Mangaluru: Online frauds on upswing in coast, well-educated are also victims

Abhijith N Kolpe

Pics: Daya Kukkaje

Daijiworld Media Network - Mangaluru

Mangaluru Aug 10: While Dakshina Kannada district is known for its well-educated people, it is unbelievably true that they are also often victims of online and social media frauds.

The issue which has become rampant in the district, especially Mangaluru, has put the city cyber crime police on their toes. The cyber police have launched operations to locate fraudsters who have duped people of lacs of Rupees.

Nearly 38 online fraud cases have been reported so far in the year 2018 and it is estimated that around 200 cases go unreported due to fear of losing respect.

The internet is constantly evolving and this means that the fraudsters and cyber criminals are constantly on lookout for people whom they can easily cheat. Cyber offences are of different types such as credit card, debit card offences, gift frauds popularly known as Nigerian frauds, job frauds and many more. 

Speaking to Daijiworld, Mangaluru City Cyber Crime Inspector Savitra Tej explained that the cyber crime police station was opened in the city in 2017. “The cyber offences are on the rise in the city. The accused are mainly from Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and North Eastern states. Whenever the fraudster calls, he introduces himself as a bank employee or manager and takes the victim into confidence. Fraudsters do thorough research about the victim before duping him. Fraudsters converse in Hindi and take confidence of the victim in such a way that the victim ends up sharing all personal and bank details. The victim is conned easily,” Tej said.


He also said, matrimonial frauds are also reported in the city, where a fraudster connects with people who have uploaded their profile on matrimonial sites, with an intention to cheat them. After a month long chat, the fraudster who poses as a prospective groom, promises to send a gift from abroad and ends up demanding money for its clearance at the airport.

“Students are victims of job frauds and online trading frauds. Usually a fresh pass out uploads his resume in job sites seeking for job. Immediately the fraudster calls the applicant and appreciates his/her resume and demands money as deposit. This makes the victim confident. The fraudster also takes interview through phone and tells the victim that he/she has been selected for the job and demands more money and makes the victim send his documents, personal details. Students are easily trapped by these fraudsters,” he informed.

Fraudsters call during weekends

"Fraudsters usually prefer weekends to call the victims because of bank holidays. They update their number in true caller in such a way that true caller shows that you are receiving a call from the bank.” Tej said. 

Public need to be alert 

“People need to be alert when they receive such calls. They should not share personal details, be it your bank account number, PIN number or OTP number. People need to be careful. Usually the caller introduces himself in one name and his bank account is in another name and also in other state,” he added.

“The fraud occurs because of the victim's fault and also due to greed. People need to maintain their privacy even in social media as sharing photo information will make it easier for the fraudster to hack the information. Many fraudsters target divorced women, men as they feel they are easy targets,” he said.

Role of banks

“When such offences take place, banks should take up initiative in creating awareness programmes among public regarding credit card, debit card and gift frauds. Banks also shoulder equal responsibility to bring to control such offences by creating awareness programmes and distribute proper guidelines,” Savitra Tej said.

Need to share with parents and friends

“When a victim receives a call claiming that he\she has won gifts, one needs to share the information with friends or family members. Keeping this information to oneself is the biggest mistake a victim does. When you receive such calls either clarify with the banks or inform your close ones to avoid such incidents,” Tej stressed.

Cyber crime police stations should be interconnected

Officials in top positions should take concrete measures in interconnecting cyber crime police stations all over India. This will make it much easier in tracing out the culprits behind the offences.

Victims speak

Daijiworld team met the victims of credit card fraud, gift fraud, online trading fraud who shared their agony.

Speaking to Daijiworld a victim said," I received a call from a man who claimed to be SBI’s bank manager and he was conversing in Hindi. He wanted to check if my Aadhar card was linked with bank account. He called me on a Sunday, and said that he was working on Sunday to update the customer database. He mentioned my ATM card number. He asked me to cross check the same. At that point, I felt confident that he was an employee of the bank. I have different OTPs and he asked me to repeat the same. He withdrew money five times from my account and I was cheated of Rs 60,000,”

Another victim said, "I was in need of a housing loan as my house was under construction, so I had approached the bank. Very next day I got a call from a person who claimed to be the bank’s employee and he asked me for my credit card number and password. Rs 7,900 was withdrawn from my account in Kerala. As technology is advanced, even frauds have increasing and there is misuse of technology. No bank manager will call you asking for personal details. Public need to be alert when they receive such calls,”

