Mangaluru: Dr S M Rasheed Haji - A legacy of business and education

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Mangaluru, Jun 18: Dr S M Rasheed Haji is the son of S Ahmed Bawa and Zainaba and the grandson of M Kunhamu Haji and K Bawa Sajeepa. He married Razeena, the daughter of C M Kunhamu from the C T and C M family in Kasargod, in 1981. They have four children: three sons and one daughter. The eldest, Dr Rasmin, is married to Jowhar Bawa, his nephew and the son of the late Hamza Bawa. Jowhar Bawa is the managing partner of Bawa Fish Meal and Oil Co.

The eldest son, Rifath Ahmed, holds an MBA and is the managing partner of SMR Corporation and the general secretary of SMR Education Academy. He is married to Roshna P S, the daughter of Sherief Padoor of Chandragiri Construction Company in Kasargod. The second son, Dr Raif Abbas, MBBS, MD (Radiology), is married to Dr Sana Khadija, MBBS, who is pursuing an MD in paediatrics and is the daughter of Mehaboob H of ENERGIA Group, Jubail, KSA. The youngest son, Rahil Hamza, is a graduate and a partner of SMR Corporation, and also serves as a trustee of SMR Education Academy.

Dr Rasheed Haji has two elder sisters. The first was married to the late Hamza Bawa, a partner of Bawa Fishmeal and Oil Co in Mangaluru, and the second sister was married to the late Ibrahim Haji, a partner of Mysore Trading Corporation.


Dr S M Rasheed began his career in 1975 in the export and import business, dealing with frozen marine products, fresh fruits, and other commodities. In 1987, he expanded into manufacturing fish meal and fish oil for domestic and export markets and also imported timber from Malaysia for the domestic market.

In 1994, he diversified his business by developing his first commercial project at a prime location in Falnir, naming it 'Zainaba Arcade' after his mother. With entrepreneurial spirit, talent, dedication, and a deep sense of community commitment, the SMR Group has completed more than twenty commercial and luxury residential projects in prime locations in Mangaluru. Over three decades, the SMR Group has earned a prestigious reputation and is now one of the most trusted real estate developers.

In 2000, Dr Rasheed entered the field of education and has been involved with several educational institutions including Highland English Medium School, Badria Group of Institutions, and Adarsh English Medium School. In 2008, with a vision to empower women's education in rural areas, he formed the Mangalore Educational Enhancement Trust, which established Melkar Women’s PU & Degree College in Melkar, Bantwal taluk. In 2017, he started his own institution, SMR Public School, managed by SMR Education Academy in Melkar, Marnabail.


  • Chairman of SMR GROUP Builders & Developers
  • Chairman of SMR Education Academy
  • Managing partner of Westgate Realtors
  • SMR Corporation
  • SMR Fisheries
  • Designated partner of Bearys Associates LLP


  • Dakshina Kannada Karnataka Rajyotsava Award Winner in 2017
  • Doctorate Award from the University of Central America in 2022 (Recommended by Dr S Radhakrishnan Teacher’s Welfare Association of India for continuous and dedicated services in the field of social, educational, and public welfare)
  • Excellence in Service Award from the Karnataka State Hajj Committee, Bangalore, for services rendered at Hajj camp in 2009
  • Silver Jubilee Award from Darul Irshad Educational Center, Mani, for uplifting women’s education, awarded by Siddaramaiah, chief minister of Karnataka, in 2015

Social Activities

  • Founder chairman of Melkar Women’s PU & Degree College, managed by Mangalore Education Enhancement Trust, established in 2008
  • Founder chairman of Khairya Shelter, managed by Khairiya Trust (a home for orphans, poor, and destitute girls, established in 2008)
  • Founder chairman of Bearys Chamber of Commerce and Industry, established in 2016
  • Former chairman of District Wakf Advisory Committee, DK, 2017
  • Founder chairman of Dakshina Kannada Muslim Association (DKMA), established in 2015, providing financial assistance to the poor and needy upon the death of the breadwinner
  • Chairman of Adarsh English Medium School, established in 2000
  • President of Al Azharia Association (Al Madrassathul Azharia, established in 1927)
  • Chief Advisor of ‘Nando Pengal Trust’
  • Former working president of Karnataka Muslim Jamath, DK district
  • Chairman of ‘Ummag Oru Aga’
  • Vice president of Muslim Central Committee (DK & Udupi districts)
  • Vice president of Badriya Group of Institutions, Mangaluru (established in 1924)
  • Vice president of Mangalore Hajj Nirvahana Samithi
  • Vice president of Badriya Jumma Masjid, Kandak, Mangaluru
  • Vice president of Fouzi Jumma Masjid, Police Lane, Old Kent Road, Mangaluru
  • Vice president of Rahmaniya Jumma Masjid, Kankanady, Mangaluru
  • Treasurer of Islamic Cultural Centre (established in 2005)
  • Treasurer of Masjid Zeenath Baksh and Idga Masjid
  • Treasurer of Thakwa Academy, Mangaluru
  • Treasurer and Muthavalli of Masjid Thaqwa, Pumpwell, Mangaluru
  • Member of All India Milli Council, Karnataka state

Besides these, Dr S M Rasheed Haji is involved in various other social and educational sectors.

