Mangaluru: Several business associations oppose weekend curfew, lockdown

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Mangaluru Jan 14: The various associations in city have opposed the weekend curfews as unscientific and damaging for their livelihood.

The associations concerned with catering, footwear, textile, readymade garments, sound and lighting and beauty parlours conducted a joint press meet on Friday January 14 to confide their woes.

Karavali Textiles, Readymade and Footwear Dealers' Association president Santhosh Kamath said, "The lockdowns and weekend curfews are hitting us very hard and we are in dire straits. The government has taken an unscientific decision in terms of lockdown and weekend curfew. We will apprise the government on the problems we face due to the lockdowns. The deputy commissioner should call for a meeting with the association members so that we can give our suggestions as well. We are not against the government or lockdown but the restrictions must be imposed in a disciplined and unbiased manner.

Mangaluru Ladies Beauty Parlour Association president Babitha Shetty said, "During the weekends we have more business but the weekend curfews are affecting us. It is better if we are allowed to open our parlours on Saturdays or Sundays. We are ready to close our shops on Mondays and Tuesdays."

The Mobile Retailers Association president Gurudath Kamath said, "Due to lockdown many mobile shops have been closed. Some retailers have left back to their native places never to return. I urge the government to support us."

Social activist M G Hegde said, ‘Many politicians, medical experts, prime minister have been saying that we must make it a habit to live with the pandemic since it is never ending. If it is never ending can lockdowns be the solution?. Not a single person has done a research on how many people have lost jobs, small business, shops and committed suicide. They seem to have no sensitivity on how the lockdowns have affected people. A person can have immunity when they have food and money. Most of the diseases occur due to stress. If the economic condition is not good then a person will have stress and consequently, low immunity.

He also said, "Many have taken loans. Who will address this issue? The public representatives we have voted for should address this. During the past two years not even once our representatives have called for a meeting and sought our suggestion or addressed our grievances. Let the government decide to open essential services and other shops atleast on alternative days, so that every section benefits." The expert committee which decides on lockdowns and curfews must essentially comprise medical experts, economy experts, public representatives and other relevant people, Hegde suggested.

Karavali Textiles, Readymade and Footwear Dealers' Association  treasurer Sayyed Ismail was also present.




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  • Monty Dotor, Mangalore

    Sat, Jan 15 2022

    Vaccines in the form of nasal spray and dermal patches will be available shortly in India.We do not know if they will work or not as clinical trials are going on. As far as end of the epidemic is concerned, as long as authorities do not allow the virus to die, it will continue. If it was left to nature, such epidemics usually disappear in 2 years ( like Spanish Flu which occurred exactly 100 years ago).The virus will survive as long as human race survives , but epidemics end usually in 2 years if there is no human mismanagement.

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  • Monty Dotor, Mangalore

    Sat, Jan 15 2022

    Unless there are vociferous protests Kumbhakaran will not wake up. We require a leader like Vinoba Bhave, Jayprakash Narayan, Anna Hazare ,who has no political affiliation , no family( but considers all Indians as his family) nothing to lose, who can lead the masses against unscientific measures to control Covid. Let us start by banging thali at 8 pm, writing letters to our elected representatives that we will not vote for you next time etc etc - until we find such a leader.

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  • Tester, Bangalore

    Sat, Jan 15 2022

    When pandemic will end?.Any next generation vaccine coming?

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  • Monty Dotor, Mangalore

    Sat, Jan 15 2022

    Omicron is one of the variants that causes minimal morbidity and mortality so it should be allowed to take it's natural course without lockdown, masks weekend and night curfew etc. It will act as a natural vaccine for the unvaccinated and a natural booster for the vaccinated. I am not an expert but out of experience I can say our own Covaxin manufactureed the traditional way ( like DPT, Polio, typhoid vaccines) and from the whole Corona virus ( not Adenovirus, not mRNA ,,not spike protein ) will be the best choice. Even if one gets "infected" it will be mild and will not cause hospitalization, morbidity or mortality, thereby saving "corrupt" hospital costs and inconvenience. About 35 doctors have already written to the concerned about overdoing corona measures.I myself would prefer to die of Coivid, than of hunger if given a choice, but though old and vaccinated fully , I am healthy, and I always say Be Happy Be Healthy.

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  • Madhav, Mangalore

    Sat, Jan 15 2022

    Virus takes lives of many. Lockdowns affects livelihoods of many and some of who may take their own lives. 'I should live and let some other person die' kind of attitude leads to one sided view on this complex matter. We are a democracy and let elected representatives take balanced measures based on input from experts. It appears everyone is trying to be an expert and dishing out opinions on what should be done. We will be better of if individually we can demonstrate responsible behavior. Unfortunately, this is were we are failing big time and we then blame the government.

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  • Jagadish, Mangalore

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    I still say total lockdown is necessary to control this deadly virus. We should see no one is going out. Police and military should be placed so that no one goes out. Those who deliver necessary items should be tested every 72 hours. Close everything. No one should go out. This time it’s deadly virus

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  • Sandeep, Karkala

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    What are you ON ? NCB could you please investigate this person here.

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  • rakesh, Mangalore

    Sat, Jan 15 2022

    who is this maharathi....hackers will find your ip address of pc and send virus ....then for repair u will have to come out :)

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  • Rajesh B Shetty, Udupi

    Sat, Jan 15 2022

    Here comes another Health expert. U sit at home for one year, do not come out of ur house.

