Mangalore: Rapid Increase in Car Logo Thefts Baffles Police, Public

Mangalore: Rapid Increase in Car Logo Thefts Baffles Police, Public
Prakash Samaga
Daijiworld Media Network – Mangalore (PS)
Mangalore, Mar 27:
Car logo thefts in the city have been giving nightmares to car owners in the city over the last six months. Despite hundreds of complaints being registered, the police have not been able to trace the thieves.

Logos of expensive cars like Innova, Honda City, BMW and many others have been targeted by unknown thieves. Public in general are of the opinion that college students may be involved in this act. Another source from police department revealed to a mediaperson that  primary and high school students are more involved in this act, thus making it challenging to the police department.
There were instances when police let the students scott free keeping in view their future. Now, it is learnt that the same students are again into this act. It is also frightening to know that cars which were parked right near the police commissioner’s office were targeted and their logos disappeared in no time!
It is said that thieves use an iron rod to separate the logo from the car. Primary and high school students use their scale in this case. It is learnt that there are some organized hands that make students 'work' on this. Such students are trained by the group. However, police do not seem keen on getting to the bottom of these theft cases.

Another argument is that some blame should fall on the manufacturers of these luxury cars too, for having placed their logos in a simple manner, making it easy for thieves to pluck them out. However, being international cars with most of their specifications being uniform and consistent throughout their global markets, such argument does not hold water.

Dr Rajshekar, one of the victims of car logo theft, speaking to Daijiworld said that about two months ago he found  the logo of his Chevrolet Cruze car missing after he returned from his gym. He informed Pandeshwar police, and suspects that the logo may be used for other purposes as steel metal has good market value. Also, the stolen logos also make their way into the black market, where they may be picked up by people who want to modify their cars or simply have a posh logo to beautify their vehicles.
Mukund Shet told Daijiworld that his Volkswagon’s logo was stolen on the New Year eve when he had parked his car in Karangalpady. However, he approached the Barke police and got his logo back. Barke police had traced three logo thieves, all students, but they were let free as their exams were nearing. Mukund still hesitates to park his car anywhere, as there is no guarantee that the logo would be left in its place.
When contacted, police commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh told Daijiworld that about 15 days back almost 100 logos had been recovered from as many as 25 young boys, all of them primary and high school students. They hailed from well-to-do families, and their parents and teachers were called and informed, he said. "Police department is making investigations on the key suspect behind the act. As the culprits are juveniles, no police action can be taken against them," he said.
People with luxury cars in the city can only hope the police would find the mastermind behind these thefts. Such cases are common metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities like Bangalore, but in Mangalore it is quite a new phenomenon. Increase in the number of wealthy people and consequently luxury cars in the city has attracted these thieves, and until the police crackdown on the racket, people will have to be cautious.


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  • darmendar, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 14 2013

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH Domodar is a Joker

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  • JP, USA

    Thu, Feb 14 2013

    Best solution is car manufacturers should weld the car logos to the hood atleast for the indian markets.

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  • Pradeep, Mangalore

    Wed, Mar 28 2012

    Simple solution - Car manufacturers should provide replacement logo free of cost for registered owner. Value in the chor bazaar will drastically fall down and no one will be motivated to work hard on this

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  • Mohanchandra, Mangaluru

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    Park expensive car & hide nearby with few men, & wait till the thief appear to take out logo...catch him with full effort. If you catch one, then you can bring out the address of his partners. Jai Hind.........

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Loretto/Mumbai/Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    Stealing car logos of expensive cars has been going on in Mumbai for long, but this has now percolated to even modestly priced cars. Mostly it is the handiwork of students who want to pocket money to run their flamboyant life style. Logos of higher end expensive cars are in great demand and fetch a good amount. Car owners replace their stolen accessories by procuring the same from dubious sellers, thus creating a never-ending vicious circle of illegitimate demand and supply. Besides, logos are no longer easily available. Manufacture and sale of imitation logos is thus a big business in cities like Mumbai, since original ones are too expensive or just not available.

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  • Ronald A, Bejai/Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 27 2012


    1)Damodar Bhat, Udupi
    Whenever you park you expensive sandles or shoe don't keep both Sandles together one in one place another in at another place so only you know where is your other paire of shoes.
    2) Car owners please put some super glue below your logo.
    3)Buy duplicate logo with steel coating and install,theif will not gain much for his heard work.

    this is a chore bazar racket,
    I remember once one owner of a Merceedis car went to Chore bazar to buy a disc-cover for his one wheel which was stolen earlier,
    they told him to come after half an hour when he visited after half an hour he found a similer disc cover which is matching his car, happly he purchased and went home and convyed the good news to his wife when wife noticed the car another wheels disk cover was missing so story is within half an hour chore bazar managed to stole his own disc cover and sold him only.

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  • aj, mangalore/dubai

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    i sujjest is to remove it with their technique, glue the logo with araldite or a better adhesives and fix it, so that when they try it has to cut into pieces atleast they will not take it as a whole.... we are gonna lose our logo, in this way even they will not be benefitted.... hope this will work!!!

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  • rajshekar, mandya

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    mr damodar we dont want to know how much u paid for ur sandals..

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  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    In this case, it is best to lure the whistle blower students by police with better monitory reward for information.
    This method is best to trap the culprits, we will have more informers than the thieves both are working for pocket-money. Eventually, the police can reach the brain behind it, who trains the young minds to rob. It is a big crime syndicate working all over India under one kingpin.