A young guy who was victim of online trading site said, "There was car sale for Rs 3 lac in an online trading site. I called the concerned person. He said that car is at the airport and demanded Rs 48,500 as parking and maintenance charge, after which the car’s gate pass would be given. As soon as I paid the amount through net pay, the concerned person's mobile went switched off,”

A lady who was victim of gift fraud said," I received a call that said I was a winner of Rs 50 lac prize money and I denied to take it. But they frequently called and forced me to take the prize money. They had sent me photos of bank cheque of Rs 50 lac and bank statement which looked original that made me believe. They asked me to pay Rs 3000 as charges and went on demanding more and more. I went on paying in instalments and I ended up losing almost Rs 2 lac,”

Another victim of Facebook fraud said, "We were looking for a house. A person through Facebook contacted me and said that he would help us financially. He said that the help he sent to us had some problems in the customs. In order to clear the same, he demanded money and we ended up losing lacs,”

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Comment on this article

  • kiran, Puttur

    Mon, Oct 08 2018

    Girls in and around Bantwal, are on doing so much frauds, even the girls family, and the girls friends and know people are involved. Girl starts profile in matrimony, gets to know a boy from city, hang out with him, take as much money as possible from him, promise of marriage, keeps telling i will introduce to you to my parents, and the girls emotionally starts saying my parents are not agreeing, after taking all the money from him, and leave him to get into depression, then the girls gets married to a rich guy and gets settled.

    Police, Lawyers will not do anything if a complaint is lodged, instead these law makers will threaten you also since the law is in favor of girls, girls take advantage .... and when a complaint, they will throw over the complaint against the victim, and girls are left free. No body realizes what will happen to the boys future, and his family, and these issues are left without any solution. Cheap girls and cheap law makers.

    And once the boy takes revenge, he is the one who goes to jail.

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  • ca girishkk, m'lore/dxb

    Sun, Aug 12 2018

    FEKUISM is the biggest bug of the century...!!!! across the universe.

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  • Ahmed K. C., Mangalore

    Sun, Aug 12 2018

    I received such calls many times. I was alert enough not to get trapped by fraudsters. But, I never reported to cyber crime branch.
    I would suggest that the reporting should be made easy. May be online.
    We are talking about bringing fraudsters from London, Hongkong etc., but, within India we have difficulty.

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  • Eric Coelho, Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    The people of Mangalore or South Kanara may be intelligent but they lack common sense. It is a known fact that no banks will call you for any information and still these people give their details on phone. I faced this problem a month back and I gave that hindi speaking scoundrel all the words that don't exist in the wikipedia or in oxford dictionary in Hindi and English. They disconnected the line when they knew I can't get cheated I called them back and gave him my peace of mind and he handed over the phone to another person who started abusing me realising the fact he lost.

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  • vijay p, Mangalore

    Sun, Aug 12 2018

    How about using a formula----"If it is too good to be true, it is not true". Follow this rule and all should be fine. Also don't forget, asheyey dukhada moola. All this cheaters bank on human greed.

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  • sense_shetty, Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    Being Educated does not qualify you as a digitally aware citizen.I would take the following precautions in India
    1. Never use cybercafes to do any financial transactions ..Don't even login to your email account from a cyber cafe..I recently entered a cybercafe in mangalore was using windows XP ..which is a retired operating system from microsoft and is full of vulnerabilities which can be exploited by hackers and place dangerous malwares and programs that can steal your password.
    2.If Using personal PC/phones or tablets ensure that system is patched and up to date .Use Latest Antivirus softwares that provide protection against viruses,malwares and zero day attacks.Update the Antivirus signatures daily.
    3. Vishing ,social engineering attacks are widely used to gain confidence of the victim and is used to reveal confidential username passwords ,CVV number,Aadhar Number,Credit Card number..Do not publish too much personal information on facebook and other social media..Don't try to show off on facebook :) You could be targeted by these scamsters and fraudsters.
    4.Often a greatest risk and weakness in a security program of an organisation are its people ..There are known insider attacks who steal information from inside an organisation and sell to untrusted 3rd parties.
    5.While speaking on phone and if the information is private in secluded place ..people usually shoulder surf and can possible use the information you just spoke to target you.
    6.USe complex no use your characters from your name ..girls friends name ,birthday or your child name and 12345,123456 etc..keep it complex or use a passprhase as a password ..Ilovemangaloreanchicks .... etc
    This is just a brief. :) ..I am a cyber security professional ..