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  • Rudolf Valerian Dsouza, Falnir, Mangalore

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Very simple, according to BJP's suprimo the corona is existing from 9.59pm on Friday till 4.59 am Monday. Rest of the time and days the virus disappears and hide in BJP health miniter's den. What a silly division. You see the rush in this buses in Monday morning and Friday evening My God. Not only corona, all other viruses also will penetrate into body. This is another plan to declare one more budget and fool public and loot treasury. God has to look into this matter and save India

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  • El En Tea, Mangalore

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Communal virus no weekends 24x7

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  • Arun Kumar Kajava, Mangalore

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Kerala government managed without lockdown, Where ever BJP government they wants lockdown and promoting the coronavirus,

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  • Chandra, Surathkal

    Sat, Jan 15 2022

    Gantaa managed.. Such a small state giving highest cases

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  • Concerned, Mangalore

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    This another way of elite and communist depopulation using virus, send people to despair with curfews, lockdowns business losses, too much loans to kill themseves. Elite enjoy with vaccines, online, tech business and make more money. Governments with taxes make their share. Common people, medium and normal rich suffering, hardest hit are poor people. Looks like to eliminate the poor people this virus plan of elite and communist chinese.

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  • Bs, Karkala

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Corona comes only on Saturday and Sunday. Other days it is sleeping. Dont waste ur time. Govt wont listen.

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  • Maria, Mangalore

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Don't make foolish comments. It's obviously because it's holiday for everybody so entire families go to roam and places get overcrowded. Have u even seen beaches and some shops on weekends?

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  • TK, Saudi

    Sat, Jan 15 2022

    Maria, have you seen the amount of people in shopping malls on weekdays?

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  • KS Mayya, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Kind of agree with their argument because (a) COVID-19 is from 2019 - 2 years to understand importance of social distancing and abstinence to continue living in this world is long enough. (b) Vaccinated COVID positives going for hospitalization is relatively low. Ban all mass gathering (anything more than 10) until case load comes down and maintain covid appropriate behavior should be enough to get over this latest escalation.

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  • Kumar, Mangalore

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Why are you talking so diplomatic, "we are not against government, lockdown blah blah blah blah blah, if you are opposing oppose it straight and outrightly, also there is no point in meeting DC or anyone, approach the courts. This Bommai govt needs big slap on their face. I wish the court intervenes and puts stay on weekend curfew. If it happens, it will be like setting the cat among the pigeons.

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  • Sunil, Mangalore

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Looks like all the association president are broke. Look at the press conference table....No budget press meet....poor journalist may have not got tea also.

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  • Jossy Tauro, Mangalore

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Now you opposing curfew. Then next election you will forget and vote same party. Then you will struggle again for your livelihood. Now there is no proper implimentation of rules. Our government acting as per medias demand not for publics benifit.

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  • Rajesh B Shetty, Udupi

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Even in Kerala, where there r more cases they have not imposed lockdown. Here , the govt is imposing unscientific lockdown. Actually the positive cases r increasing due to panic buying , people flocking to buy essentials on Friday. Anyway what is the logic of weekend curfew. Normally there r more business on weekends. Also Mangalore traders have shown guts to atleast protest. But here in udupi no traders r complaining. If people allow this to continue, lockdowns will be a routine. More strict lockdown will follow.

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  • R Bhandarkar, Mangaluru

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    High time sense prevails. Week end Curfew is indeed nonsense. I mean what is this? Hilarious clips of the Virus sleeping during Week days and doing rounds on Week Ends have gone viral ! Should be an eye opener to the authorities? Have brains in arm pits then only you take such decisions ! I think all MEKES.. OLD ones mostly who took part in that Goat Crossing .. Yatra are down with the virus...I think it's only in DK that the virus takes a look at the Calendar, dates and then strikes 😎

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  • Kiran, Mangalore

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    This is not a cow or love Jihad issue issue to get attention of this government .

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Good to see more and more people realise the measures aren't to save people or about their health but marketing strategy to keep the fear intact otherwise there will be no takers of twice failed jabs for gains. With 99.997% survival rate this never was and never is a pandemic which is only a scamdemic created with fake tests and lies about healthy people as patients. Unless these are exposed the variants and lockdowns will be repeated every 3 months. Enough is enough we will take care of our health and no need for vaccine mafia to decide what we should get injected with to get minimal freedom which will have only 6 months validity for lifetime. A good news is US Supreme Court has rejected Presidential vaccine mandate as illegal and soon UK has reported to have withdrawn Vaccine Passports. Hope India too says bye bye to Global Pharma mafia from taking away our freedoms and tyranny.

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  • RkR, Mangalore/ Dubai

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Policitian can change policies as per their schedule but the voters are gifted with Surprises- Lockdown/ Curfew/ Etc

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  • real kujuma, kodial

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    most of you people are supporters of saffron enjoy the senseless..clueless and brainless administration by the nagpur bunch of jokers

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  • Amit, Mangalore

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Enbena onje dylog voo kujumaa bete dala suggestion itthnda korla maraya bour and nina avve dylog n kendh kendh

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  • Rajesh B Shetty, Udupi

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    This man daily same tune, same cassette running.

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  • Ashish, Mangalore

    Sat, Jan 15 2022

    Then what about congress ruled states? Haven't they imposed lockdown??

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