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  • A Subodh Rai, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    The best solution to this problem is for Vehicle manufacturers to slash Logo prices so as to make them less lucrative to steal

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  • Naveen Shetty, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    Police should ask the owners of these expensive vehicles to present their income tax filings before accepting the complaints. I am sure  all complaints will disappear within a few days.

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  • Harsha Malhotra, Mangalore/New Delhi

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    it's nothing new..all children's are doing in's craze..while standing near cars in a group ..we use to do mischievous things..just for sake of fun..and throw it away..!! it won't come even to mind it's wrong..!!!may be now-a-days they do it for sake earn some money..!!

    it's after all car logos..people use to rob gutter openers..!!! give people job and not alms..crime rate will go down automatically..!!

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  • A. S. Mathew, U.S.A.

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    It seems like, for this generation
    stealing is a fun game for some-
    a successful adventure for some other people but it has to be
    curtailed at the earliest, else
    these dare devils will jump into
    serious and highly dangerous games
    of robbery-killings etc.

    If it is done by the juvenile, we
    need not have to give a blank excuse to them they must pay the
    price and also their parents are
    partially responsible.

    If a BMW logo is caught in front of an Ambassador car, catch the
    owner or driver and question them,
    why and how they did that, and
    penalize them. That will create
    far less demand for the stolen

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/Mumbai

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    This used to happen a lot in Mumbai and a lot of school/college children, rag pickers were caught.
    The modus operandi is very simple. Using a tiny screw driver these logos are plucked out and sold to spare part vendors for mere Rs.50. These vendors sell these stolen logos for Rs.500 which is affordable rather than buying new logos from the original vehicle manufacturer who charges over Rs.1000 (imported car logos cost over Rs.5000). We are to be blamed for all this. If you logo is stolen don’t replace it with a stolen logo.
    You may end up buying back your own stolen logo.

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  • a, afganistan

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    Looks like when a minor has comitted a crime the cops put up their hands and pleas helplessness.. after the suspension of the efficient inspector kiran kumar of kadri ..looks like the police station itself is missing .. none of the cops patrolling etc .... looks like the police department beleives in baseless things like cctv bogus images and takes rapid decisons and puts theh whole town to ransom....

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  • KRPrabhu, Kudla/Bengaluru

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    I agree with Vivian's views.Since logo theft is a very easy catch for pocket money for students and there may be a racket of gujri people behind thease thefts.

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  • Dr Dhananjaya Bhattar, Udupi Ajjarkad

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    It may be the handywork of one man or group may be trying to put it for modifying chepa cars look like expensive cars Wish the polics catch the theives

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  • Damodar Bhat, Udupi

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    Like in Bangalore, get back your logo from the Gujjary ( junk yard )after paying a price.

    Why talk about this.I recently went to the Sri Krishna Temple at Udupi wearing my brand new leather sandals ( costing Rs 890/-).After pooja when I came out my new sandals were missing.I was horrified to find a pair of old used hawaai slippers left behind for me.Without looking left or right I dashed for the nearest shoe shop and purchased another pair.....or the old joke of the sardar:when he entered the Golden Temple he locked both the straps of his slippers with a pad lock !

    So thefts can happen even in Temples/Churches or Mosques or any Holy place too.We have to take care of our belongings.

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  • avani, mlore/uae

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    The best thing for the owners of these luxury cars is to take out the logos and keep at home safely. In its place just paint the logo suitably or stick silver tape.

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    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    As the culprits are Juveniles,no police action can be taken against them. Why cant police make childrens parents responcible for such act. Its parents duty to teach them good lesson and keep a watch on them. Police are extremly doing good on that basis and parents take advantage of that.

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  • D.Shetty, Mlore Dubai

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    These students are lured by some group of people. Students take this opportunity to fullfill their pity spending, movies, cafe etc. Police have to trace those groups who purchase this stolen logo for cash.

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  • Ahmed, Mangalore / Doha

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    Best idea is to apply grease on the logos so that they cannot pull..or apply gum, so that when they pull, their hands get stuck to the logo.

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  • vivian, dubai

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    My friend's Swift Car logo also stolen last Jan, when the national youth day was going on, in mangala stadium...but we were not registered the complaint...May be behind this some car accessories or gujiri fellows hand is there..

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  • kenneth, mangalore

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    Anyone aware of the fact that Mr. Ramesh Kumars RR logo too was robbed. Shocking.

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  • R.Bhandarkar., M

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    Lifting of a 'LOGO'
    Has reached a new "Crescendo"
    Young stealers 'Bravado'?
    Peace Car owners'Forego'
    Shaking their 'Maando'(Head)!

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  • Krishnaraj, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    I request the Police Commissioner please go and raid all the scrap shops in bunder. you will get the real culprit. It is not that police personals do not know about this, it is happening verymuch with their knowledge. people who steal these expensive logos from the car and and sell it to the bunder people who encourages them by giving them good easy money. This is not done by the students for selling it as scrap to the GUJARI shops, If so they can steel even Maruti cars, But this is happening only for expensive cars like Wolkswogan, Honda etc.
    Commissioner should take personal interest to and go to Bunder shops where he can find many such logos.

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    Tue, Mar 27 2012

    Mangalore Police Commissioner,once told that he will install CCTV in all important places of Mangalore City.But I think that did not happen.This cunning and shameless theft should be brought to end to keep up Mangalore's name intact.

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