About SMR Corporation

SMR Corporation aims to bring one’s dream spaces to life with a passion for design and a commitment to quality craftsmanship. They create homes and buildings that inspire, innovate, and endure. They aim to turn one’s vision into reality.

SMR Corporation stands as a distinguished entity under the visionary leadership of managing director Rifath Ahmed, son of the esteemed S M Rasheed. With over 13 years of extensive expertise in constructing both commercial and residential marvels, Ahmed has steered the company towards a legacy of excellence. SMR Corp, synonymous with innovation, aspires to etch its name in the annals of the construction industry by consistently pushing the boundaries of creativity, technology, and unwavering commitment to delivering ground-breaking projects that redefine the standards of architectural brilliance.


At SMR Corporation, their vision is to be a pioneering force in the construction industry, transcending conventional boundaries through innovation and excellence. They aspire to shape the future of urban living by delivering cutting-edge commercial and residential projects that not only meet the highest standards but also redefine them.

SMR Gateway Residential & Commercial Complex, opposite Westline Medcity, Morgangate, Jeppu, Mangaluru

Through visionary leadership and a commitment to sustainable practices, they envision creating iconic structures that stand as testaments to their dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Their aim is to be recognized as a trailblazer in the industry, leaving a lasting legacy of transformative spaces that enrich lives and communities.


The mission at SMR Corporation is to consistently exceed expectations by fostering a culture of innovation, integrity, and excellence in every aspect of their construction projects. They are driven by a commitment to deliver top-notch commercial and residential spaces that inspire, uplift, and endure.

Through meticulous planning, advanced technology, and a customer-centric approach, they strive to provide unparalleled value to their clients. They aim to build lasting relationships with stakeholders, uphold the highest ethical standards, and contribute positively to the communities they serve. By embracing change, embracing challenges, and embracing creativity, they endeavour to be at the forefront of the construction industry, setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation.

Quality Policy

Embedded in the heart of their corporate ethos is an unyielding commitment to not only meet but exceed the expectations of the esteemed clientele. This dedication seamlessly intertwines with their well-established service delivery system, which forms the robust foundation of their operations. In recognition of the dynamic nature of technology, they continually invest in its advancement, ensuring their processes remain at the vanguard of innovation. Furthermore, their comprehensive value analysis methodology empowers them to comprehensively assess the unique needs and preferences of their customers, allowing them to customize their offerings to align perfectly with their distinctive requirements.

In their relentless pursuit of excellence, they take immense pride in crafting environmentally conscious residences that embody the flawless union of sustainability and opulence. From project inception to the final touches, their team of seasoned professionals adheres to the highest standards of professionalism, working tirelessly to transform the dreams of their customers into tangible reality. They recognize the paramount importance of ethical practices and, therefore, operate with absolute transparency, integrity, and accountability. Every facet of their construction process, from conscientiously sourcing eco-friendly materials to implementing cutting-edge energy-efficient systems, is meticulously planned to curtail the environmental footprint while simultaneously enhancing the comfort and well-being of their residents.


SMR Corporation
3rd Floor, Westgate Terminus,
Falnir, Mangaluru - 575002
+91 89712 70999
+91 63660 99555




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  • Sadiq, Mangalore / Dubai

    Thu, Jun 20 2024

    He truly deserves for all the milestones he has achieved. We are proud of you. Keep up your good work.

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  • Arun Carlo, Agrar/Sharjah

    Thu, Jun 20 2024

    Heartily congratulations dear Mr. Rasheed. You deserve a big applause, such a wide visionary, hard working and helping hand person. You deserve much blessings for the best services you provide to the community. The SMR real estate group is one of the best group which I experienced. May Almighty God grant you more and more success, good health and happiness. Wishing you best of luck for the future endeavours.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree

  • Fayaz, Manjanady

    Thu, Jun 20 2024

    One thing I really liked from him is his Simplicity, which is very important in anyone's life.. After being successful in different fields, he stills holds the modesty, and it is not a simple thing. It is his greatness. His enthusiasm towards education field is really meaningful and appreciable Moreover he stands always in forefront with community leaders for different charity programs.. May Allah bless him with health and happiness.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree

