Dr Devi Shetty to head Karnataka task force for Covid 'third wave'

Bengaluru, May 14 (IANS): With a large section of health experts across the country predicting the possibility of a third Covid wave, Karnataka on Thursday decided to set up a high-level task force, headed by famous heart surgeon Dr Devi Prasad Shetty, to prepare for it.

Briefing media about his government's measures to tackle the Covid outbreak, Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa said that action to ramp up hospital infrastructure is still continuing with more ventilators and other equipment getting added regularly.

"Action is also needed to increase the oxygen generation capacity in the state which helps us be prepared for a potential third wave. We are setting up 127 oxygen generation units in the medical college hospitals, district hospitals and taluka hospitals," he said.

According to him, the state needs to tackle the third wave as many experts are predicting it and "we cannot ignore it". "Therefore, we have decided to appoint Dr Devi Prasad Shetty as chairman of this task force, who will bring a lot of domain expertise to handle such a big crisis," he noted.

The Chief Minister said that last year in March, Karnataka was having only 1,970 oxygenated beds, 444 Intensive Care Units (ICUs) beds and 610 ICUs beds with ventilators.

"With the infrastructure having been ramped up, at present, the state is having more than 24,000 oxygenated beds, 1,145 ICU beds, 2,058 ventilated beds and 1,248 beds with HFNCs," he said and added that apart from these, the number of oxygen beds has been increased from 4,700 to 9,405.

He also observed that the state government was also giving a subsidy of 70:30 ratio to all private medical college hospitals to increase the number of oxygen beds and set up oxygen generation units.

Yediyurappa added that the state government was procuring about 10,000 oxygen cylinders and of this, already received 730 in the last 15-20 days. "Of this, 380 are given by the Union government and 350 by foreign countries. These cylinders have been allocated to the needy districts," he said.







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  • siddharth c, Mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Some people have problem with everything govt does. When natinal lockdown was done last year they slammed central govt. Now when states are given responsibility they have bungle. Communist ruled Kerala is under lockdown for more than a month. Congress ruled Rajasthan is also under lockdown. BJP ruled Karnataka and Telengana ruled by TRS is also under lockdown. If you have lockdown also problem. No lockdown also problem. In gulf people dont need police. Indians who work there follow rules. When they come India they have problems plenty. Any govt is as good as we people. We have failed us and today we are responsible. We enjoyed attending marriages parties, religious celebrations and what not. Did we take any precaution. What use blaming govts now. What could not be done in 70 years u want in 6 years?. Even western countries which are developed had severe covid problem. But there people and oppositon parties dont sit dharna. Now is not the time to do politics. Join hands with any govt and work for saving lives. And some frustrated lots you please vent out your frustration in some other way. Okay?

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  • Dr. Nagaraj Rao, Mysore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Were you hiding when sick Surya was communilizing/politicising ? you talk about western countries - they took scientific approach by having Chief Medical officers taking the lead on advising lockdown. No country did mad lockdown like Modi, all of them announced and gave atleast 3-4 weeks for people/businesses to prepare. The western countries you talk about gave tax benefits to businesses / employees to survive. What did Modi do - increase petrol price ? Stop playing a victim card and admit you have no competency to run the government , democracy is about questioning/holding govt accountable in the same very western countries you talk about. As though you never criticised congress government that was your favourite past time Andh Bhakts. While western countries you talk about was taking measures to solve your Yeddi was buying MLAs, Shah was busy buying MLAs for MP, Rajasthan,Maharashtra. You would find peace in GODI media sites go listen to retard Arnab

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  • M.Mathias, Mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Salute to this good & brave person who got his early education from Kinnigoli church school.

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  • kavin, udupi

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Hope politician would not make trouble to work "Covid Task Force"

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  • Al Dsouza, Kudla

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Teddy last year in March all over India had few cases when all over the world had chaos with people dying. What all political parties did is rallies and vote bank politics which has put people into such dire situation. Please donot talk about thousands of beds at this moment rather find a solutions save lives of innocent people are dying at the cost of negligence and ignorance from various levels of government of not protecting them in a timely ways. It is sad but that is the truth. Everything has to do with leadership and governance to make things work out. Fold your sleeves and start working. Lip politics don't work anymore . In India not shortage of experts but only shortage of good leaders from political parties.

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  • kateel pai, vitla

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Good decision. Too late though. He has compassion.

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  • Rajan, Mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    one year back lock down .. citizens suffering .. patients dying due to oxygen shortages ..again lock down .. vaccine mess .. citizens especially elders made to suffer .. overall COVID management failure .. NOW TO FIND A SCAPEGOAT ...IN THE NEXT WEEKS AND CONVENIENTLY. ESCAPE RESPONSIBILITY.. THIS TASK FORCE SET UP .. public memory is short ..

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  • Prakash.A, Mlore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    A genius surgeon has to spend his time energy in policy making and Covid management. Shame on our ministers & Shame on us we elect such incompetent people as ministers.

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  • Carlton Saldanha, Shirva/New York

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Time and again it is proven that people need to be educated in proper school. People who are schooled in Madrasas are neither able to comprehend Corona nor the initiative of the government.

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  • AJ, Mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    @Carlton saldanah..what r you doing ? Petrol station attendent in NY ? Madrasa educated people still have common sense sympathy and empathy for people of different religion..They think of humanity first and religion later which time and again they have proved..They are the ones who gave the covid dead bodies a proper funeral when the families of dead didnt even dare to get in to the rooms where the dead bodies were kept..Keyboard warriors like you are fit for bhaktgiri as usual..

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  • Suleman, Udupi

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Those people have secular minds and helped covid affected people of sll religion.

