those channels only showed the tapes and not doctored themselves.

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  • SB, Mlore

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Dear Mr Writer

    We will not ask much. Instead of giving your one sided view as an end of a argument , before concluding can you please read out the Judje's verdict before He/she granted bail to your Kanaiyya ?? or are those statement and view by the honorable court also doctored by Times now and Zee news as you claim ?? am sure as a law abiding citizen of the country am sure you will respect and agree to the verdict of courts view same as your support its decision of bail ???

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  • S v ramesh rao, Bantwal/Bangalore/UAE

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    This article is one sided because some TV chañnels he prescribed that Times and Zee shows were doctrines.How you can say it has doctrines? Delhi police auntheticated Zee TV news were not doctrines.Secondly this intolerance problem created by congress people only for spoil the image of Mr.Modi. I am from Bantwal and I have seen recent one accident occurred near Kasargodu where near accident spot there were 10 to 15 Muslims boys were there before closing our eyes they plunged into operation for rescue but in fortunate 3 people were spot death and 3 people rushed to Mlore hospital.It was tremendous job of the muslimboys .Apart this in the accident 3 ladies wore fully gold,they removed the gold and hand over to the hospital doctor.This was the gesture and tolerance.We Hindu and Muslims are living peacefully but Bastard politicians are not allowing for vote purpose.India is full of tolerance no question of intolerance.

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  • KGShenoy, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Chris Immanuel,
    There is nothing wrong in India. There is still good relation between people and communities.All the unusual situations created to suit the agenda of the enmies of India
    What gives you the feeling that whatever your observations that you mentioned is correct? Your view is a mixture of views published by presstitutes,India haters and the views of few unscrupulous professors and some brain washed Danda pinda's by communist Ideology.

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  • Rajesh, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    There no much substance in this article. It would be clever spin if you accuse media of bias as & when it suits your mindset.Times now did not go for the political correctness which you people wanted. Why do you not accuse NDTV of the bias in JNU Issue, when there was clear case of anti national activity. why was NDTV cleverly deflecting the main issue and was very interested in making Mr kanahya as some kind of messaiah? kanahya is a medium to paint MR Modi black. i can bet you, if there is a change in this Government, MR Kanahyas Azaadi against the poor, Dlits etc will stop. You people wanted to paint Mr Modi as a butcher and you people badly failed. since there no much issue the frustrations are clearly showing up.

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  • Mohammed, Bajpe/Riyadh

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Callin Kanhaiya 'Hero'. Its clear which side you are.

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  • R Mallar, Kasaragod/ Dubai

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Small corrections-
    1. Kanhaiya Lal has not been acquitted. He is on bail.
    2. Kanhaiya Lal has admitted himself in an un-doctored video that someone had indeed shouted anti-Indian slogans (and he condemned it). They are not just"skeptic" comments.
    3. Why no one talks about others arrested with Kanhaiya? Are they or are they not "assumed" guilty?
    4. What about the doctored video played by "good" channels about ABVP students impersonating as anti-Indians? Why that was not mentioned?

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  • Vikas G, Udupi

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Not surprised by this one sided report by Chris which is very obvious and he may find takers in our so called flag bearers of sickularisem. The moment I read the line “24x7 TV media like the Times Now and Zee News doctored and manipulated the content of the speeches made by JNU “ his opinion and intent was very obvious. Because he is targeting & naming these 2 media houses which dint report as the other presstitutes like Nehru dynasty tv, but saw it in a different angle. That’s the reason why the writer also targets Anupam kher and his Movies because Kher’s views don’t match with the writers which is obvious.

    Mr Chris, There is NO PROOF that the above to media doctored the original tapes(themselves like you claim) , they are only accused of “AIRING” those so called “DOCTORED” tapes.
    Secondly, the so called Delhi Govts Investigation team mentioned that “Pakisthan Zindabad” was the doctored content. Ok lets agree to it, But what about sympathy for About Afzal Guru ? What about Bharath There thukde.., Afzal, there kathil Zinda hai ? Who is Afzal’s Kathil ? Supreme Court ? UPA Govt ? . Where these lines also doctored ? , the report doesn’t say so, Why are you sickulars salient on this one ?
    Again when Khanaiyya said Indian Army rapes in Kashmir, the sickular channel like Nehru Dynasty TV reports “Khaniya accused of another speech”. They don’t want to discuss the content of the speech like they do the dissection of Sakshi maharaj speech or Ramdev’s Putravijraka whatever seed.