  • Fayaz, Manjanady

    Thu, Jun 20 2024

    One thing I really liked from him is his Simplicity, which is very important in anyone's life.. After being successful in different fields, he stills holds the modesty, and it is not a simple thing. It is his greatness. His enthusiasm towards education field is really meaningful and appreciable Moreover he stands always in forefront with community leaders for different charity programs.. May Allah bless him with health and happiness.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree

  • Kirit Patel, Mangalore

    Wed, Jun 19 2024

    Dr S.M Rashid foundly known as Rashid Bhai to many is a well known builder in our city. I have had the pleasure of being associated with him during the last decade and found him to be warm and sincere in his dealing as both a professional and a personal friend. His work in providing education to the less fortunate is commendable. All his achievements and awards mentioned above in the work of education, philanthropy and his professional success are well deserved. I wish him the very best in all his future endeavours.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [2]

  • Ibrahim Gadiyar, Dubai

    Wed, Jun 19 2024

    Dr SM Rasheed Hajee Saheb a philanthropist , and business man he is really great person serving all communities and developed more educational institutions in rural area , popularly kmown prrson to all always busy with serving for others and deserved for more awards.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [1]

  • Pm Moideen, KASARAGOD

    Wed, Jun 19 2024

    May AllahShower his choicest blessings upon U and ur Family Aameen

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [1]

  • Abdul Razak G, Falnir,Mangalore

    Wed, Jun 19 2024

    Dr. S M Rasheed Haji's legacy is a beacon of inspiration. His remarkable achievements in business, especially in marine products and real estate, are paralleled only by his dedication to education and social welfare. Establishing schools and supporting the underprivileged, he has demonstrated an admirable blend of professional excellence and heartfelt kindness. Dr. Haji's life work continues to uplift and inspire, leaving a lasting impact on both the business community and society at large. May Almighty Allah bless him with continued success and happiness.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [1]

  • Jacob Machado, Honavar

    Wed, Jun 19 2024

    Mr. S M Rasheed, congratulations on your stupendous achievements and accomplishments. Your generous gestures towards the betterment of the society and specially towards education is commendable. May you and your family be blessed so as to continue the good works that you have been doing.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [3]

  • Cynthia, Dk

    Wed, Jun 19 2024

    May god bless you abundantly dear Dr S M Rasheed Haji...we are very proud of you....

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [3]

  • B A NAZEER, Mangalore

    Wed, Jun 19 2024

    Mr.Rasheed Haji populary kinown as SMR is an outstanding personality with lot of achievement to his credit. He has excelled in every field he entered in Business as well as Social activities. He works very sincerely without expecting any fame. As a Businessman in real estate field he has earned repute and acceptability All the SMR projects are successful quality brand in Mangalore . He has set up Educational Institutions from Nursery to Degree college and his institutions are imparting quality education to backward sections of the society with affordable fees. He has also set up Khairiya Trust for Orphans and poor sections of the society. He is serving in various Jumma Masjids including Historical Zeenath Baksh Jumma Masjid, Kankanady Masjid and Thaqwa Masjid Pumpwell. He is an Asset to our Muslim Community with his sincere and hard working personality. May Allah bestow health , happiness and prosperity forever.. Aameen

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [5]

  • MERVIN PINTO, Mangalore

    Wed, Jun 19 2024

    Congratulations Mr Rashid for your great achievement & success, all the best to you for all your future endeavors. We are vey much proud of you,

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [4]

  • Well Wisher, United Arab Emirates

    Wed, Jun 19 2024

    Dr. S.M. Rasheed Haji is widely recognized for his significant contributions to society as a social worker, philanthropist, and educator. We offer our best wishes to Dr. S.M. Rasheed Haji.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [8]

  • Sanal, Mangalore

    Wed, Jun 19 2024

    Lot more to be written about his support for needy in difficult times & for poor . religious values he carries in terms of charity is commendable .

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [6]

  • Ahamed Nawaz Packy, Mangalore

    Wed, Jun 19 2024

    Rasheed Haji ....SMR I personally know him keep the good work going sir he is a inspiration to all youngsters Allah bless him keep well and take care sir

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [7]

  • Shahul Hameed, Falnir, Mangalore.

    Tue, Jun 18 2024

    Dr.S.M.Rasheed Haji known as SMR is a wellknown prominent personality in our twin districts. His immense contribution towards educationand social works really appreciable and commendable. He is an educationist and philanthropist . He earned respect and love from all sections of people for his. Social works and down to earth personality and simplicity. May Almighty Allah bless him with all the success in his future endeavours. and SMR group a great high of success.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [9]

  • Althaf, Mangalore/Muscat.

    Tue, Jun 18 2024

    Great achievement........many more to go.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [9]

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