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  • Amit, Mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Carlton Saldhana, Shirva / UK /USA /JAPAN and NORTH KOREA!!! Don't think that once you reached USA, you are become Genius, and got the license to bark anything like Gober eating Bhaktas, who carried the Gober in their baggage to USA or don't try to please half Chaddis!!! Where there were no people to give a decent cremation to unfortunate, because of Feku's incapable Juumlas , these Madrasa youths took the challenge head on without scared of their own life, to cremate the bodies of Hindus. Now, it's very URGENT for you to check your Mental health since USA is still number one country in the world of having Corona infection and deaths, that may be the Stress on you!!!! Take care Friend and Get Well Soon!!!!!

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  • S Shetty, Tulunaad Odipu Kudla Kasrod

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Pride of Tulunaad, Pride of Bunts, More Power and More Love to you Sir.

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  • dcosta de kadri, mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    a good decision a little too late .

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  • Dylan, Mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    What about the vaccine no first dose for 18+ bracket and second dose for 44+. Total confusion at the health centers. First the private hospitals were short of second dose of vaccine after charging Rs. 250 plus for the first dose. Now even the Government run hospitals in Karnataka are short of vaccine. Hence now Government moving the goal post and saying can take the second dose after 12- 16 weeks instead of the original 6-8 weeks.

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  • Omar, Mysore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    In some of the westren countries , COVID containment & lockdown was led by Chief Medical officers of state. The political system supported them But in India from the day it was Modi made mess , Lockdown without any consensus , hogging limelight and thumping chest to world without saying we defeated COVID without showing any empathy. Now, that this is beyond the control , good way to dump on this noble souls and make a scapegoat with an escape route. So brave of this man to accept and serve us. Thanks Sir, wish people realize that we need good edcuated leaders not the uneducated/communal minds to lead this country.

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  • Subhash Chandra, Mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    @ Omar - 80% of indian politicians lack education, those who are unable to get a job , those who are in some illegal activities join politics. that's why India has the most corrupted democracy in the World. they fight like wild hyenas to grab a seat.

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  • Subhash Chandra, Mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Yeddi sir everything looks good, but there's one thing you need to work out advise all your political servants to refrain from carrying out political rallies & gimmick like you did earlier, if you had been careful much could have been avoided + don't make oral promises of bed & O2 in hospitals instead do it in action.

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  • Fernandes, Mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Fully agree with you Mr. Subhash. Dear Mr. Karnataka CM ask your elected members to stop political play and pointing out the opposition at this time of the nightmare. Especially DK elected members both Lokha Saba and Raja Saba. This is right time to all ruling and opposition party to join hands together with medical experts like Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty and at least this time work for your people who voted and elected you for the position your are holding. Both ruling and opposition party you have full time to attack and counter attack before the next election, but not now. If you are not afraid of your elected people, at least afraid of God to whom you believe. Always remember the good work is always rewarded and remembered throughout

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  • AD, Mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Dr. Shetty is a renowned heart surgeon and runs a hospital for super rich but not a epidemilologist and not a expert on public health and not a public health administator. When non experts politicians hire wrong experts for image things can go awry.

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  • S Shetty, Tulunaad Odipu Kudla Kasrod

    Fri, May 14 2021

    @AD, Mangalore Maybe you know about the rich story! you need to know before doing such a comment, a simple google search Narayana Hrudayalaya for Poor would have cleared your doubt.

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  • jb, mlore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Going by the comments , it looks everyone is an expert in this field. Everyone has his point made as good or bad but cannot just accept the decisions taken by the government . Dr.Devi prasad shetty is not an ordinary mohalla clinic doctor, he is world renowned for his work and doesnot require cheap comments by people who change sides to their taste even if they know they are wrong . This was the same situation back in January, when govt was getting ready with the vaccines ,everyone had their expert comments and even called it Modi vaccine , now silently got vaccinated or crying to get vaccinated . If these haters or hypocrites avoided to get vaccine atleast people who believe in the system would have got a opportunity to get vaccinated .

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Fri, May 14 2021

    We have complete trust in Dr Devi Shetty ...

    DisAgree [13] Agree [33] Reply Report Abuse

  • Varun, Mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Preferred choice would have been an expert on ..Devi shetty is a heart surgeon, not an epidemiologist. Any way something is better than nothing. Hope he listens to experts in task force

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  • Monty Dotor, Mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    It is OK to have some members from 5 star hospitals, but there have to be an equal number of doctors who treat a large number of patients daily across all sections of the population. They are the ones who know the pulse of the nation.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [28] Reply Report Abuse

  • Dev, Mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Exactly that's what some doctors who are treating them in the field urging the government. They say not some AC room quarantined virtual specialists who haven't touched a single covid or influenza like illnesses are qualified to give advice to any govt. Some are known to market their own hospitals and treatments over welfare of people. If we note what he had said about Sourav Ganguly angioplasty proves how myths are spread to get more clients by commercial minded corporate hospitals these days.

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  • DS Shetty, Udupi

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Excellent decision by the Government.

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  • Sunil K, Mangalore

    Fri, May 14 2021

    Something Modi and followers should read. (link) It's time to set aside your arrogance & ego and take positive steps towards uniting the nation. How Jawaharlal Nehru would have dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic in India. https://gulfnews.com/opinion/op-eds/how-jawaharlal-nehru-would-have-dealt-with-the-covid-19-pandemic-in-india-1.79151852

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  • Alwin, Mangaluru

    Fri, May 14 2021

    This task force should be given judicial financial and administrative power and authority as an independent body and allocation of funds should be made with sufficient staff. Otherwise this is mockery of democracy. And their expert advise like crying/shouting/ praying before sea

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