    With so called one doctored line sickulars trying to cover up all the other anti-sate & anti army statements made by whom…at the end of day a Marxist Comrade as acknowledge by CPIM, not some hard working innocent student. And why ?? just because they don’t like the person sitting in PM’s chair since May 2014.

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  • Zeitgeist, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 13 2016


    If Aamir and SRK have not done movies that are based on ground realities, that doesn't mean that they cant comment not what feel that happening around them. Anupam Kher isn't that great either... he is now accusing of JNU not showing his film. Is his accusation justified? no.

    Now to sedition charge. So now india is a great democratic country because the person charged with sedition has become a hero? A great democratic country should not be even have a sedition law to begin with.

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    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    It was only when religion was brought into the politics during 1990-1991 all the trouble started. Religious heads are efficient to handle religious matter. Politicians should be guided only by the INDIAN CONSTITUTION.

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  • santoshprabhu, india

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    religion was introduced in politics the day india was partitioned by congress based on religion.

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  • R Mallar, Kasaragod/ Dubai

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    So 1947 ethnic cleansing on both sides of the border, 1975 emergency, 1984 riots were all after 1991 - is it?

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  • jeevan, mangalore

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Intolerance is khangress aborted baby to tarnish the image of Modiji and Govt....

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  • G.Bhandary, Kaikamba /Matti / Muscat

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Well said there is no country in the world exist without crime. India is only country in the planet enjoys absolute freedom. Media and politicians manipulate innocent public who loves peace and harmony. All religion has enough freedom. irrespective of bad political games our public will stand tall always.

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  • Zeitgeist, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    ''India is only country in the planet enjoys absolute freedom.''

    Really? do you know even what absolute freedom even means? what you think is freedom and what i see as freedom are two different things.

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  • santoshprabhu, india

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    pure one sided view without considering general public mood and opinion

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  • Gangaram, Moodbidri

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    General public forgets everything very easily, but our shameless politicians, celebrities and 24x7 one sided media putting oil to fire nothing else.

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  • Aal, Canadian

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Prabu when you were reading the article your Brain may be sidelined one side in thinking because it is a fact in the article where some brain has sickness in processing factual things

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  • Hameednaaz , Spain/Panemangalore

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    I have noticed in your article that you have mention almost everything but one important matter you have forgotten to mention in your article about the threat of RSS, I wonder how come you can forget The threat???.

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  • Rajesh, Udupi

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    If one is used to have pickle in every dinner, it would be difificult to finish dinner if it is missed one day .. LOL

    Rss has been demonized by certain forces for years with a particular intent. To such an extent even isslamic terrorists look pale in front of rss for those reader who just blindly believe in sold out media. there was a joke going around years back that even if a child is born, some people tend to link it to rss hand... lets believe in facts, prejudice does not take us anywhere...

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Well written Chris,
    This is an eye opener to our DUMB POLITICIANS ...

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  • India First, India

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Poor people are not worried about intolerance. They need good house, food & education. Those who are hungry are not interested in freedom of speech, they need food. Whatever debate, discussion we are watching today are all media hype. I still buy Mutton from Bismillah mutton stall and my friend Farooq buys Chicken from Jaya Poultry Farm. People are not divided but there is an effort going on for sure.

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  • John Tauro, M'luru / Kwt

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Indeed efforts are being made by certain vested groups and fuel to fire is being added by some parties with the sole aim of reaping fruits in the forthcoming elections. Whereas the common man is more worried about his daily bread, the worry which the present government couldn’t relieve.

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  • sathish jm, kumpala/dubai

    Mon, Mar 14 2016

    Exactly.. this is what actor Anupam Kher has said in his speech. It would have been more sensible had our so called Intellectuals returned their awards for the issues like poverty, corruption, inflation etc.

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