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  • Kamath, Canada

    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    Cyber Crimes are very common in developed countries too. It is better to inform better about Internet and be very suspicious about strangers on the Net!

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  • mahesh, UDUPI

    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    In this case, Bank is responsible. Because nowdays Canara bank when sends OTP, they include amount and company name to which my amount is crediting. Because of this, even the educated or uneducated people cant be fooled. Every bank should include the amount and company name in OTP messages so that we can come to know if it is a fraud or not.

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  • Victim, Mangaluru

    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    I have lost 18000 rupees for Carstreet Konkani guy, He pretended himself as MRPL HR managers Friend. He asked me that my name is shortlisted and asked for lakhs . i gave him 9000 twise and knowing his background i stopped giving him money . Surprisingly he is priest.

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  • Rocking Star, Mangalore

    Sun, Aug 12 2018

    If u know about him charge the case against him

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  • Abdul Jabbar, Mangalore

    Sun, Aug 12 2018

    You know about him and you did nothing?

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  • juliana, udupi

    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    Why they speak national language to dupe is a million dollar question. Is India more digital in Hindi or we have a habit of finding flaw in everything useful to mankind.

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  • Peter Lewis, Kalmady/Udupi

    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    Can't ignore Hindi speakers north indians hand in it, Atleast Karnataka birth banks should employ kannadigas only. Meantime should stop north india except students flooding towards south india. problems such as Crime, cheating, sanitation problems, shortage of water, electicity, traffic conjust and so on increased.

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    Its surprising that no fraudster is caught. Looks like cyber police and station is just for creating awareness and performing moral obligation. Even if you give the phone number of fraudster police will take few days to few weeks to start tracking the cheater, by then they are disappeared. Cheater knows very well that there is a delay in action. Why cyber police cells are not connected to UP / Bihar / Delhi / Noida where most fraudsters are based? A well educated engineer friend of mine lost 83 lakhs when he started asking me big sums for just few days....I saved him from further disaster.....he was not willing to believe that he is being fooled , such is the hypnosis. Its high time India police and intelligence act without laziness and delay so that at least 25% online fraudsters are nabbed. It is possible when government puts pressure on police. Most cases police will tell the victim how silly you are to get fooled??? Bottom line is people may get fooled some stage or other in life, some are smart enough to avoid it!

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  • Ivar, Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    These calls are absolutely a stress buster for me.
    I can use all uncivilized language, words and phrases with these callers and release all my tensions and work pressure on them as abuses!

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  • William Rebello, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    Fraudsters get phone numbers from the people you shared it or from the online sites where you register while online browsing. For example you find people in mall parkings asking to fill details for lucky coupons. Their intention is to find the people who has greed.
    My suggestion is whenever you get call from people saying from bank, just ask them to talk in English language. They will definitely cant talk or cut the call. If u scold them then u will not get any calls in future by the same person.
    I got calls from fake doctors usually for donations for children with burns and they direct to even to government sites and ask to click the pop up icon for payment which goes to their fake account. Actually that pop up icon is fake created on government website by them.
    My suggestion is to google the account holders firm before paying any donations. Lot of fraud cases already reported and everyday similar cases are increasing.

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  • Santan Mascarenhas, Kinnigoli/Toronto

    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    I fully agree with your comment except that part where you said about English. It may be okay in some places to an extent, but there are some callers in this business, who are well qualified and extremely knowledgeable in computers and they talk flawless, impeccable and perfect English. The one I talked to in my below comment is such a person. who is an Indian trying to cheat foreigners. Joblessness of highly qualified Indians is the main reason

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  • Clifford Fernandes, Toronto

    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    Mr. Rebello
    Do not underestimate these fraudsters. Some online fraudsters are experts with very good knowledge of computer hacking, that, when they are caught, they are awarded nominal fines or jail terms, and after release, many governments hire them to solve the online frauds, since govts do not find such experts among the other applicants.

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  • Rita, Germany

    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    @William Rebello mangalore,many may not be knowing that thier addresses are sold to other online or interested parties when a buyer on online buys any small things or shows interst of advertisements for example telephone gmbh, mobiles,or buy some sarees on online, sells to other and come letters for donation in case you donate to one institution.During Xmas it is horrile.many have this or other sickness,so should be careful when donating.

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  • Vincent D'Souza, Belthangady

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    Keep away from Fire

    DisAgree [1] Agree [8] Reply Report Abuse

  • Santan Mascarenhas, Kinnigoli/Toronto

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    Myself and my wife are on a visitor visa in Canada. I heard the Canadian Banking system is not as safe as in India. Two weeks back, while my wife was surfing on some website, there was a message that the computer was full of viruses and if not telephoned to their technicians to correct, it would be damaged permanently. I telephoned to them and they , after checking asked $200 and when they came to know that I am on visitor visa, they understood, it is difficult to deal with me since there is otp in India. We later. restored our system to a previous date.

    A Mangalorean Computer Engineer here got a call purporting to be from Internal
    Revenue Dept asking him to pay the difference of $ 4000 less paid income tax, else he would be deported. Being he is smart, he ignored that call.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [12] Reply Report Abuse

  • JL, Mangaluru

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    We have a Smart PM... Smart City..... Unsmart ppl....

    DisAgree [18] Agree [10] Reply Report Abuse

  • El En Tea, Mumbai

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    After 2014 online Fraudsters more
    Development less.

    DisAgree [10] Agree [22] Reply Report Abuse

  • LYNETTE DSOUZA, Bangalore

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    Yes this is happening with my Nephew as well. He just finished his mechanical engineering & trying for a job. He gets calls almost evryday from some consultants & they asked him to pay 600 Rs. But they don't disclose the name of the consultancy , they only give some address.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [16] Reply Report Abuse

  • pradeep, mangalore

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    Hindi hahhaa..hindi fellows have no other work as Yogi is busy in Gau Raksha and renaming/repainting.
    Other day also Rajasthani girls begging racket was exposed.All fraudsters from BJP ruled states.

    DisAgree [9] Agree [36] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rathan, Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    Ppl from BJP ruled states r duping you?, because those ppl belong to khangress and now they have no opportunity to dupe ppl in BJP ruled States so they come to non BJP ruled State like Karnataka where Govt itself is duping its citizen so they have good scope here

    DisAgree [9] Agree [1] Reply Report Abuse

  • dylan, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    Digital India giving more emphasis to it provides more incidents of online fraud. In 2014 the NaMo promised jobs and since the promise was not kept youngsters have found other ways to earn some money. They have found lucrative ways like online fraud than sell Pakoda's. Guys take care.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [24] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    This is no big fraud compared to the cheating done to performers to likes of Pramod, JRL and Sorake by structured propagandoos!

    DisAgree [7] Agree [16] Reply Report Abuse

  • Sampath, Mlore/ Blore

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    This is a Racket, and with their, sweet sugar coated words they dupe the people.

    It once happened to me when they called I was in the bank, but I had not carried my credit cared and when I cross checked the bank employees they refuted the call. this happened two more times because I was respecting them and spoke softly. when they called them I blasted and thats the end

    DisAgree [2] Agree [9] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jembar Bappu, Bajpe

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    Thank you daiji for waking up inteligent people of Mangalore and Udupi district
    But end of the day:-

    "ಕಾಂಡೆ ತೂತಿನ
    ಉಗ್ಗೆಲ್ಗ್ ರಾತ್ರಿ ಬುರ್ವೇರ್"

    DisAgree [1] Agree [28] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    After 2014 only Frauds ...

    DisAgree [27] Agree [49] Reply Report Abuse

  • sri_elder, Karkala

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    Last time when you got cheated online here, you did not file complaint to cyber cell isn't it? That's what they say!

    DisAgree [21] Agree [25] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    You guys generate your own news & that's why we call you guys FEKU's ...

    DisAgree [19] Agree [47] Reply Report Abuse

  • sri_elder, Karkala

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    Next time please register your complaint... Ok?
    At least they want to see who got cheated...

    Police must be thinking...these people find difficult to pay 100/- for his chai/pakoda

    DisAgree [29] Agree [14] Report Abuse

  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    sri_elder, Karkala,
    I have never become a Ullu ...

    DisAgree [6] Agree [22] Report Abuse

  • R Bhandarkar, Mangaluru

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    One who has accepted a DUD ( and Honestly I am charitable) as his leader won't complain about anything !
    He hugs and a last resort following his leader.

    DisAgree [34] Agree [9] Reply Report Abuse

  • pradeep, mangalore

    Fri, Aug 10 2018

    Hugs and winks are better than Thugs and Lynchings.Atleast people don't get hurt!

    DisAgree [6] Agree [38] Report Abuse

  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    You should now Retire ...

    DisAgree [2] Agree [9] Report Abuse


    Sat, Aug 11 2018

    Gujrath MODEL all them were linked to call centres based in Ahmedabad.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [7] Report Abuse

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